14 December 2010

Tasty, tasty fudge money

This last Saturday was a fun day. It started with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, had the temple in the middle, and ended with Kyler's work Christmas party.
The party had amazing food, salmon and roast beast and chicken, the best green beans ever, very tasty dessert, and fun entertainment. The best part was probably when they gave every employee a sealed box that contained fudge and an unknown amount of cash, in denominations between $20 and $200. They had the employees pass the fudge money right and left and all around until you didn't know where the box you were originally given is anymore. Once the head honcho people gave the word, everyone opened their box. Kyler found... a crisp Benjamin! Apparently, they gave everyone the same amount of cash, so all the passing was silly and pointless and fun.

I want my work to throw a company party. I want my work to give me a $100 bill. Actually, no. I just want to actually get a raise. Cost of living raise, a raise for having worked here nearly two years, a raise of any kind over my starting wage... I want a raise from my company.
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