25 July 2008

The Spirit of '47

That would be 1847. Yesterday was Pioneer Day, which the vast majority of the world ignores, but for BYU... we get a day off! So Kyler and I got to spend the whole day together, which was really fun. We went for a nice walk in the morning, and then Kyler made me eggs for breakfast. What a nice husband I have. We went to the mall, and I convinced Kyler to go into the GAP, steered him to the clearance section, and approved of his purchase of a pair of khakis for 10 bucks. I'm a master shopper. :) And then we watched Batman Begins, because we are going to go see The Dark Knight today, after we go to Thai Ruby! Yay for month-iversaries!
This week I still don't have a real job, but I did get to spend three days in the lab reading and doing in situs (the link is so I don't have to explain what that means! Yay!) on mouse embryos.
I read three books in those three days, so I'm feeling pretty successful.
It's hot. I want an air conditioner. This is another good thing about working in the lab all day...
I can't believe that my brother is on his way to Japan. He'll be there for three years! That is so crazy... and I'm going to miss him, even if he does get on my nerves sometimes. ;)

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18 July 2008

The Plan of the Rats of NIMH

It is very possible I will go crazy before school starts again, but I've been trying to come up with ways to amuse myself and thus prolong the craziness a little longer.
Some of my distractions have included playing Warcraft (Kyler got me into it...) and working in the mouse house and lab. Am I actually getting credit/pay for anything I'm doing right now? No. Why? Because to get credit, I'd have to pay tuition, and I'm not getting paid... The mice entertain me, however. Every time they look at me, I wonder if they know who I am and are plotting their escape, like in Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. I asked them if that was the case, but they didn't respond. I guess that makes sense, because even in the book, the mice and rats didn't talk to people...

The other day, to keep the boredom at bay, I decided to walk to the bank, approximately 1.7 miles from my apartment. I could have driven, but that wouldn't keep me amused as long, would cost gas, and wouldn't be as much exercise. Next to the bank is ShopKo (which, if you haven't heard of before, is basically like a Target), so I decided to look at some stuff. I ended up buying a suit jacket with matching pants and skirt, and a shirt to wear with them, all for under 40 bucks. I figure I can go interview in it after I graduate! Yay!
Today I went to the Provo City Library and got a card. I got to choose the card design, so I got one with a froggie on it! It's cute. And they have a new 6th grade reading list out (remember when I read the old one?) so I got quite a few books off it. I'm excited to read them... which I'll start tonight, since Kyler has a LAN party. Bah.

I'm pathetic, I know. Possibly more so than the rats... maybe I need to escape. My mother will be here in a month, and then it'll be school before I know it.

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13 July 2008

With a "chirp, chirp" here and a "chirp, chirp" there...

I have the meanest husband ever... and he's a chick killer.
Yesterday evening, Kyler and I went for a walk. We waited until the sun was going down so it'd be cooler (down to under 90, yeah!). While we were walking down University Parkway, we suddenly heard anxious chirping. In the bike lane on the side of the road was a tiny little quail chick! It was adorable and all by itself and it just would not shut up. Every time it tried to walk too fast, it'd start to tip a bit and almost tip over. It was adorable! (Kind of like the bottom chick in this picture, www.gamebird.com/JodiWithCoturnixChicks.jpg)
I was worried about it being alone, so I made efforts to scoop it up onto the sidewalk, herding it from the road side so I could scare it away from that particular danger. Once it was on the sidewalk, we had to decide what to do. I said we could take it home because it was all alone and take care of it, but Kyler said no. So... I scooped it up again and put it in the bushes by the street.
Poor chick, it was still chirping like mad, and it'll probably die, but since Kyler wouldn't let me take it home, he basically killed it. I could've gotten some fluff stuff from the mouse house and fed the cute chick and... but Kyler said we couldn't have pets. Bah.

11 July 2008

She's very very sneaky, sir.

I have been conned. Duped. Hoodwinked. Fanagled. I'll even go so far as to say I was flimflammed. As a quiet observer in the world of blogs, I had silently vowed to never stoop so low into the murky depths of self aggrandizement. But alas, it is done. Let the intertubes rejoice as the last vestiges of my dignity are snuffed into the gaping nostrils of modern social networking.

All the deliciously thick melodrama aside, I knew this was an inevitability, and, despite the Mr Deeds Butler type way in which Jeanette has gone about this, I have accepted this fact, and shall prepare myself accordingly.

Don't worry. Someday Jeanette might just get what's coming to her...

The bandwagon

I have decided, without consulting Kyler, that he and I together should jump on this blogging as a married couple bandwagon.
There are a number of reasons for this, including but not limited to:
1. The fact that Cliff and Jill are headed to Japan very soon
2. Kyler's family is in Canada where we can't call them all the time due to stupid long distance and
3. It'll make my mother happy.
Now if only we had a digital camera, we could post pictures of what we do all the time..... hint, hint? (The May 2008 Consumer Reports apparently has new ratings of cameras, if you want to look things up as a surprise for our anniversary or my graduation or birthday or something.)
Hopefully I won't slack off in this endeavor, and hopefully I can convince Kyler to join me, too...

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