29 December 2008

Brought to you by the number 8, and the letter... Q.

Jill tagged me for this thing forever and a day ago, but school has, until recently, been keeping me pretty busy. Now that I have no school, and Kyler is at work, I have some time to play with silly surveys. So, here goes:

8 TV shows I watch:
- Pushing Daisies
- The Office
- Mythbusters (Kyler’s favorite!)
- Firefly? (not on anymore, but I own the DVDs)
- Gilmore Girls? (again, no longer on TV, but Kyler has 3 seasons now)
- My Name Is Earl
- Heroes
- The Muppet show (another we have on DVD)

8 favorite restaurants:
- Thai Ruby, totally amazing

- J Dawg’s (does a hot dog stand count as a restaurant?)
- Pita
- Izzy’s

- Burgerville
India Palace
, better than Bombay House
- Mazatlan

8 things that happened yesterday:
- Said goodbye to La Grande
- Had dreams about crashing my car into a guardrail and killing us both
- Watched Sound of Music until I was about ready to pass out with tiredness
- Took a much needed, very relaxing shower
- Ate a bagel!
- Checked to see if any new grades had been posted… they hadn’t.
- Saw at least six cars off the road in
Idaho, and wondered if they got tickets for improperly exiting their lane
- Sang along to “Hair”!

8 things I'm looking forward to:
- My grades being posted? Only if they’re good…
- Getting a job would be nice
- Kyler having the day off for New Year’s
- Getting my diploma in the mail
- Actually walking in April
- Earning money so we can pay off the car and student loans
- Winter 2010 Olympics—Vancouver, BC
- Eating dinner with Kyler in our apartment

8 things on my wish list:
- A digital camera
- A job would definitely be nice
- Maybe I’m pushing it, but this is a wish list: a job with awesome benefits!
- Warmer hands while I type or read (They’re ALWAYS freezing, at least during winter!)
- A healthy, happy niece
- A trip
Japan to visit said niece! And, uh, my brother and sister-in-law.
- Going to Hawaii with Kyler—he promised
- Knees that don’t hurt when I try and use them

8 things I love:
- Kyler
- My family
- Baking, but only if it’s for fun and if the ingredients agree to do what I want them to
- Reading
- Peanut butter and chocolate
- Getting phone calls from people who AREN’T telemarketers
- Taking bathes
- Singing along to music!

8 things I can't stand:
- The sound of nails on a blackboard
- While I’m talking about sounds, the sound that dishes or pots and pans make when they clang together… it makes me shudder.
- The smell of mice that have been dead for a week
- Another smell: six-month-old expired buttermilk
- Dr. Murray, my advanced cell teacher
- Driving in icy conditions
- Not knowing what the future holds
- The picture of the scary, ugly baby in my embryology book

In other news, I now have another grade posted! Granted, it's research, meaning I gave it to myself, but I now have a 4.0 for 5 credits! Too bad I still need to know how I did in advance cell...

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Winter Snow Blast Apocalypse Armageddon Devastation 2008

Well, Kyler and I are back in Provo after spending about a week in Oregon. That week of non-traveling was benign enough: we did almost nothing because it snowed 16 inches... at my house! I don't think I've ever seen that much snow fall over such a short amount of time in Utah, much less in Portland! It was fun, though, even if it meant Christmas at Grandma's was postponed a bit due to my aunt not being able to drive down soon enough.

Speaking of driving... this is what made the trip less than ideal. Every other roadtrip Kyler and I have been on has included getting really sleepy while driving and needing to switch drivers fairly often to prevent that whole falling asleep at the wheel thing. I was kind of worried about that, kind of praying that we'd be able to stay awake... and God has a funny sense of humor.
On the way there, basically as soon as we were out of Utah, the roads were... not the best I've ever seen. I'd never actually driven in snow, and let's just say... I have now.
On the way back to Utah... it was possibly even worse. My father told us when we left there was black ice on a stretch of road for about 100 miles... and I definitely found it in at least one place. Kyler had to drive after that, because my nerves were shot. His weren't great, but he excels at being calm. We were about 270 miles from home when... the freeway was closed due to blizzard-like conditions that were supposed to last until the evening. Kyler and I decided to bag it, get a hotel, and just chill, eat chinese food, and watch The Office, season 2.
We did finally make it back, many miles and hours later. While going through Idaho, we saw no less than 6 cars off the road, one of them flipped. Kind of freaked me out, but we survived.
I don't like driving in the snow and ice.

