28 June 2011

Preparations and celebrations

According to blogger, this is the 100th post for this blog. Pretty amazing, eh? I thought I'd do something pretty spectacular for this, but then I realized I have nothing spectacular going on...
Except preparing to have a baby, move to a different city/country, leave my job, Kyler starting grad school... yeah, not too much going on.

So, we're preparing to have a baby. This means we are doing stuff like going to a birthing class. We learned some interesting breathing techniques, where exactly I should go if I think I'm in labor, and men help with the childbirth process in some cultures:(Click on it to make it bigger if you can't read it.) Yeah, isn't that just awesome? I suppose the man would be able to be very empathetic in that case...

We also are doing things like buying carseats, seeing how the hospital won't let you bring your baby home without one.
I decided to try and practice buckling up a baby, so I asked Fluff for some assistance.
She sat down in the seat willingly enough, but once she realized I was strapping her in and pretending she was a baby, she threatened to flush me to Siberia. I decided that might not be best for me or my unborn child, so I found another, more willing, test subject:Sven!Doesn't he look so good in the car seat? Since he did, I decided to use him for a couple more practice runs...Sven makes a very pretty little girl, doesn't he?

As far as the leaving of the job, moving, and Kyler starting grad school.......... we still don't have a place to live. Some people don't know what will be available come the end of August/beginning of September ("August is so far away!"), don't want to rent to use if they can't meet us first, or would want to rent to us, loves babies, but says their basement apartment is too cold and not sunny enough ("I'm not sure if you know this, but Canada is colder than the US.")
Yeah, we're really successful.

Happy 100th post, everyone.

18 June 2011

I love weddings! Drinks all around!

Last weekend, one of Kyler's former roommates and good friends got married. He came to our wedding, so we figured it to be only fair that we go to his.

The ceremony itself was good, and Blake and Hailey looked lovely. See? Here they are coming out of the temple. Blake's making sure the door doesn't shut on her dress.

Here's a better one of the gorgeous couple:Don't they look happy?

We also got some pictures of Kyler and I outside the temple.This one might count as a belly picture?

What Blake may or may not realize, and should be eternally grateful for, is what Kyler and I did (or rather, did not do, or allow anyone else to do) to his car.
At the reception, one of our other good friends, a groomsman, approached Kyler, the groomsman's wife, Maria, and I and informed us that something needed to be done about Blake's car. So, the three of us left (leaving the groomsman behind to go about his duties) and headed out to get decorations. Upon returning to the reception, Maria and I were bold: we asked Blake for his keys. He was hesitant, but the second the keys were in grabbing distance, I pounced and quickly walked away.
We decorated his car, being relatively nice, and were joined by some other people. This is the point where Blake should thank me: I locked his car back up nice and tight, and I said "NO" very strongly. First, I said NO putting oreos on the car, for two reasons: it ruins the paint job, and is a waste of good oreos! Second, a random guy passing by (he was holding a present, but none of us have the slightest idea who he was) came over and wanted to help. Then he started trying to mess with the wiper blades. NO, I said. "But it's really easy to fix." NO, I said. "But you just snap them back on." NO, I said. And he backed away. Don't mess with the wiper blades, man! If you take them off, but they don't realize it and try to use them... it can scratch the windshield. So not cool.
I'm pretty sure a couple of people thought I was insane with my very adament NOs, but you don't argue with a pregnant woman glaring at you like I can glare. Not a wise idea. The end result of the car. (Hopefully) no permanent damage, just good fun. And a box of tic tacs.

Yay for weddings and tic tacs. Who needs anything more?

I love seeing family!

About a week after Kyler's birthday, my sister-in-law Jill and niece Lilia came out to Salt Lake, so my family decided to come, too! What this means is I finally got to meet this little girl:
My brother surprised us all by coming along, too! So, it was the first time I'd had my whole family together in over two years!

Kyler also enjoyed playing with Lilia.Seriously, she's giving him blocks to add to his masterpiece.

Because Jill is also pregnant, our family made us pose together. This means that there is officially a "belly" picture of me on this blog.
Of course, this was when I was about 29 weeks or so, and now I'm 34, so things have changed a little, but still...

Highlights of their visit (from my I-had-to-work-the-whole-time perspective):
We got a family picture!
It's everyone, even Grandma!

We celebrated Lilia and Loradona's birthday!This is Cliff reading Lilia one of her birthday presents. She was mesmerized.

I took advantage of my family being in town and had a baby shower!My wonderful friend Liz organized if for me, and made the cake! She's fantastic!

Loradona and I helped by making these:Baby Cake Pops. We stayed up late finishing them, and our judgement of what was appropriate to say may have diminished slightly, but... at least it makes for a good story.
The baby shower was a success, regardless of any unintentional baby-killing jokes, and I appreciate everyone who came!

The low-light of the trip:
My mom broke her arm. Pretty sweet, huh? Yeah, I don't think she thought so, but at least now it seems to be healing great. Interestingly, this happened on Friday the 13th. Maybe it is bad luck after all...

On the next episode of blogging by Jeanette: a wedding!

Who needs McDonalds?

So, it's been a little while since I updated, mostly because Kyler reformatted to laptop and I was too lazy to reinstall the picture downloading stuff, but since that excuse is pathetic at best... let's just move on to the first of the bite-sized chunks.

Kyler went and had a birthday! I know, it's shocking, but this kind of thing seems to happen every year... so we celebrated it.
We went to tasty Tucano's, where Kyler did not actually eat himself sick, surprisingly. Then we went to the movies and I got to oogle Chris Hemsworth while Kyler got to enjoy a super hero/comic book movie. For the record, Thor is a fun movie and we enjoyed it.
The most important part of his birthday? His present. Kyler told me he wanted a toaster that cooks eggs. That's right, he wanted something because of an internet meme. But, I humor him, and so he got his toaster. And, oh yes, he's enjoyed it so far:The breakfast of champions!
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