27 May 2012

How many fingers? TEN!

My baby girl is 10 months, as of yesterday. She is so entertaining, and this month she has grown up so much. She's seriously adorable. Calista loves to "read" books, and will help you out by turning the pages... occasionally too often, but it's still hilarious.

So, this month in pictures, starting with the oldest. 

Kyler and I made her a little chair.
Probably not the most comfortable of places, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Sometimes, we are tired...
When that happens, Dad is more than happy to just relax with the Babe.

Dad is also more than happy to put Calista over his shoulder.
What a a cute sack o' potatoes!

I found a toy of mine, and Calista absolutely loves it... probably because it's the most annoying toy I own.
But, hey, she's learning to play saxophone early!

She has also discovered my, uh, sister's old Koosh ball (sorry for stealing it however long ago, Loradona...!)
and she loves this, too.

Calista is fitting some 12 month clothes, which means she had new outfits:
Like this one. Black and pink is very cool, right? Especially with monkey ballerinas.

Weather has been pretty good lately, so we've been going outside to play.
She looks thrilled, does she not?

How pensive.

Happy girl!

Our tulips came up, so I took her out to look at them.
And touch them, of course.

One of Calista's favorite things... the mirror!
She makes out with herself?
High five!

Calista is, of course, still a pacifier addict. Someday we'll take it away, but until then, look how excited she is to have one!
Or, wait, two. One in the month, and one blurry in her hand.

She is very helpful...
Or at least happy to be in the laundry basket.

A while back, she fell a little and scrapped/bruised her cheek on her bookshelf. It was sad, but she's a trooper.
I wanted to get a picture, and so she posed for me?

More outside pictures!
She found a dandelion.
Pretty flower.
Yummy flower! I took it away from her at this point (after I took the picture).

And, so, today,

17 May 2012

Can I have them?

The Babe has been doing all sorts of cute things lately, including raspberries, clapping, "reading" books, playing peek-a-boo, and "sharing." I'm hoping to get a video of the peek-a-boo, but until then, behold Calista's amazing sharing skills:
This was right after her bath and before bed, and she'd been doing it really well before her bath, too. You'll notice at the end of the video, she took off for the open bathroom door. It's not usually open, so it's an exciting thing for her.
So, if Calista has something that you want, you can just hold out your hand and (sometimes repeatedly) say "Can I have them?" and she will (most of the time) actually try to get the thing into your hand. So cute!

11 May 2012

Splish, splash, it's a really big bath

About a week ago, one of my friends invited me to join her and her sister-in-law while they took their babes swimming. As a result, Calista has officially had her first visit to a swimming pool.

In the changing room, she got a little upset, mostly because I put her down in a strange place on a strange surface so that I could change. That's why she has the pacifier. Plus, it floats!
It didn't take long for her to warm up to the water, so to speak. It was so quick, in fact, that it was difficult to get a picture of me and her together.
She just wanted to take off and explore.
There are so many things to look and and much more water than in the bath at home!
So, we finally compromised on this picture, before I let her have her fun.

She had a lot of fun, and so did I. I let her explore on her own while keeping a close eye on her, and she only crawled too deep once. She swallowed a little water inadvertently and got a little freaked out, but I held her and comforted her and she survived... although she did stay much closer to me (as in, in my lap) for a little while.

I think this summer we will have to take her to bigger pools and see how she does. And, of course, the beach! Yay!

07 May 2012

Returning to a version of home

At the end of April, Kyler and I (and, uh, Calista. We didn't abandon her) went to Utah for about a week. We decided to go because three of our friends were graduating with their Masters degrees, and five were walking for their Bachelors. Whew! After this, all these people may go in every which way, so we jumped on the opportunity to say goodbye and relax after Kyler's finals.
We drove down to Raymond on a Friday, stayed the night, and then Saturday went all the way to Lehi, Utah in one day. With a nine-month-old. She was actually pretty good, partially because we decided to have me join her in the backseat. Calista liked the company and the food far better than being alone. Once we got there, we were exhausted and very happy to have a place to crash and relax.

Calista got to meet new people...
Like Tim! Okay, they had technically met before, but she was only 3 weeks old. Calista is much older (and more fun) now. Tim was her buddy. We went to church with Tim and Maria, our gracious hosts, and when Tim read aloud during Sunday School, Calista was riveted. 

Calista also got to meet Pepper, the sweetest and most enthusiastic dog you'll ever meet.
Calista wasn't terribly fond of being licked, but Pepper got pretty good at leaving her alone if we snapped our fingers.
Calista definitely warmed up to Pepper as the week went on, which led to the occasional lick, but as I told Calista, if you crawl towards to dog, that's what you get.

We took this opportunity to let Calista try new foods...
This is Maria, our other gracious host! And, no, Calista didn't actually eat the chips, but she did eat salsa, sushi, and...
...a pickle. And she loved it, until she dropped it in the dirt and I took it away.

And, of course, we saw the Utah sights.

We spent one day entirely on BYU campus. We had J Dawgs for lunch, which is actually where Calista had the above pickle. We wandered all over campus, stopping by the art museum, the Bean Museum, and the palaeontology museum. The last one we'd never been to, and while small, it's really cool!
 She's reaching for the teeth, perhaps not a wise move?

 Dinosaur bone!

We also went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point with Liz and Jake, but we forgot our camera, so we don't have pictures... ask Liz for them, they remembered their camera? At Thanksgiving Point, we looked at pretty flowers and Liz and I rolled down a massive hill because we're, you know, seven or something. Seriously, it was a huge hill - I felt like I was losing control for a bit and tried to force myself to stop... it took a while. But fun! And the flowers were pretty.

Kyler and I actually had a date night - we went to see Hunger Games - and Calista was left with Tim and Maria. She cried a tiny bit at one point, but by the time Tim got upstairs to check on her, she had quieted so he didn't disturb her. Good idea, Tim.

We also, of course, had to have a downtown SLC day. We went over to Huntsman, where I saw all my co-workers and they fed us an awesome lunch, but we forgot to bring our camera in from the car while we were there, so... no picture.
Following that, we headed to Temple Square.

 The whole family, fingers in the mouth, in front of the Christus Statue.

We just got married today! Okay, fine, more than 4.5 years ago. Whatever.
Then we went to the new City Creek Mall to check in out, and actually really enjoyed it.
 Kyler and the stroller (sans Babe. She was being carried by Jake. She got spoiled this trip with all the attention she got) at one of the entrances to the mall.

 Playing in the water with Liz. I had to touch it a couple of times to get her to go for it.

 The mall was surprisingly peaceful.

Other silly things:

The new dance craze that's sweeping the nation!
Doing the Couch Dive!

Wearing Daddy's hat!

It was such a relaxing trip, full of friends, food, and fun. Perfect break for Kyler after finishing up his first year as a Masters student himself!
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