29 April 2012


Recently, Calista and I made a fort for her. She was a little wary of it, but after a while I convinced her to go in.
Once she was in, Calista decided fairly quickly that she wanted out again.
The blanket made it difficult to escape.
We'll have to try to play in a fort again sometime soon.

16 April 2012

Bath time

Calista has decided that she likes baths. She has also recently discovered she is mobile. The combination of these two facts means that every time she hears the water start in the bathroom, she takes off towards it. Like this:

She does this every day. Even last night, when she was being really fussy because she didn't nap well, the second she heard the water, she stopped crying and starting moving towards it. Hilarious.

Once in the bath, she has found that there are plenty of things she never noticed before.
 The faucet is a source of great fascination, as is the drain.

 Dad's fun to look at, too.

It's great to stand up and bang on the side of the tub!

Happy bath time!

10 April 2012

He is Risen!

Happy Easter, everyone!
Calista got a new dress for the occasion, which I enjoyed dressing her up in.
Calista also got an orange, toothbrush, and some rings in her basket...
 ...but she seemed to care more about her shoes than the toys.
The eggs were fun to play with, too.
Best of all? The toothbrush. Go figure.

This was a good Easter. I am so thankful for the sacrifice my Savior made made for me and for the knowledge that after death, I will live again, with my family forever.
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