25 January 2009

Visions and dreams

I've been having more dreams lately. Are they visions of the past and future, or just coincidental? Only time will tell... probably.
In the first dream, I was a little girl again, and I was in my room. There were spiders on my wall, or so I thought, but it ended up being something else. I couldn't tell the difference, and my mother decided I should get glasses. Hmm, I did get glasses when I was little, but I doubt it was because I couldn't make sense of random spots on my wall.
The next dream, I was at Liz's wedding and I was pregnant. Visibly so, but definitely not ready to pop. If we look at the date of Liz's wedding (June 13th) and today's date, we'd see that this is technically possible. Strange. Am I seeing my future?

My dreams are almost the only interesting things in my life. Well, I did go wedding dress shopping yesterday with Liz. I got to help her get the dresses on and off and offer another opinion. We found some beautiful dresses, but she hasn't decided yet. Plus, there's at least one more store we want to hit... we ran out of time. Lots and lots of dresses...

And... I'm going to go talk to Cliffy now. Yay!

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20 January 2009

Anxiously awaiting pad thai

I feel like I ought to write about something, but I don't really know what there is to write about. My life is the same thing every day, and it's not even an interesting same thing.
I have gotten to hang out with some people from home the last few days, and I realize I really should make more effort to spend time with these people I've known for almost ever. There's a reason I'm friends with these people: they're awesome. If I wasn't so lazy... I'd hang out with them more.

I'm going looking at wedding dresses on Saturday. I get to be the all-important second opinion, a very crucial role. Looking at dresses might be exhausting, but at least I'll have fun with Liz.

And, seriously, that's all that's going on in my life. That, and I want to eat some pad thai... which I will get to eat in celebration after I get a job. Maybe I'll hear from someone this week?

15 January 2009

I dream of having a good job... in moldy water.

I've been having strange dreams lately. For example, I had a dream a few nights ago that we were having a ward party at my parents' house, and it was an island-type theme, but we were serving raviolis. And, my Grandmother Nylund was there, and she's dead, though not in the dream (that'd be creepy!) She wouldn't eat the raviolis unless she put mustard on them, and at first was going to put mustard in the whole pan, but my father stopped her and just put it on her plate. Strange.
Another strange dream I had just last night. I was at the beach, and some of the whales had suddenly started flying. The marine biologist said that the pressure of the air didn't collapse their lungs when they were outside the water, so they were able to breath in. The whales apparently "breathed" out the oxygen in their sweat. But the marine biologist didn't know why the whales had started flying in the first place, so we went out in a boat to take some water measurements. At one place, without flying whales, we found that the water was normal and clean. Then we went to where the whales were, and the water was an ugly brown. When we took our measurements, the results were that the water quality was poor due to large amounts of a toxic mold. We were hypothesizing that this mold could have altered the whale DNA or something, allowing them to fly, when we almost got capsized by a large something (whale? Shark? Russian submarine using biological weapons to destroy our whales?), but we managed to stay afloat and, thankfully, didn't end up in the nasty water.
I am such a scientist sometimes.

In other scientific news, I went to my interview at Myriad yesterday. This company gets samples (mostly blood) from women all over the country and tests to see if they have a genetic inclination to breast cancer. It's pretty interesting, and the work I would do there would affect someone's life quite a bit. One of the guys interviewing me was possibly even more nervous than I was! They were the supervisors of the actual lab, so not the HR people who have to deal with strangers all the time. I got a tour of the lab, and I really liked it. The only downside, which is a pretty big one: it's a graveyard shift, 8 PM until 6:30 AM Tuesday through Friday. Since it's in Salt Lake, it'd take me at least an hour to get there, so on the days Kyler has class at 8 (every day), or he has work until 6 (twice a week), I basically wouldn't see him at all. But, I haven't been offered the job yet, so we'll see.

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14 January 2009

Relax, deep breaths, it's not the end of the world...

So, yeah, in a continuation from the last post, I am definitely still panicking a little. I have a real interview today: I have to drive up to Salt Lake, shake a guy named Chad's hand (hope my hands aren't sweating!), and talk about a real job. Yeah, shaking a little. I've made sure my clothes are clean, I've showered, I have directions on how to get there (although the mapquest directions and the ones that Chad gave me don't exactly match up). I still need to do my hair, makeup, and get dressed, but I'm not leaving for two hours so I think I'll be able to pull it off.
But, definitely stressing.

In other, the opposite-of-stressful news, the financial aid office gave me back my pell grant from fall, so I don't owe them 2+ grand! Yay! And I also now have all my grades from this last semester: I got a 3.8. Not too bad, I think? Although my transcript still doesn't say I've been awarded a degree... sad.

I feel like I have no life, no schedule, nothing important to do. I can't wait until I get a job. Even 7 on/7 off and graveyard shifts would be better for my sanity.
I shouldn't complain. My life is pretty good. I've kept fairly busy, babysitting a couple of times for women in my ward, going to book club, watching devotional with Kyler (it was Elder Holland!), doing the dishes, reading, playing warcraft... I have things I can do. Most of them just don't feel terribly productive.

Kyler's really enjoying the semester so far, maybe I'll convince him to make a post about his classes or something. It's worth a shot, eh?

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06 January 2009

Trying to make a move just to stay in the game

I woke up this morning, got on the computer to check my email, and remembered I'd gotten an email from BYU saying there had been changes to my financial account yesterday. What changes could they make? I'm done. But I logged on to see... that I have a past due balance $2,366. Say what? I start panicking a little, so I look at the details... and they took away my Pell Grant, from fall, leaving me with unpaid tuition, from fall. I'm still panicking a little, because I don't just have two grand sitting around! I'm trying to get a job but currently have no income, I can't pay last semesters tuition without the grant. So, I call the financial aid office. Apparently, they are incredibly busy, because I was on hold for at least 45 minutes before I got through. I talked to a guy for a while, he put me on hold a few more minutes so he could make a call concerning me, and then he comes back and tells me that it's a system problem: even though I said I wanted to apply for loans and grants for fall only, it tried to do it for winter semester, and surprise, surprise, I don't fit the requirements since I'm not enrolled. The financial aid office has my name, though, and will apparently do a manual override. End of panic? I hope so.

Except... now I'm panicking about other things. Like the fact that I have a telephone interview tomorrow for one of the labs I applied to! That's right, I finally got them my transcript (though it's still not 100% complete, due to patho) and then they call me to set up a phone interview! I'm excited, but incredibly nervous. I would love to get a job at this place, even if it is in Salt Lake. It would be such a good experience. So, yeah, still panicking a little.

My transcript doesn't say I've been awarded a degree yet, and I'm kind of anxious for it to say so. I have completed all the requirements, even, yes, Advanced Cell. I got a B+, for which I was kind of amazed, but incredibly grateful. I worked hard on the final paper, so I won't say no.

Kyler started school yesterday... and I stayed home. So strange. I did watch a 2-month-old for a woman in my ward because I had the time, though, and that helped me not to feel so useless.

And... one of my best friends is engaged! Yay! I'm excited for her.

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