27 March 2016

You make mistakes; you need to repent!

Our Easter celebrations began on Good Friday, also known as the day Jesus was crucified. Kyler suggested we take the kids to the temple grounds that morning, and I was more than agreeable. When we got there, we went for a little stroll around the temple, talking with the children about Christ and the resurrection, and how the temple is the House of the Lord. We were all enjoying ourselves, when Craig decided to take a break, sitting down on a little wall outside the temple. I ask him what's up, and he says,
"Sometimes, you make me sad, Momma."
Oh? Kyler comes over.
"Sometimes, you make me sad, Daddy."
How do we make you sad, Craig?
"You make mistakes... you need to repent."
You're right, Craig. 

I love being humbled and chastised by a 2.5 year old. :) But, he's right. I do make mistakes. And because of my Savior, I can repent.

We continued our Easter fun with egg dying on Saturday morning. When I told Kyler it was almost time, Craig ran to the fridge and pulled out two hard boiled eggs, and then enthusiastically "cracked" them together. Isn't he helpful?
Calista wanted her egg to be purple, 
and Craig wanted his to be blue.
So we got the dye ready, and kids were thrilled.
Craig did try to drink the egg dye at one point.
I supposed that's why we use stuff like food dye, water, and vinegar in it. So if weird children drink the blue dye, they won't... die.

And of course, Easter celebrations continued on Easter Sunday.
Calista got a new dress, hat, and bag - wow!
Craig absolutely refused to put on a tie.
He also didn't want to take any pictures at all, but I bribed him.
All that meant is he sat still-ish. No smiles, though.
After church, they got to see their Easter baskets.
Calista was very excited about her purple bubble wand, red car, and not one, not two, but three chocolate Easter bunnies. (One from me and Kyler, one from a little old lady at church, and one from her primary teacher. Goodness gracious!) She was incredibly sweet, offering to share with each of us.
Craig only got two chocolate Easter bunnies (from us and from the little old lady at church) but he wasn't bothered.
And finally, the Easter egg hunt. It was warm enough that we actually did it outside!
Craig needed some help to find the eggs, and wasn't terribly interested in them once he got them... until he came inside and realized most had chocolate in them.
Calista was a lot more enthusiastic, probably because she knew from experience what wonders the eggs held.
Everyone was pretty happy to play outside for a bit.
Darkness veils the earth no more, Where thy victory, o grave?
Happy Easter!

14 March 2016

We saved the day, we always save the day!

So, Calista and Craig are learning to play together really well. Most of the time. Lately, they have been playing SuperHeroes.
They put their their hooded towels on their heads and then they become superheroes, so they say.
They've been doing this several days in a row.
No matter what else they are doing or playing, they have their towels on their heads. Whether it's playing with blocks, 
Or making a mess helping me make dinner, 
I have superheroes doing it.
Apparently, they even have super powers. I heard them coming down the stairs, and then... THUMP... Then I heard a little Craig voice say, "I'm okay. I'm just a superhero."
And who can argue with that logic?
They even have a theme song. It varies what exactly is said, but it can include:
"We are super heroes, we are super heroes. We will save the day! I am a cat, he is a shark, we will save the day! ... We saved the day, we saved the day, we always save the day!"
See, this is a version of it.
I love my silly awesome children and their silly awesome superhero-ness.

02 March 2016

Purple pants!

It's that time of year again... school picture time!
Although, I always had school pictures in September or October, but whatever. Calista has them at the end of February. 
Which means we now get to decide which picture of her to buy... such a tough choice!
This year, she wanted to wear her purple pants for pictures.
I was willing to work with that.
It would seem the $2 I spent on these pants at a thirft store was definitely money well spent.
Since she absolutely loves them.
Also, that princess necklace. She wears it just about every day.
Hey there, gorgeous!
And, for added amusement, her class picture:
Not nearly as crazy as last year, but still amusing.

So, which picture does everyone like best? I like all of them, so it's going to be hard to choose!
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