16 July 2010

I do not believe that it should be 80 degrees outside at ten o'clock at night. I think we should ban such time/temperature combinations. All in favor, say "aye." Any oppose, say "nay." Seems like the "ayes" have it!

06 July 2010

Cute farmer boys and soccer

I love my family, and I miss my family, a lot. So, getting to see my parents, sister, grandma, aunts, and cousin for a family reunion was great. It was the Butikofer family reunion: my Grandmother and her brothers, in other words. Aren't they cute:
I think they are adorable. My grandma is now the only girl, surrounded by boys. They are still quite protective of her.
See her lovely family? Don't we all look nice?The family reunion was nice, partially because my mother brought me plants. She brought my some mother hens and chicks, and a clover plant that is from my mom's clover (which came from her grandmother) and my grandma's clover (which came from her mother). In other words, this is a combined clover that came from 2 of my great grandmothers! And I haven't killed it yet, see:
First sprout of the new plant. It's so exciting!

I got to spend time with my family, but Kyler hasn't, so I tried to help him celebrate Canada Day. We ate poutine, drank Canada Dry, and I made him a cake:It's kind of, sort of, looks nothing like a maple leaf, but it certainly tasted good, so that's what counts, right?

And, in celebration of Canada Day, Independence Day, and the World Cup (the latter being the most important, probably), we went to a Real Salt Lake game! They kind of sort of slaughtered their opponents 5-0, and we got to see a member of the US national team play and score, although he was probably a little tired. I give you a yellow card.So does Kyler. Too bad he can't ever look angry, even when he tries.

I'm obsessed with the World Cup. I'll abstain for everyone else's sanity's sake, but I'm obsessed. What will I do to feed my addiction once it's over? Will I experience a World Cup hangover/crash?

And, my mommy is coming to visit TODAY!
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