12 June 2017

Caleb is ONE!

For the last time, I'm posting about how my baby is one!
Since Kyler has been in Edmonton during the week, I'm very glad that Caleb's birthday fell on a weekend... if it hadn't, we still would've waited until the weekend so Daddy could celebrate, too!

We were hoping to go to the "jumping place" for his birthday, but everyone had nasty coughs, so... we did basically nothing. Poor kid. The next weekend we went, though,
and he loved it!

Regardless of that not going quite as planned, Caleb still had a good birthday. We began with a breakfast of banana bread and watermelon (Calista's suggestions)
and then headed to church.

After church, it was time to open presents!
He was fascinated by the wrapping paper, but yet again, the baby wasn't quite sure what to do and had to be helped in unwrapping.
His older siblings were only too happy to oblige.
He also got distracted from opening more once each new thing, but Caleb loved all his presents.
Very much a success.

Then it was time for dinner - stroganoff, and finally, cake! I love first birthdays, because everything is novel.
Caleb was unsure what to do with the candle or the cake,
but soon realized the thing to do was eat it!
Clearly, he enjoyed it...
and required a bath afterwards.

And with that, my baby boy is one! Happy birthday, Caleb!

04 June 2017

Edmonton bound

I suppose I should formally announce something sometime.

We are moving to Edmonton.
Kyler's actually already there. He got a job with the government of Alberta, as a Program Planner in the Community and Social Services department trying to end (or at least reduce) homelessness in the province.  He's been up there since mid-May.
The kiddos and I, we are staying in Calgary until two things happen:
  1. We have an actual place to live (Kyler is renting a room, but it is not sufficient for our family's needs!)
  2. The school year is over, so Calista and Craig can finish up school, soccer, gymnastics, etc.
And so has commenced two months of me being a single parent (at least during the week), house hunting, school searching, packing, and surviving. Hopefully. I have survived, so far at least, feeling many blessings along the way, including soccer being cancelled and the children actually staying in their rooms after bedtime!
Thankfully, at the end of May my mom came up to stay in Calgary with me for a while. I am so grateful for the sacrifices she is making to serve me.  Kiddos are excited to see Grammie, too. :)

Last Friday, everyone (Grammie included) went up to Edmonton to do a little in-person house hunting. After spending the afternoon playing at parks, looking at 5 (!) different houses, visiting West Ed, and eating some Red Robin (yum!), Kyler and I officially put an offer on a house.
This house, specifically. It's a duplex less than a block away from a spray park.
Calista loves the floor, and Craig will like it once the basement is finished. So, cross your fingers that the "Sale Pending" changes to just plain "SOLD."

Regardless of what happens with this exact house, I'm hopeful that this change will be good for us. I think this job has the potential to be something Kyler enjoys and is able to make a difference doing. We're excited at the prospect of being more "adult-y," buying a house and feeling grown up. And, of course, we're grateful to have some stability in our future. This feels like it could be the answer to our prayers, and so, while the transition will be hard and we will miss Calgary and all the people and places we have grown to love, we look forward to getting to know and falling in love with Edmonton.
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