Spending time with my family was great, though. I hadn't been home in a year, so being in Portland was fun. We made a snowman, took the train downtown, spent lots of time mocking the news reporters constantly talking about "Winter Blast" or "Snowmageddon" or "Snowpocalypse" 2008. Seriously, people, get a life.

I still only have 1 grade posted online. That means, while I don't officially know I've finished all my requirements, I do currently have a 4.0 for the semester! So what if it's only 3 credits?

In other news, my brother and sister-in-law found out they're having a girl! I'm going to have a neice! And everything looks healthy and happy, yay!

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18 December 2008


So, I'm done. I'm not quite sure what I think of that. It doesn't quite seem real yet... maybe it will when I don't go to class in January? I'm kind of confused how this is supposed to feel. Am I supposed to be jumping for joy and celebrating massively? Because I'm not. There is a lot I'm going to miss about this place... especially if I don't get a job really soon. A girl can only take so many books and so much Warcraft before she explodes.......

Right now, what I'm really looking forward to is being home. Assuming we can get there, of course. It's been snowing all day here. Maybe tomorrow will be better? One can hope. And pray.

I'm hungry. Sadly, it's 2.5 hours until dinner.

I meant to make this an eloquent "the end of an era" kind of post, but it appears I have failed miserably at that. Oh well.

I had a very strange dream the other night. I was apparently part of a community that was kind of... isolationist. And the community leader's wife was pregnant. She went into labor, and was in labor for a really long time, until she was too exhausted to push or anything anymore. I was assisting the doctor with her, and I was really worried that the placenta may have detached or something since we were having trouble finding a heart beat. The doctor was kind of wishy-washy, though. I insisted we do a C-section to try and save the baby, and he finally agreed. So we cut into her abdomen (oh, uh, without any pain killers or numbing medicine) and had to move her intestines aside a bit to be able to see her uterus. The doctor again got a little... stupid... and I had to say to him, look, here's her uterus, we've gone this far, do it! And so he cut into the top, and we pulled out a little baby that was probably about 11 weeks along, even though we thought she was much farther. It and its placenta all fit in one hand! It was really sad, because it was totally dead.
Now, the cool part about this dream was how realistic it was. The anatomy of the C-section was basically perfect, which I find kind of interesting because the only dissections I've done have been people "without" any blood, and the female had a hysterectomy, so she didn't have a uterus... but everything was there and in detail and my hands were covered in blood. The fetus really did look 11 weeks along, and it was the right size and everything... The logic of the dream as a whole wasn't quite all there, but the anatomy was perfect.
I am such a dork.

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12 December 2008

The Police Beat never fails to make me laugh.

Wow. I'm officially done with classes... forever? Or at least my undergrad. Now, all I have left is... 3 finals and a 10 page (single spaced) paper. (Would it be "all I have left are..."? Because that sounds kind of funny.)
One of those finals, I'm definitely not worried about. The professor said it'd take about 10 minutes and we could bring our significant others... not exactly stress-worthy. That entire class hasn't been stress-worthy, though. I learned a lot, but in a way laid back setting. How great is that?
Normally, when I write a paper, I write it in single space, and then ::poof!:: I double space it, and it's twice as long! Magic! But since this paper is supposed to be single spaced, I am writing it in size 6 font, .8 spacing (the tops of the letters are not cut off at that point, though they are at .75), and with the margins about .3" all around. I'm a bit of a freak, I know, but... it'll make me feel good when a single page turns into three.

I still don't have a job, but I don't know what more I can really do than what I've already done. I guess all I can do now is keep praying, and searching for new openings...

