04 August 2009

I'll fly away in the morning

It's officially August, which means wonderful and terrifying things. For example:
  1. Kyler and I are both taking the GRE in less than two weeks (on the 15th). I'm slightly petrified, even though I don't know for sure it'll matter or that I'll even apply to any grad schools. Kyler seems completely calm, which is how he always is for tests. He is so going to kick my butt.
  2. It's going to be our SECOND anniversary this month! Kyler and I aren't really doing anything fancy, just buying each other some kind of present and going out to eat dinner. Speaking of which, any suggestions on what I should get him?
  3. The summer is almost over. This is always the saddest thing about August. Kyler has been able to work but not be stressed at all about school, so it's been good. I'm going to miss it. Wait, when is Kyler ever stressed about school?
  4. Speaking of school, Kyler will begin his LAST semester as an undergrad! How exciting! Now, he just needs to get ready for his grad school applications.....
  5. And, uh, I think that's it? I'll add more if I think of more.
In other news, the state of Utah is strange and has a holiday on July 24th, Pioneer Day. While this may be odd, it means we had a day off, and on said day off, we went to the aviary here in Salt Lake with some friends of ours. We had a good time, though a great horned owl stared at us menacingly. Here are a few pictures we got:A Golden Eagle! Isn't in beautiful? Sadly, it can't fly... many of the birds in the aviary have had wing injuries and would die if they were released into the wild.

The baby swan! It was actually really hard to get a picture without his/her parents getting in the way. While we were trying to get a picture, we heard a woman tell her kid that this was the ugly duckling. Personally, I think it's a cute little signet.

Me with a couple of cool red throated birds (there are two there if you look closely) that I can't remember the name of right now (a dollar to the first person who can tell me what the name is). We're chatting, having a good conversation. These birds are awesome, they hollow out huge old tree trunks for their nesting area by themselves. Plus, they're bringing me little bits of cotton-y stuff as a present. Sweet!

A Scarlet Ibis! I totally knew what this bird was from a distance, all because of some (stupid?) short story I had to read in freshman english... in high school. The Scarlet Ibis (the story) is good for something, kids!

I am taller than an emu. Or is this an ostrich? Either way, I'm taller. I'm so proud.

Kyler wanted to look down on the flamingo with disdain, for being so short. Is he succeeding? You're the judge.

In more other news, Kyler and I have currently have a rental car as ours in getting the dent taken out/a new paint job. Kyler's having fun driving a different car; I can't get used to driving an automatic again. What? There's no clutch to put in? I can't rev my engine as I pull off the line? Weird.

And, finally, here is a picture of my cactus. We bought him at Ikea, and I don't know how to tell if he's dead or not, but I hope he's still alive. I named him Neville.
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