30 November 2008

Hips, germs, yeast: all organic substances.

I suppose I should update this, eh? I was going to do it last week, but I got distracted... and if Kyler wasn't playing warcraft, I probably wouldn't post today, either, but he is.

Last week, Kyler and I got to go see Coldplay in Salt Lake! Let me tell you, Chris Martin is the biggest nerd ever, and seeing them live just proves it. But they all put everything they have into their performance, and it is such a fun show. I highly recommend it if you're a fan and have the money to spare.

I am sick, and I blame Kyler. At the concert, Kyler said he had a sore throat, but was otherwise fine. Well, his "otherwise fine" turned into fever and chills, the worst of which being Wednesday. Then, of course, on Thanksgiving I started to get a sore throat. Stinking husband germs. I have yet to really have a fever and chills, just a headaches and stuffy nose, which is miserable, but things could be worse. I'm hoping I just have a better immune system than Kyler and it won't get any worse than this, because I don't have time to be sick this week! It's my students' final, which means I spend hours preparing them for it, I have a presentation in patho on Wednesday, and my repro final paper is due next Monday. I didn't work on homework nearly as much as I should have this long weekend because of Kyler getting sick, and then me getting sick, so I need to be better now!

I'm all over the place in my train of thought today, but here's the next piece of data on my personal agenda: I got to watch some surgeries on Tuesday. They were really interesting, and a lot more... violent than I thought they'd be. I mean, I hadn't really thought that to replace a knee or hip you'd have to remove the old one first, but that's the way it works. I wasn't allowed to touch anything, and I had to wear a heavy lead apron for the total hip replacement: they aren't so bad for a few minutes while you get an x-ray, but after an hour... they're a lot heavier. I enjoyed the surgeries, though. Very interesting.

And, finally, Thanksgiving! The most important news is that I successfully made rolls that rose correctly and baked right and everything! I can do it! Yeast doesn't completely hate me! Yay! And, Kyler and I have leftovers to last the week... maybe. Depends on how much Kyler eats, but he was feeling sick on Thanksgiving itself, so he only had one plate.

I'm tired. Soon it'll be time to take more Tylenol PM and sleep until the morning...

14 November 2008

Oh, you silly girl: don't you dare smile!

I don't particularly enjoy myself in my advanced cell class, and it appears my professor has noticed. Yesterday, we had a quiz over four journal articles, and he asked some specific questions: the cell line they used, for example. We couldn't just say "fetal fibroblasts," but instead had to say "IMR-90 fetal fibroblasts." I kind of chuckled, incredulously, under my breath at this answer, and he noticed the smile as out of place. "What's so funny, Jeanette? Do you know the answer?" His quick survey of the class showed that, by raise of hands, no one actually put the specific IMR-90. Crazy man. But what I learned from this is that if I appear happy or amused in this class, he'll get mad at me. Sigh.
However, I figured out that I only have 6 more days of this particular class... meaning 9 hours to sit and look unhappy.

In other news, Kyler and I are going to go to a BYU women's soccer game tomorrow... because we're now in the second round of the NCAA tournament, and it's being held here! I'm excited to go, although I need to figure out exactly where the field is...

40,000 does not equal 40,000,000, and I am an idiot. Yay!

Currently listening to The Fratelli's "Whistle for the Choir"

07 November 2008

I have been coerced...

What is this place that I am in,
A stark white sheet across my screen.
'Tis nothing more, this ivory dream,
Than idle hopes above the idle din.

This dream that others hope to share,
The source of whence their thoughts do come.
Though overwrought this seems to some,
From inner wells do thoughtful carings dare.

But who can tell? With what the force
And fire of will can do to please
The eyes and ears of one who sees,
Mayhaps these wand'ring thoughts will find the Source.

There. I hope you're all happy now.

06 November 2008

No talk of impeachment or assassintation...

When I was younger, I didn't mind discussing (or arguing) politics. I've realized, though, that arguing with people doesn't actually do any good. That being said, I have some thoughts about the current political situation.
In my opinion, the second you fill out and turn in your ballot, it no longer matters who you voted for. No matter what, only one candidate will win; everyone else will lose. This means the odds are that at least 50% of the time, you will pick the losing candidate. Regardless, whoever won is who won. There is nothing anyone can do to change that. The only thing to do is accept the who won. The president of this country may not always make the choices you would have made. However, we need to actually give Obama a chance before we condemn him. He may make a great president, and we, as a nation, should support him in that. The more divided and full of hatred we are, the worse it is for our nation. Please, move past the campaign.
And, honestly, I'd say the same thing if McCain had been elected.
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