Loradona, I have a present for you. They had a Best of the Police Beat for this semester, and it really was pretty good. So, this is what the Provo Police do all the time. Well, they are wedged between a mountain of crime and a mountain of...
Sept. 16: Residents of Taylor reported three males making noise and pounding on their windows, including one dressed in a Spiderman costume. Police discovered they were residents from May Hall. The students explained they were bored and looking for something to do. Sounds like freshman to me...
Sept. 17: A female walking near Maeser Hill reported seeing a middle-aged male with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing nothing but tennis shoes and baseball cap. The man was gone when police arrived. Scandal!
Sept. 27: A student and her roommate were walking by Miller Field when they noticed a possibly unclothed man in the shadows. They reported that he was an estimated 300 pounds but were unable to estimate his age. He told them "hello." At least he was polite.
Sept. 30: Female students in Helaman Halls complained about a man in a gorilla suit attempting to scare students near the Cannon Center. When police arrived, there was no sign of either the complainant or the gorilla. Students complained again early Oct. 3 about a man in a gorilla mask. The gorilla has not yet been identified. The gorilla man is getting an even bigger kick seeing his stunt in the paper.
Oct. 8: A concerned observer reported a suspicious male in the HBLL quad at 5:45 p.m. When police questioned him, he said he was Free Running, a game where people run fast toward the corners of buildings or other structures and attempt to climb them without assistance and flip or jump. The suspect was a 26-year old male visitor who said he'd learned of the game through YouTube. Police directed him to go Free Run somewhere else. That's right, BYU police's motto: GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!
Oct. 18: A female resident of Wymount Terrace called in a suspicious phone call in which a man made statements with the intent of hypnotizing the student. The student said she does not remember most of the conversation, but she called him her master. Police say it is virtually impossible hypnotize someone over the phone. No, this wasn't me, Master. Stop thinking it was.
Oct. 25: BYUPD received a phone call at 7:49 p.m. reporting loiterers at the gazebo at the Alumni House. Upon arrival, police discovered a group of students composing poetry. I think this one is my personal favorite! What criminals!
Nov. 1: Police received a call concerning screams and pounding coming from a room in the Maeser Building. Police investigated and discovered the screaming man was a custodial worker watching the game between Texas and Texas Tech., and was upset about his team's loss. Well, football is heartbreaking sometimes.
Nov. 6: Officers responded to a call concerning a disorderly person in the atrium of the HBLL. The subject at issue was wearing a red shirt, a scarf around his neck, a red mask around his eyes and holding several roses. He was holding a sign that read, "Ask me for...A-Hug, A-Rose, A-Hand, A-Date, A-Nything else." When officers told him he wasn't allowed to solicit in this manner, he continued to argue and told them he wasn't going to stop. Officers then explained that he may be arrested for disorderly conduct but he said he had diplomatic immunity and could not be arrested. When officers told him that it is necessary to receive permission from the dean of student life to demonstrate on campus, he agreed to follow through with the dean and left the area. I want diplomatic immunity when I do something crazy!
Nov. 7: Police received a call from the assistant principal at a private school in Salt Lake County. A fourth-grade student had told the assistant principal his dad was making a bomb in the garage to blow up the BYU football stadium. Following immediate investigation, police discovered the child wasn't telling the truth. Wow, a 4th grader not telling the truth... that never happened when I was in school!
Nov. 9: A female student was reported missing for two days. It turned out the student had been staying with a friend and had failed to inform her roommate. Way to go, Ace. Next time, tell your roommates?
Nov. 17: Police responded to a call reporting suspicious individuals with red paint. It was subsequently determined that these individuals were paint contractors who were painting a fence on campus. This was shortly before the BYU v Utah football game, in the caller's defense.
Nov. 25: A student reported a theft that had happened three weeks earlier. The student said he went into the bathroom, and when he came out his backpack was gone. The backpack contained a packed lunchbox, a fork and a bus pass. Three weeks, eh? I bet the lunch wasn't worth eating anymore.
Nov. 28: Police received a complaint about a man with a rope on the east side of the library attempting to lasso people as they walked by. The man was gone when police arrived. Too bad he wasn't on the west side, where the big Indian statue is. Then he would've just been playing Cowboys and Indians!
Nov. 30: A student employee's mother called BYU police after her son had not returned home from work when she expected. Police checked on the student's workplace where they found the student was still working. Just chill, Mom. He's fine.
Nov. 30: Another student's mother called police after she tried calling her son and could not get a hold of him. Police went to the student's dorm, and found the student, who said he was surprised his mother would call BYU police. The student was fine and promised he would call his mother right away. Seriously, some women need to cut the apron strings...
Dec. 7: A student reported talking to a man with a chainsaw on the north side of the Wilkinson Center. The man said he was going to "cut him a Christmas tree." Officers never found the suspect. The Christmas trees in the Wilk are fake... good luck with that.

