18 April 2009

What's fresher, the tissue or the beer?

It's finals right now for people, not that Kyler is stressing at all. But it does feel strange to realize he has finals and I... don't. I knew this week was coming, but I'd kind of forgotten about it. Finals don't matter to me anymore... weird.

I had a couple of busy days at work, mildly amusing even at times. One such amusing moment was after we got our new liquid nitrogen (hereafter referred to as LN2) container filled. This LN2 container has little baskets we can put our samples into, and then when we have time to take them down to the freezer, we pull up the baskets, dump out the tubes, and put them away. It's sweet. But, we didn't think of the fact that the samples always float to the top of the LN2... and that was above the level of the baskets. Our samples just floated away and our now stuck in the LN2 container, just floating around. Silly samples. Okay, maybe that wasn't quite as funny to anyone else, but I was amused when it happened.
Thursday I got to go to the OR twice to collect tissue for research... very fresh tissue. Going into the OR meant I got to wear my scrubs all day, which is fun, but I had to wear those stupid masks which always make my breathing fog up my glasses, so that wasn't quite as fun.
A woman that works in the gross room told me yesterday that she drinks upwards of 360 ounces of pop in a day sometimes. Wow, seriously, wow. She also told me she brews her own beer in her basement, and it's good beer because she married an Irishman. It was an interesting conversation.

Graduation is this next week! Family of all sorts will be coming, and I'll get a day off! Yay!

Currently listening to The Killers "All These Things That I've Done." I love this song.

11 April 2009

We like to move it (move it).

It's official. Kyler and I are moving. We put our 60 day notice in, and our move out date is June 5th. We are almost positive we are moving to Marmalade Apartments, but we need to fill out the application and everything. Don't they have a fun website? You can play with where to put all your furniture!

Other than that... life is boring. Kyler drove to and from Salt Lake twice (mostly with me) to check out apartments, and we found a new radio station. Salt Lake has less than ideal variety in radio, so a new one is a pleasant surprise.

The other day at work, we were looking at our freezers, and one of my co-workers proposed making the -20 (Celsius) into a beer fridge.
My boss said No, beer would explode at such a cold temperature.
What about vodka instead? my co-worker inquired.
I said, we have isopropanol, why not drink that? After all, after a drink or two, all alcohol is about the same.
My co-worker mused, what do they teach about alcohol at BYU?
My boss responded by saying, I think they teach them not to drink it.
I thought the entire exchange was funny, and even told my mom about it. The next day, my boss did tell me that if I ever feel offended by anything my co-worker says, I should let her know. She said she respects the fact that I'm LDS... though the fact that I'm from Oregon probably makes me more laid back about things.
Should I be offended?

Currently listening to "My Cousin Vinny" on TV.

04 April 2009

Every rule has an exception

It seems that when I have time to update this, I don't have anything to say. When I have things to say, I don't have time. Well, this post is an exception those rules: I have no time (in general), but also nothing to say! How lame am I?

Okay, so here's my life: I get up at 6 AM, eat breakfast, get ready to go to work. I leave at 6:30, catch my bus about about 6:45, read and/or sleep until we get to downtown, catch another bus and get to work about 8:15. I then play with dry ice, liquid nitrogen, blood, fat, and tumors until 4:15, when I rush to catch the TRAX, taking me to downtown so I can catch my bus back to Provo. I am generally home by about 6 PM. That's it, people. Nothing here to see.
I am getting more comfortable with what to do and how to do it in my job, though. I consult protocols and ask stupid questions less often, so that's nice. Oh, and I read a lot. If anyone has suggestions for books, I'll gladly take them. Right now I'm on Emma, for book club, but once I'm done with it... I'll need to find something else.

Kyler registers for his last semester tomorrow at midnight. Okay, it's really April 6th at midnight, but that's tomorrow night, right? He's hoping for an amazing schedule, nice and compact and probably relatively light. Crazy to think he'll be done less than 9 months. Then it'll be off to grad school, who knows where.
Oh, man, he needs to register for the GRE. Slacker.

We really are thinking about moving, but we're running into some problems, first of which being we don't know if we want to live in SLC, Provorem, or somewhere in between. The second problem is that Wymout requires 60 day notice (read, if we want to move in June, we tell them NOW), but most apartments won't know for sure they have vacancies until about a month before. So, do we put in our notice now and hope and pray for an opening somewhere else, or do we wait to have a sure thing on another apartment, and possibly have to pay two rents for about a month? Sigh.

Life is good, really. We have no complaints. We're happy and healthy (well, mostly....), and we both have good jobs, at least for what we want right now. It's just easier to write about the hard stuff! More entertaining.

In less than 3 weeks (jeez, guys, sorry for a little mistake!), family of all kinds will be here for graduation! I can't wait. We are so going to Thai Ruby on Thursday night or something. Yum!
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