31 October 2010

Chilvary is not dead!

Jeez, Mom, it's all about the bite-sized chunks! Also, this post covers two days, and this post the next two days, meaning I've written about four days so far, not just one.
Also, I'm sick. Take pity on me.

So, after BlizzCon, we went to the beach and Medieval Times. See? Beach.
We played around in the sand and struck poses for each other. Well, that or we just took pictures while the other one wasn't paying attention.The beach was way fun. We got rather wet, but the weather was beautiful and we didn't mind at all. After taking all the awesome beach pictures, we got a little cheesy and took a picture of our shadows in the water.
Isn't it cute? The shadows are holding hands!
Then we wandered around town a bit and stumbled across a red phone booth! Loradona, this one is for you!
But where is the phone?
We went to lunch in the town at a place called The Greeter's Corner.This is a picture of the greeter. Apparently, this Scandinavian man would stand on the side walk and wave and say hi to everyone that drove by. He did it for, like, 33 years or something. Too bad his statue didn't have a thumb.

Now, Medieval Times... Kyler is rather intimidating. This suit of armor is shaking in his boots.Do you think I could win in an arm-wrestling competition?
While we were there, we got to meet "royalty."This is Kyler and me with the King of the Castle!
For those of you who don't know, they randomly divide the audience at Medieval Times into color groups, based on your crown - we're green! That color is the color of the knight you support... and hope manages to kill everyone else!The green knight and squire. Our knight almost won but, really, he's destined to lose. Go to see it and you'll figure out why. Plus you'll get a lot of tasty food.

Now, patiently wait for the next (and final?) installment of our trip: Disneyland!

30 October 2010

Geek-Con 2010!

This is the second post about our trip... post #1 is here.This is the reason primary reason we went to California. So that Kyler could revel in all that is geeky. BlizzCon 2010.
Of course, Kyler wasn't the only geek there:
What a huge crowd of people, all waiting to enter the Anaheim Convention Center. Some of them were dressed up, because there was a costume contest.
This girl actually got proposed to on stage at the costume contest! Cool, eh?

I'm bored waiting to get in, so I made Kyler take my picture.
It's me with my name tag and schedule of events. Sweet action, eh?

Once we got inside, we posed for pictures with all the cool statues.
Villains and heroes alike, we didn't discriminate when it came to picture-taking. And there was a photo booth, so we decided to take advantage of it.
Too bad the lady didn't tell us we were off-center. Thanks, lady.

We stood in line to play a game that isn't publicly available yet. Look at the bank of computer they had!
We look way cool when our pictures get taken without our knowledge, don't we?

Lest you think we were anti-social, Kyler met some people he'd been playing with. They are real people after all!
L-R: iHealer (Matt), Lucedordai (Rich), and Kyler (Gloredhel). A whole group of geeks!

At the end of BlizzCon, there was a concert. Anyone want to guess who performed?
Someone inappropriate...Tenacious D! And, yes, they are dirty.

There were lots of game developers and people talking about the games and things, but that would be boring to rehash, so just know that they were there. And Kyler loved it!

What a dichotomy!

So how about we skip all the excuses about why I haven't blogged lately (hey, make Kyler blog, why don't you? Give me a break!), and just go straight into what we just did... go to California! Why? Well, the primary reason is because Kyler is a geek. But we'll get to that in a bit.

First, we headed out after work and drove to Vegas. Cutting the trip in half was way less stressful. On our way, the entire drive from Cedar City to... somewhere in Nevada, it was all lightning and exciting. Seriously, like, 200 miles of lightning. Made for some pretty nighttime driving.
We got to Vegas, wandered around a bit, and decided Las Vegas is trashy, gaudy, and not really the city of my dreams. As I'm sure everyone knows, you can gamble everywhere in Vegas, literally. Even our hotel:
That's right, Super 8/Casino. Because who wouldn't want to come to the Super 8 to gamble?

This picture is really just here so you can mock the spelling.
Ready, set, go! Mock "whith" me!

Kyler is shocked by the sign. It was indeed a Wild Wednesday, after all.

The next morning, we hastily left Vegas to head to California. We happened to stop for breakfast in a town that also sported the World's Tallest Thermometer.
I'm trying to be as tall as the thermometer, but it's really not working.

The first real place we went was the LA temple. Dedicated in 1956, it's huge. This is the picture we took from the car as we approached.
Kyler and I both took pictures with the spire, and also got one of the Sister Missionaries to take our picture with the Christus statue at the Visitor's Center.Do you see the background? It's the ocean! How cool is that?

After we went to the temple, we headed to the motel in Anaheim that would be our home for the next 6 nights, and waited in line for our entry tickets to the primary reason we went on vacation... but I think that will wait for next time. Keep up the suspense and all that, right?
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