And, that is all. Back to work on my essay.

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05 December 2008

Just watch for me on ESPN!

Apparently, I have an excellent poker face. That is what one of my students told me this week. He said he'd been watching all semester as I was asked, point blank, if this tissue or that histological name would be on the quiz/test or important to know, and I would basically always reply that it may be on the quiz. He said that he could never tell if I was saying "yes" or "no," and that he'd make a horrible TA because he'd accidentally smirk or something and give away what was on the quiz. So, the moral of this story: I should participate in the World Series of Poker!
It was the tissues final, and I spent a predictably large amount of time in that wonderful room: I realized as I left Thursday afternoon that in the last 24 hours, I'd been in that room for 14 of them. Not to shabby, eh? The class is over, though, which frees up some of my time (though diminishes my paycheck), and my students mostly did well... at least those who bothered to show up.

Now I just have another week of class and then finals. Not that anyone is counting...
BYU Alum '08 here I come!

30 November 2008

Hips, germs, yeast: all organic substances.

I suppose I should update this, eh? I was going to do it last week, but I got distracted... and if Kyler wasn't playing warcraft, I probably wouldn't post today, either, but he is.

Last week, Kyler and I got to go see Coldplay in Salt Lake! Let me tell you, Chris Martin is the biggest nerd ever, and seeing them live just proves it. But they all put everything they have into their performance, and it is such a fun show. I highly recommend it if you're a fan and have the money to spare.

I am sick, and I blame Kyler. At the concert, Kyler said he had a sore throat, but was otherwise fine. Well, his "otherwise fine" turned into fever and chills, the worst of which being Wednesday. Then, of course, on Thanksgiving I started to get a sore throat. Stinking husband germs. I have yet to really have a fever and chills, just a headaches and stuffy nose, which is miserable, but things could be worse. I'm hoping I just have a better immune system than Kyler and it won't get any worse than this, because I don't have time to be sick this week! It's my students' final, which means I spend hours preparing them for it, I have a presentation in patho on Wednesday, and my repro final paper is due next Monday. I didn't work on homework nearly as much as I should have this long weekend because of Kyler getting sick, and then me getting sick, so I need to be better now!

I'm all over the place in my train of thought today, but here's the next piece of data on my personal agenda: I got to watch some surgeries on Tuesday. They were really interesting, and a lot more... violent than I thought they'd be. I mean, I hadn't really thought that to replace a knee or hip you'd have to remove the old one first, but that's the way it works. I wasn't allowed to touch anything, and I had to wear a heavy lead apron for the total hip replacement: they aren't so bad for a few minutes while you get an x-ray, but after an hour... they're a lot heavier. I enjoyed the surgeries, though. Very interesting.

And, finally, Thanksgiving! The most important news is that I successfully made rolls that rose correctly and baked right and everything! I can do it! Yeast doesn't completely hate me! Yay! And, Kyler and I have leftovers to last the week... maybe. Depends on how much Kyler eats, but he was feeling sick on Thanksgiving itself, so he only had one plate.

I'm tired. Soon it'll be time to take more Tylenol PM and sleep until the morning...

14 November 2008

Oh, you silly girl: don't you dare smile!

