21 July 2009

Jumping cars, breaking nails, and hanging pictures

I was trying to give Kyler a chance to post about Canada, but he hasn't yet... and he's been home for nearly three weeks. Since I was not actually in Canada myself, I can't let anyone know how it went. Sad day
I can, however, tell a little about our last couple of days, with a few random pictures thrown in for good measure.
From the Fourth of July in Provo. There were a ton, really close to the ground. We thought they were going to crash land.

Saturday, Kyler and I get in our car to take some items to DI. We're really getting unpacked now, and there are a few things we've decided we don't need. We load it up, and Kyler goes to start the car. Nothing. Apparently, it had been sluggish the last few days, even needing a jump on Friday before Kyler went to work. So, we called AAA, and a guy came out, informed us our battery was dead, and gave us a jump. Kyler and I drove off to Store #1, to buy a battery. We get out, turn off the car, and head inside... only to find that they are completely out of the battery we need. Every other kind, they've got, but not what we need. Dejectedly, we walk back to the car only to find that it has lost its charge while we were in Store #1, and now will not start. We have to get another jump... and head to Store #2. This time, Kyler stays in the car with it running while I try and find a battery. Eventually, I find the right one and carry it out to Kyler, breaking a nail in the process (tragic, I know!) Together, we replaced our battery (during which I broke another nail, not that any one is counting). A good time was had by all. Except, now our radio won't work and we need to pull it out to get its serial number. Joy.

Another random thing from the Fourth of July. It's Sam the Bald Eagle! Yay!

Yesterday, while I was getting dressed, I noticed that the picture of Kyler and I with a tree that Lexie had given us for a wedding present was no longer hanging on the wall, but sitting on the small bookcase in our bedroom. Bewildered, thinking I surely would've woken up at the noise of the fall, I look closer. The picture appears to be fine, the hook it was on seems fine, everything on the bookcase seems fine. Hmm, the plot thickens. So I ask Kyler if he happens to know anything about it. He gets a weird look on his face and says, "I had really weird dreams last night." Apparently, as far as he can remember, he had dreamed the picture was going to fall down, so he, in the dream, carefully took it down and carefully set it on the bookcase. Also apparently, Kyler has not grown out of sleep walking.
One last picture, still from the Fourth of July. Aren't we adorable? Under Kyler's legs, you can see our sunblock, 2 years expired, which led us to have amazing sunburns later that day.
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