28 November 2011

Time for solid food?

Namely... fish!

Calista has started grabbing at just about anything, including my hands while I'm trying to change her diaper. Changing a diaper while a baby is trying to suck on your forearm is not easy, so I gave her a fish to hold on to instead.
Yummy rainbow trout. Who wouldn't want some?

26 November 2011

The highlights

The last month has been an eventful one for Calista, as already mentioned, and now it's official: at four months old, she can roll over, take a bath without completely melting down, smile, laugh, and make really cute/funny facial expressions! She's getting really good at going to sleep on her own, and the last couple of weeks has gone back to sleeping 6-7 hours, then 3-4 more, and then another 2-3 during the night. 

She often falls asleep on the way home from church, so we bring her in, unstrap her, and take pictures. What would you do?

Her favorite things to smile at are people. I get a lot of them, but I'm around her most. She will be amused by just about anyone, including her father (of course!), aunt Loradona and Grandma Maria via Skype, Aunt Karina and Uncle Clay, people at church, doctor's offices, grocery stores... The world is just full of funny looking people, I guess.
Laying on my bed while I get dressed.
Happy girl!
And suddenly sad?

She has really started to enjoy toys more, reaching for them and always trying to get them in her mouth.
Yes, her bum is exposed in this picture. She had a slight diaper rash, so we were airing her out. Worked well, and it makes for a cute bum in the background!
Yummy toy!

For my birthday, Kyler bought me a pair of pink Converse All Stars. Why pink, you ask?
This is why.
Calista was given a pair of pink Converse by one of my roommates, Corynne. So, obviously, I had to match!
Baby feet and adult feet! Hers are cuter, I know.

I was cleaning out the diaper bag a little while ago, trading out the backup onesies for outfits that actually fit her now that she's in 3-6 month sizes in just about everything, when I rediscovered her sunglasses, and decided to see what she'd think of them.
She wiggled until they were up out of her eyes, and then all was well.
Who needs sunglasses to actually keep the sun out of their eyes? They make a much cuter accessory.
Doing the hand jive?

In preparation for the day when Calista will start eating food, we decided to eat dinner a couple of times with her in the highchair.
The straps don't even bother me, because...
...as long as I have something to suck on, life is peachy.
Not ready to eat yet, but definitely ready to sit in the chair!

I mentioned to my mother that I didn't have mittens for Calista yet, and in the next package she sent to me, what was included but this:
It's Lampchops!
And the mittens taste good, too, apparently.
All ready to go out in the cold!

Because you can't go wrong with a baby in a towel:
I like the drool coming down from her chin. Trés Chic.

She's also getting pretty good (most of the time) at napping during the day.
 After she had been sleeping for a while, I sneaked in to check on her, make sure she was breathing, that kind of thing. She looked so cute I had to take a picture!
Which then woke her up, at least temporarily, just long enough to stretch and arch her back.

Four months old...

21 November 2011

Such the charmer

The last few days have been filled with new people and places for Calista, or at least people and places that aren't home. I went visiting teaching on Thursday, followed by a doctor's appointment for the babe, then yesterday was church (of course) and dinner at a ward member's house. All in all, rather busy and exciting for an almost 4 month old. And let me tell you... this girl
is quite the charmer.
During visiting teaching, she was fantastic, awake and alert and looking at everyone. "Oooh, her eyes are so big and bright!" Yes, I think she's figuring that out.
At the doctor's office, she sat in the waiting room hamming it up, staring and smiling and wiggling and cooing. "What a beautiful baby! She looks so alert for 3.5 months old!" (Side note: she was 25 inches long, and 13 pounds 14 ounces. Doctor said it was obvious she was healthy and that she was quite strong.)
At church during relief society, she spent the entire time cooing and smiling at the women (and children) across the aisle, and they smiled back, including the little boy six days older than she is. Is it true love? Possibly. I'm holding out judgement though until she's old enough to speak, at least.
And then at dinner... she made the women want another baby (one had a 3.5 year old, the other an almost 3 year old), and even got a compliment on smelling good. That's what happens when she lets us give her a bath...

She is going to have the entire world wrapped around her little finger... and the world will know and love it.

14 November 2011

Washcloths are fun

I am sometimes a cruel mother. I do things like put a washcloth on my child's head and then take pictures. Can you blame me? She's so dang cute!
For a while, she was turning her head so she could see me. Then I moved the washcloth so it didn't obstruct her vision quite as much.

After a while, I took the washcloth off her head altogether and gave it to her.
Yum, tasty washcloth.

11 November 2011

Daddy's girl

Calista loves her daddy!

He holds her close so she feels safe.

He plays with her (and doesn't even squish her!)

He helps her to stand.

He lets her nap by his side.

He feeds her when Mommy is otherwise occupied.

He helps her hold on to her pacifier.

He lets her be really, really tall!

He's teaching her to fly.
Up, up, and away!

He dances with her (and Mommy).

Yes, Calista loves her daddy...
Well, most of the time.

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