I don't particularly enjoy myself in my advanced cell class, and it appears my professor has noticed. Yesterday, we had a quiz over four journal articles, and he asked some specific questions: the cell line they used, for example. We couldn't just say "fetal fibroblasts," but instead had to say "IMR-90 fetal fibroblasts." I kind of chuckled, incredulously, under my breath at this answer, and he noticed the smile as out of place. "What's so funny, Jeanette? Do you know the answer?" His quick survey of the class showed that, by raise of hands, no one actually put the specific IMR-90. Crazy man. But what I learned from this is that if I appear happy or amused in this class, he'll get mad at me. Sigh.
However, I figured out that I only have 6 more days of this particular class... meaning 9 hours to sit and look unhappy.

In other news, Kyler and I are going to go to a BYU women's soccer game tomorrow... because we're now in the second round of the NCAA tournament, and it's being held here! I'm excited to go, although I need to figure out exactly where the field is...

40,000 does not equal 40,000,000, and I am an idiot. Yay!

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07 November 2008

I have been coerced...

What is this place that I am in,
A stark white sheet across my screen.
'Tis nothing more, this ivory dream,
Than idle hopes above the idle din.

This dream that others hope to share,
The source of whence their thoughts do come.
Though overwrought this seems to some,
From inner wells do thoughtful carings dare.

But who can tell? With what the force
And fire of will can do to please
The eyes and ears of one who sees,
Mayhaps these wand'ring thoughts will find the Source.

There. I hope you're all happy now.

06 November 2008

No talk of impeachment or assassintation...

When I was younger, I didn't mind discussing (or arguing) politics. I've realized, though, that arguing with people doesn't actually do any good. That being said, I have some thoughts about the current political situation.
In my opinion, the second you fill out and turn in your ballot, it no longer matters who you voted for. No matter what, only one candidate will win; everyone else will lose. This means the odds are that at least 50% of the time, you will pick the losing candidate. Regardless, whoever won is who won. There is nothing anyone can do to change that. The only thing to do is accept the who won. The president of this country may not always make the choices you would have made. However, we need to actually give Obama a chance before we condemn him. He may make a great president, and we, as a nation, should support him in that. The more divided and full of hatred we are, the worse it is for our nation. Please, move past the campaign.
And, honestly, I'd say the same thing if McCain had been elected.

31 October 2008

Remind me not to kill my students...

I started shadowing the new PA this week. His name is Teiano, and he's Samoan. He works at the Central Utah Clinic, in orthopedics. I may get to come in and see a surgery some time! It's interesting. I got to see a whole bunch of people with problems similar to mine, but worse, and for exercise, he recommended an exercise bike. Honestly, I want one for when it's cold, but I have no money, and not a ton of space to put it in anyway. But, the first thing he asked me, after my major and everything, was if I had taken histology! He took it when it was insane, harder than med school histology classes. Now, we've toned it down a little--it's an undergrad class. When I told him I was a lab TA for it, he seemed a little impressed. Yay me.

Speaking of tissues, though... one of my students is driving me crazy (I know, I know, it's a short drive). On my Wednesday night open lab hours, which are supposed to go until 8, he has convinced me to progressively stay later, so the last two weeks I've been there until 9. He keeps saying, "One more question..." and asking if I have "anything pressing" I need to do... technically, no, but I want to go home! He also asked me if I was going to be able to come early to class on Thursday. Bah. He's a very needy kind of student, and asked about a certain structure--purkinje cells--5 or 6 times on Wednesday. It was so much that some of the other students who were there (but left at about 8:05) started noticing. I'm a sucker, I want my students to do well, but I don't think strangling him would help in that...

Oh, and Mom: I saw Michael Boswell yesterday. He's a biology major! He says he's not going to get much play time this year (or, you know, none), but playing and getting the experience before his mission is still great. He's a nice kid. He asked if he'd get to take a class from me, and I sadly informed him that this was my last semester TAing, since I have to graduate and all.

I love Fridays. The only day I don't have to be on campus in the mornings, I have time to study and do homework...

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24 October 2008

Sound the alarm: October's almost over!

