22 June 2013

Zoo Talk

In honor of and sadness about the Calgary Zoo being flooded and thus closed the next two weeks,* I present "Conversations with Calista:"
'Po! 'Po! Two 'po!
Yes, there are 2 hippos at the zoo.

Yes, there are two girl lions in front of us. And what's over there?
Yes, 2 boys lions! How many does lions does that make?
Four! 1, 2, 3, 4! Can you count to four?

Keacock! Keacock! KEACOCK!
Yes, that's a peacock.

Calista loves the zoo!

*Yes, Calgary is flooded! Downtown and about 25 neighborhoods got evacuated - about 75,000 people. We are fine since we are further away from the river. The zoo, which has a bridge spanning the river connecting the two main areas, was not so lucky. All of the animals are fine and uninjured, though. Oh, the zookeepers, too! Exhausted, I'm sure, but fine. So in two weeks or so whenever the zoo opens again, we will go and celebrate/support them!

20 June 2013

Hypno musings

As I am preparing for the birth of my second child, I am a little anxious about labor and delivery. Calista’s birth was a long and difficult process, and I would like Craig’s to be a little different in a few ways. Some of them are simple: I don’t want my labor augmented or induced with pitocin... unless it’s absolutely necessary. Some things are harder to control: I would prefer not to push for 3.5 hours this time. Some things are a little more abstract: I want to be calm about the process. In my preparation, I am reading a book on hypnobirthing. 
I’m not sure I completely buy into it, but it doesn't hurt to read it and see if anything will help me. As I’m reading it, I have a few thoughts. 

The first one is this: I can do this. I can do hard things. I survived last time, and I can bring a baby into this world. No, last time wasn't the ideal, it wasn't perfect. But the baby girl that I held in my arms, she was perfect. Well, other than her blue hands, but that only lasted a little while. :) Even if it’s hard, I can do it.

On a related note: no matter what happens, he’ll be worth it. If I have a long, difficult, tiring labor, if I throw up repeatedly and push for longer than even my doctor (or midwife, this time) thinks I possibly can, holding that little boy in my arms will make it worth it. No, I won’t forget the difficulties (if they occur), but they will be worth it for the little man growing inside me.

I can read as many books as I can find, or take classes, do yoga, and practice my breathing. These things are good. But more importantly, I need to trust in the Lord. "Father, if thou be willing remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. " Reading up on hypnobirthing and everything else is great, but ultimately it is up to the Lord. 

I never understood the atonement and what the Savior must have felt better than during and after Calista's delivery. The love I felt was so strong that it didn't matter how tired I was, how much I wanted to give up, I couldn't. This little girl needed me.
Her brother will need me just as much. And no matter what happens, I can do it, he’ll be worth it, and the Lord will be there for me.
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