15 December 2013

A budding artist?

Well, it's happened. We went into Calista's room after a not-so-sleepy nap and found this:
What wonderful art. 
She got put in timeout. I asked her why. "I draw." Where did you draw? "On wall." Sigh.
I love you, child. I love your strength and your smile, but...
Don't draw on the wall!

So, any advice on cleaning the wall?

06 December 2013

Two months!

Little man is now more than two months (uh, 12 days ago...), and we are beginning to adjust well... I think. It helps that he is a very chill kid. If I am paying attention and able to respond to him in a timely manner (which sometimes doesn't happen. Having more children than adults when I'm alone with them, sometimes one gets the shaft), Craig can go nearly all day without actually crying. Fussing, yes. But in his first two months of life, there hasn't been a time when the cause of his crying was unclear (Calista smacked him or something...) and when we haven't been able to calm him within a few minutes. I can't believe it, but it's true. And you'll hear no complaints from us!
First bath. In baths since, Calista "helps" by washing his toes or whatever she can reach, and actually, she's not too bad.

Kitty cuddles. I'm not sure the cat has joined him in the bassinet since... he is starting to take up more space, wiggle, and probably fuss more than she likes.

Hazards of having an older sister: Calista put a bassinet sheet on Craig... to keep him warm?... and a glow-in-the-dark bracelet on his head. Naturally, I snapped a picture that will exist forever.

First day we went to church. It's hard to get him to keep his head up when he's asleep!

They are learning to get along better. Or, more specifically, Calista is learning her boundaries and what she can and can't do with Craig.

Thanksgiving Day (Canadian) hike!

One month old, and photo bombed by the sister.

One of my favorite pictures ever at the moment. This is going in both of their photo books this year.

Who doesn't love sleeping babies?

Although, Craig looks a little uncomfortable in this one.

My three favorite people in the world. Isn't Kyler being a good dad?

More sleeping baby!

We pulled out the high chair so when I'm in the kitchen, he can come too and see me. Craig has definitely enjoyed that, though on this particular day, he fell asleep while I was making dinner.

Two months old and grinning after church.

On the days that Kyler is home during Calista's nap time, he takes Craig so I can have a break. Of course, sometimes this means Kyler gets a nap, too, which he's not complaining about.

Bundled up at the zoo.
*Not pictured - two blankets, one used to snuggle him in, one used as a wind break.

Happy little chub!

We love this little man. Craig is sweet, happy, and growing so well (13 lbs 6 oz and 23 1/4 inches long as of today!). Next time you see him, you should give him a squeeze, because he is so squeezable!

04 December 2013

Make the world a better place...

By smiling all the while!
Little man can smile (this one above is the first smile for the camera), and does fairly frequently. It's such a cute little grin, and often has some cooing to accompany it, as well.
How can you not fall in love with that face?
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