Kyler's at a LAN party... the punk. He knows I don't like going to bed alone, but he really enjoys playing with his friends, so I suppose I'll forgive him... as long as he's not too tired and grumpy in the morning.
This semester is mostly going well. It's that time of year, though, when everything gets just a little crazy and you kind of wonder how it will all work out. But it will work out, dang it! No, seriously, it will. I'm doing well in my classes, I think. Except maybe advanced cell, but to give an example, we had a quiz question that 85% of the class got right, and the professor was disappointed... because 85 is too high. He apparently likes it when only 34% of people get it right. No wonder the entire class is annoyed with him. Good thing about that class, though: there's no final exam, just a paper. I'm not sure I'd do well on a test, but I can work hard and get the research for a decent paper--hallelujah!
Kyler's teaching me about the interesting things he learns: this week it was eating disorders and PMS. Apparently eating disorders are related to social perceptions on weight and body image, imagine that.
I don't know what I'm going to do when this phase of my life is over. It's scary. But Kyler and I right now are hoping I get a job with insurance, maybe even dental and optometry coverage for the both of us! It'd be sweet, and why not dream?
I was in the middle of giving my tissues class their quiz last week when the fire alarm went off. Some of them didn't understand when I said they had to leave their stuff in the room: they're not allowed to study after they've already seen the first 6 questions! The class expressed a concern while we waited outside that their cramming would all be lost, so I promised if there was a significant difference between their average and the other sections, I would bring it up with Dr. Reynolds. They shouldn't have worried: ten of them got 10s. Silly students. I'm going to miss TAing for this class.

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22 October 2008

Fight against the Man!

I've been having strange dreams lately (for the last couple of weeks), and wrote one down that was particularly vivid. We were in Oregon, and Cliff went and checked the mail. When he came back in, he was all worried and said, "Jeanette, you've got to go," because THEY were coming for me or something (who's THEY? I don't know). So, I left. I made a run for it, and I made my way to this random house where all these college-aged people allowed me to stay there. One of them I knew because he used to be one of my tissues students (in real life) and was also apparently in my dissection class (not in real life). I called home and told Mom I was safe, though I couldn't tell her where I was--THEY might come after her! The people in the house asked why I was on the run, if I'd gotten drafted or something, because that was something they protested. I said no, I wouldn't dodge the draft, my brother was in the military, I wasn't afraid of it. They were kind of offended, but asked if I was running from scientists instead, and if I wanted to protest using cadavers. I told them no, I loved cadavers, and they got mad at me. I went to the bathroom and cried because they were mad at me, and a guy came in and starting shooting safety pins at me. He got mad at me when I blocked them from hitting my face, and then Daniel, the guy in my tissues class, came in and defended me. I think I may have decided to leave--these people were very anti-cadaver/dissection--and I think Daniel came with me, on the run, because the people in the house didn't want a cadaver-supporter there, but that's all I remember.
I wonder how these dream people would've felt about research with mice?

14 October 2008

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Life is busy. Always. If someone waits until life isn't completely insane to start something, then nothing will ever be done. I have midterms again this week.
I was doing my lab work today, and I felt like a damsel in distress. The solution I needed was in a bottle I simple couldn't open! I tried and tried, until my skin on my hand started to get ripped to shreds. Then, like a damsel in distress, I asked a guy in lab to open it for me. Much to the detriment of his ego, and the fueling of mine, he couldn't get it opened, either. It was a wicked bottle. Finally, after he put on a glove, he got it open. Turns out, though, there's a set of pliers in the lab which we can use should the situation ever arise again.
Tomorrow is my last day shadowing at Cherry Tree Family Practice. It'll be on to orthopedics next... I wonder how that will be.
I'm not quite sure where I belong. Maybe someday I'll figure it out.

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05 October 2008

Two elephants, babies, and labs.

