30 April 2015

The Dynamic Duo

I love my children, and most of the time, they love each other and it's adorable. Just the other day, I was about to put Craig down for a nap when Calista said, "Um, can I play with Craig for a little bit?"
But it's naptime, I said.
"But I want to play with him, just for a little bit?"
How could I say no?
As I put him back down, Calista grabbed out some toys and said, "Here, Craig, come play with me!"

I love them.

With that as an introduction, I present to you random Craig and Calista pictures from the last four months.

Zoo pictures:

Calista's tongue is funny.

They, especially Craig, love these rocks.

Ooooo, spooky. Into the mist...

Seriously, they love these rocks.

Outside play pictures:
Craig consenting to holding Calista's hand. It doesn't happen often. He wants to be free!

Craig has a tendency of trying to walk up to doors that aren't ours. Calista was trying to stop him.

Throwing rocks!

Wearing their swim floaties to play on the deck, obviously.

Swimming, kind of!

Lunch outside: waffles. Can it get any better?

Inside play pictures:

Just finished doing Calista's hair.


Silly window playing. I'm surprised the curtains haven't fallen down...

Calista was feeling a bit sick, and Craig is giving her a hug. Awwww.

Dad's legs make a great jungle gym

Sword fight!

Sleeping pictures:
Since we took the side of Craig's crib, sometimes they end up in the same bed. Them sleeping together? Adorable. The not-sleeping that occurs before this moment? Not quite as fun (for me), but they usually enjoy it. Unless Calista starts crying because Craig hit her in the face with a book and wakes up the next morning with a nice red mark on her cheek.

I think I'll keep them. Wouldn't you?

08 April 2015

Eggs and chocolate

Well, Easter has come, and now gone. Since I try to be a good mom or something, we have pictures to post.
First up, our maiden voyage in egg dying!
We used crayons and dye (duh), and didn't make too much of a mess, so... success!
Plus, look how proud Crag is of himself!
Not pictured: all the little cracks Calista made in her egg shell while dying it. That's what we get for letting her do as much as possible, ha.
Cheesy Kyler, the action figure.

Calista was the first one up Easter morning, so she got to see the baskets first.
She was excited, and didn't even have a tantrum when I said no chocolate until after breakfast.
Maybe because she had bubbles to console her.

Once Craig finally woke up (okay, Kyler woke him up), we went on the egg hunt. Since there was a (tiny) bit of snow outside, we did it all inside.
The egg is purple!
Craig needed a bit of help finding eggs, but he thought it was pretty fun. Actually, we all did. This was the first time we've done an egg hunt/Easter morning that no one ended up in tears (usually because we don't let them have all the chocolate right now!), so success!

And, of course, we have pictures of the kiddos in their Easter Sunday clothes.
Craig didn't particularly want to sit still and take pictures...
And he absolutely hated his tie. It didn't last much past the photo shoot.
Calista was cooperative, though. Probably because she was so excited about her purple dress (she picked it out), purple sandals, purple headband, and purple finger and toenails. In case you haven't noticed, her favorite color is purple.
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