23 February 2009

Anyone want to just make my decision for me?

Well, this last weekend was definitely a blast. Saturday was a dinner our ward put on... the joys of free, and amazing, food! Seriously, it was so good. I had salmon and pasta, but because there was so much extra food, I got to try the chicken and potatoes, too. Then Kyler and I headed to a dance put on by BYU for married couples... which was also free! And also had some amazing food, including tons of fruit (yum, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple...) and some amazing desserts. I had a german chocolate brownie. Tasty. We danced like crazy until I had some awesome blisters on my feet, and then we played a game or two of pool and headed home. Best free date night ever.

Sadly, I still have random coughing fits that last anywhere from a minute or two to about fifteen. It was due to one of these coughing fits that I didn't go to church on Sunday. Oh well.

And, important news today, I got called by the place I interviewed with last Monday... they offered me a job! I'm not sure, though, because I'd rather work at either place I interviewed at on Thursday. They'd both be better pay and more what I actually want. But, a job offer! I could either work evenings or graveyard, and if I take this job, I'm seriously considering the graveyard. It's better pay and Kyler and I could still eat dinner together, though it'd be more like breakfast for me.
Maybe the places I interviewed with will call me back and either offer me a second interview or tell me no. That would make this decision easier...
Still, this is good news. Any job is good news, really.

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17 February 2009

Voices calling me from everywhere...

Well, things are looking a little better, for a number of reasons.
First, this last weekend was very nice and relaxing. Kyler and I went slinky-ing for Valentine's Day, and while we were wandering around campus, we discovered there are now pool tables near the bowling alley, and use is free with a student ID! So, we took a break from slinky-ing for Kyler to kick my trash in pool. At least, kind of. Neither of us is very good. Sunday was chill, and Monday Kyler and I went up to Salt Lake, wandered around a little, and then came back home.
Second, the reason we went to Salt Lake in the first place: I had a job interview. It's not the ideal job (doesn't require a Bachelor's, though they don't mind), but it is at a good company and maybe I could work my way up a little. Also, I got an email yesterday about a laboratory technician job I applied for at monster.com, and they want to set up an interview. And, another piece of news for the second reason things are looking up: I just got called for a job interview at the dental research place in Provo. Here's to hoping something works out!
Third, we definitely have money to pay rent in March, even without a job! One more month of survival we have assured. Yay!

In other news, if I get a job Kyler and I are thinking about moving this summer. We're getting kicked out of Wymount within a couple of days of Christmas in December, and it might be more convienent to move on our own time. Where I get a job may affect where we move: if I get a job in SLC, we could move there and Kyler commutes, we could stay in Provo and I commute, or we could move somewhere like Sandy and I take TRAX and Kyler the car in our commutes. If I get the job in Provo, on the other hand, I'm thinking staying in the general area would be best.
Oh, to have a dishwasher... we're really going for that.

And, uh, just for another interesting thing: I can't talk very well right now. My voice is... my mom said I sounded like Minnie Mouse, Kyler said I could easily sing tenor if I wanted. Take your pick, it hurts to talk. Yay for job interviews in which I can't talk?

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10 February 2009

And so it goes...

I still have no job.
My life consists of doing the dishes, waiting for Kyler to come home, worrying about running out of money, attempting to help Liz plan her wedding, reading books I got from the library, and playing warcraft.
I wish I had more to say, a reason to celebrate and not be stressed.

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