On Wednesdays, my schedule is always pretty packed. I go shadow Gary in the morning until he goes to lunch. Theoretically that's at 11:30, but... there are definitely times that his schedule gets behind. Then I have to drive to campus, find somewhere to park, and rush to class at 1, which I have until 5. This last Wednesday, there was the Career Fair on campus. I've never actually gone to one, because I figured it'd be pretty pointless, but since I actually will be looking for a job very soon, I wanted to go. BYU hates me, through, because the fair was only from 10-3. I decided to plan on going if I had time, and if I didn't, then that'd be that. It's in the Lord's hands, right? Well, I made it to campus by noon, which meant I actually got to go! I wore my awesome new suit, and dropped off a few resumes, got some sweet information, and a pen, pencil, and chocolate bar to boot. (I only collected free stuff from employers I was actually interested in.)
I'm still nervous about applying for jobs, but I've got some good new information. I may be qualified to get a job in a lab in Salt Lake that would pay 17.10 and hour. I need to send my transcripts there, but... I wouldn't say no to that pay. It's way more than I get now. :)

On Thursday, I went to book club in my ward and we discussed Dracula. As we finished, Cort, the guy married to the woman (Tammi) who organizes book club, turned on the VP debate. I wasn't really listening to it, (I was talking to Tammi about things), but Tammi's 3 year old daughter came up to us, holding two stuffed elephants, and said that one of them was named John McCain. Tammi and I busted up, and asked what the other one was named: also John McCain. We told her to tell her dad, and then I told her she should call the other one Sarah Palin. She introduced them to Cort as John McCain and Sarah. Funny, funny little girl. Apparently she listens to what she hears more than we realized.

I feel like everyone around me, who is married, is pregnant. Some of these people, like Tammi, don't make me feel pressured at all. Others, who are my age or younger, been married for only a few months, or whatever, kind of make me feel like I'm behind. I know, I know, peer pressure is stupid. But it does exist.

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29 September 2008

Long days, but one month closer...

Kyler says he has nothing to write about, so he doesn't really want to make a post. He's been oddly stubborn, so... I'll work on it, but don't hold your breath.

September is coming to a close, so classes are really getting going. I took my patho test last week and I did fairly well, I was pleased. If I can do as well on every test this semester, I'll be happy. I also had an embryology test, and I wrote a TON for one of the questionsthat's what they get for asking a question about hormones when I've taken endocrinology.

I was looking online at jobs the other day, and I have no idea when I should actually start applying for them, considering I don't want to start until January. Well, I suppose I'll figure it out, and the hopefully actually get a job when I graduate. Cross your fingers.

I won. I'm way excited and anxious. And maybe even a little jealous. ;)

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21 September 2008

Everything goes to pot...

...that's how things go if I leave them, apparently. I am no longer really working at the mouse house; instead, I am solely doing in situs. So, now that I'm not in charge of making things happen at the mouse house, they're not. The last two weeks have meant no Vas crosses, meaning no surrogate mothers, and then yesterday, the people who are supposed to do injections... couldn't. They didn't actually tell me, or Dr. Barrow, until the day before, so we had to scramble to get them done, and the injections ended up being done, late, by me. It's frustrating that people can't be depended on, and Dr. Barrow is thinking about changing who's working up in the mouse house. Hopefully things will start working out.

My first midterm exams officially start this week, pathophysiology being first and embryology second. It's going to be so exciting, I can't wait. Okay, that's a lie, but I'm trying to have a positive attitude about it all. I need to ace all these tests if I want a 4.0 this semester. I can do it.

Kyler hasn't written a single post here since the first one. He says it's because he has nothing to write, but I told him I have nothing to write and do anyway. I think he's just a bum.
Would anybody like to see a post from Kyler?

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15 September 2008

To sleep, perchance to dream: aye, there's the rub!

I've been having some very weird dreams lately, and I didn't sleep all too well last night because of it, I think.

First, we have the dream I had Saturday night, that there was a crazy wild cougar in my parent's house and it was trying to eat my mother. In order to save her, I had to take the green apron Cliff took on his mission apart (take the tie part out of it) and rip the tie part off of another apron. It was odd, but the cougar was scary and so I was willing to do anything. Good thing Mom didn't die.

Second, we have a dream from last night. I was pregnant with twins, but I was apparently at risk to miscarry either one or both of them, so I was trying really hard not to do anything to cause a miscarriage, but I think I still lost one of them. Sad.

