16 April 2010

Believe me, I felt it!

Wow, two posts in two days? What's going on?

Sad, no game tomorrow. Next week, same time and place, but not tomorrow... at least we can get the car's struts taken care of without too many problems now.

Also, earthquake yesterday! I actually felt it! I was sitting on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table (I probably shouldn't do that, huh, Mom?) when the coffee table shook a little, but I wasn't moving it! Our apartment complex groaned a little, so to speak, and I turned to Kyler and asked, "Did you feel that?"
He answered affirmatively.
Me: "Was that an..."
Kyler: "Earthquake. Yes."

In other news, my boss told me to enjoy my life and not have kids yet. This kind of made me shake my head for a number of reasons: first, it's not like I've mentioned to her I'm planning on trying or anything. She has no idea my plans on the subject; I could never want to have kids! Second, what business of it is hers when Kyler and I decide to start having kids? It's our decision and I don't intend to consult really anyone except Kyler... not even my mother, much less my boss! Third, isn't that just a little bit awkward in general? I felt like it was.

Kyler and I went to a sports bar and had tasty poutine and watched hockey. How Canadian, eh?
Life is sometimes exciting.

15 April 2010

Spring brings change!

The last little while, since the semi-annual Change Day for the bus routes, I’ve been having trouble being noticed. By the bus drivers, that is. They changed bus drivers on Change Day from one who had picked me up nearly every day for months to a new one each time I hop on. As a result, three days in a row had the bus zipping past me as I waited, only to realize I’m there and stop a half block away. The second and third day I tried to signal to the bus driver I was there using a flashlight, but to no avail. Then yesterday, blessed yesterday, I signaled with my light and the bus driver actually saw me! And stopped! And told me the reason he saw me was my light. It actually worked! And this morning, it was the same guy, meaning I signaled and he saw. Pretty soon he’ll just know to watch out for me, but until then, I’ll keep signaling. He apparently actually sees it.

I’m oddly obsessed with this. It’s the Royal Shakespeare Company performing Romeo and Juliet… on Twitter! It’s often a bit melodramatic, but what twitter page/Shakespearian tragedy isn’t? I will admit, I check it everyday, making the messages go back to the last time I saw them and catching up on everything I missed while I was doing something crazy like sleeping.
Somehow, it kind of reminds me of Loradona’s Macbeth blogs, but these are professional actors. Crazy.

My first soccer game is this Saturday. It was supposed to be last week, but the fields were too wet. I’m a little nervous, but hopefully I’ll do okay… or at least survive.

So, instead of playing soccer last week, Kyler and I went to a ball! It was at BYU and I wore my prom dress. We danced and ate good food and listened to fun music… It was great! I wore my navy blue Converse, which Kyler said looked funny, but I didn’t care: my feet were comfortable! Also, almost as soon as we got there, a woman came up to me and said, “I’m so glad someone else decided to wear comfortable shoes!” I’m nothing if not practical…

This is the first time I’ve really thought this, but I wish Kyler and I had a second car. It would make life easier.

Oh, and Kyler and I are probably moving back to the Provorem area... specifically Orem. We're thinking end of July. To be honest, I'm not terribly excited... I hate moving.

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