13 November 2010

When the dream becomes reality

The other day, I had a dream...

Dream World:
All the details are a bit fuzzy now, but I had seen all my friends and family members, everyone I loved, brutally killed right before me (think Hunger Games), and it was all my fault. They had been killed to show me a lesson or something. So, I'm kneeling on the ground, weeping at the sight of their lifeless bodies. Sobbing and sobbing until I can't even breathe anymore and I start to gasp for breath in between each heave.

Real World:
I wake up terrified, partially because I haven't shaken the feeling of the dream yet, and partially because the reason I woke up is that, like in the dream, I'm gasping for breath. Kyler wakes up, too, and asks if I'm okay. After a few seconds, I calm down enough to kind of mumble something that assures him I'm still breathing. I don't remember this part, but Kyler informed me that not only am I gasping, but tears are also streaming down my face.

Needless to say, it took a while for me to fully break out of that dream and back into reality. And it still kind of freaks me out.

Interestingly, my sobs and gasps also made it into Kyler's dreams before he woke up: he dreamed he was watching a woman die and gasp for breath. How sinister our dreams were that night.

03 November 2010

The Wonderful World of...


So, we went to Disneyland. And, uh, whatever it's called, California-land or something. And, we have proof, in picture form. Lots of proof, but I'm trying to only put ones I like and/or have some emotional value to them.

I was walking down the street, from our hotel to Disneyland one morning, when I looked down and saw this:
Walt Disney's Star! I had to take a picture, because I'm a dork.

We also had to get our picture next to all the classics.Like outside the train station next to the giant floral Mickey.

And, since it's Halloween time...
In front of the giant Mickey Pumpkin.

Kyler graciously allowed me to take a picture with Cap'n Jack Sparrow.Not quite as attractive when two dimensional, let me tell you.

We went on this cool riverboat:Isn't it pretty?

There is also this AWESOME pirate/Tom Sawyer island that doesn't have "rides" or whatever, but you can just run around and climb up tree houses (see below)
Or walk on really cool bridges
Or get a little chummy with a skull or two.Really, did anyone expect me to do any different?
Seriously, the island was so cool. Definitely the place to hang out when your children are tired of waiting in lines for all the rides... which we actually didn't do too much. It was kind of overcast and threatening to rain in the morning of both days, so fewer people at the park! Woohoo!

I got eaten by a whale...

And we saw Darth Vader!
The little kid "Jedis" in the crowd got to fight him with their "lightsabers." Hilarious.

We also, how random is this, ran into Steph, Kyler's former girlfriend, so we hung out with her for part of the afternoon.She got a higher score than Kyler! Good job, Steph!

My favorite thing in Disneyland ended up being Big Thunder Railroad or whatever it's called... but not necessarily for the reasons you think.
It is a really fun ride, but on the second morning, while Kyler and I were riding it.......it suddenly stopped! (These pictures were taken after it stopped. In the first, the nice lady a little in front of us told us to look scared.)Long story short, on a different "train," barely out of the station, someone had stood up, so they stopped the ride. They couldn't just start it back up, though, for whatever (probably legal) reason, so they came out, let us out, and we got to walk around in the ride to get out!It was way cool, and let see what was behind the scenes a little, and let us take pictures that never would have worked before.

Also, Kyler likes Mr. Toad.And his wild ride.

And Dad, this one is for you...
Everytime I see a cannon anywhere, I think of you!

Lego Woody at the Lego Store

And now, onto California Adventure place!We thought the little kids playing on the letters was a nice touch.

Note: this is not the REAL Golden Gate Bridge. Sorry to anyone who thought it was.

There is a really cool "ride" that has airplane pictures all over the walls of the line area, including this one:Recognize it? It's the Spruce Goose! The airplane ride also reminded me of Cliffy because they showed this huge Navy ship with jets on it... and helicopters! One of them was flying, and I told Kyler, "my brother's flying that one!" Kyler said, "Yes, I'm sure he is." I think he was just humoring me.

Kyler and the Walking Stick.
Quite the resemblance, eh?

Our favorite ride in California was the Grizzly Bear Run or whatever. See the grizzly bear?
It's a ride that takes you through white water rapids. Little man-made ones, but still way fun. Kyler and I got SOAKED. Well, here and at Splash Mountain, too. My bag was literally dripping. Good thing our camera case protected the camera. We did ruin a few maps of the parks and had to get new ones, though.

The last thing we did was go to World of Colors, this water/light (and a little fire!) show.
Very pretty.

That is all.
Well, we did return home, Kyler got sick (from BlizzCon or Disneyland, whichever) and then got me sick.
The end.
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