Third, again from last night, Loradona and I were on the MAX, and Caelie (Kendra's kid, I don't know how to spell it?) was somehow there, too. As we were going down the tracks, another train careened off the tracks, so we did, too. Loradona and I weren't hurt and were close to the exits, so we crawled out and then started trying to help other people out. There was a guy with a video camera who wanted to get it all on tape, but I made him give me the camera so we could get him out. He wanted me to tape his rescue, but I thought it was more important to rescue him. Loradona and I were able to get people out, and there were no casualties on our train, so I suppose that's a good thing.

I think there were more dreams, but I can't remember anymore.

It's no wonder I kept waking up and snuggling next to Kyler, eh?

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11 September 2008

Your part is to be what you'll be

I am crazy. Quite possibly clinically insane. Some may say, "we already knew this, it's no surprise." To you, I stick out my tongue. Others may say, "and why are you crazy?" To you, I tell you about my semester. I am on my last semester of undergraduate classes. In four short months, I will be done. In order to graduate, I only need a grand total of 6 credits. I could have the easiest semester I've ever had. But, I decided to take a few more classes I didn't need to, and the total came up to 13 credits. Then, I applied for my PA internship, and got accepted, and added another credit. Today, I saw Dr. Barrow in the hallway, and got him to sign another add/drop card... to add research. 2 credits worth. So, for this last semester, I am taking 16 credits, out of the required 6. That's 267%
I don't think I'll regret it though.

I started my internship yesterday. I went to Cherry Tree Family Practice with Gary Cripe, P.A. It was an interesting experience, and I think I'm going to enjoy the next few weeks with him. Family practice appeals to me because the schedule is more flexible (Gary has every Tuesday off, for example) and the patient/provider relationship is better developed. Plus, as Gary said, he's never quite sure what he'll see.
I really want Kyler to go to New York for grad school, because then I'd have my options for P.A. school. But I'd miss my family, it'd be harder to go home...

Today was also the first real day of tissues lab, the first time the students use their microscopes and start to experience the class... and next week will be their baptism by fire. I think I'm going to really enjoy teaching this semester, but I can't really believe this will be it. This job has meant so much to me, been such a blessing, and has taught me so much. I still can't believe I managed to get it in the first place. I was so inexperienced and not ready for it, but now I'm TAing by myself, rewriting the manual, and redoing the CD. Unreal.

I'm sleepy. Class at 7:30 will do that to a girl.

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04 September 2008

Too many embryos...

This semester is going to be tiring, I can feel it. Part of the tiredness will stem from having class at 7:30 twice a week. I haven't been getting enough sleep on those days, but three days without falling asleep in class down, only the rest of the semester to go. Even though I'm not taking too many classes, I feel like they'll be a lot of work. I have to write a 9-10 page, single-spaced paper for one class, a "no more than 20 pages, 1.5 spaced" for another, presentations in basically all of them, as well as a ton of reading. But, I'm going to handle it. I'm going to do well. That's all there is to it.

I spent two hours today looking through microscopes. I'm way excited, even if my head hurts because of it. I got approval from Dr. Reynolds to try and add development pictures to the new tissue CD, so I'm trying to find cool pictures. I made it through the chick slides today, which meant I got to start on frog, which I am totally not as familiar with, and there are a ton. After I finally finish frog, I'll go through pig, and maybe even get some mouse slides from Dr. Barrow. I really want this to work out, it'd be so cool. Maybe I should also do the digestive and epithelium slides I'm supposed to be working on, too... oh well.
I might post some cool pictures that I took with the microscope in a few days. I have such high hopes for this project... too bad this is my last semester TAing and I won't get to see the fruits of my labor... maybe I'll steal one once they're done.
Maybe my head hurts because I've read 4 journal articles on the computer, as well... In that case, this is totally the best thing for me to be doing.

Kyler dropped a class, so he is no longer taking 17 credits and working 18 hours. Now it's only 14 credits and 18 hours. Still, he's reading and writing a lot. Hopefully together we will be successful this semester. I know he will be, because he's amazing. I just need to work as hard as he does.

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02 September 2008

Too in love to let it go

It is the first day of school, which means the first day of the last semester I'm doing at BYU. Wow. It's completely insane... and I'm still trying not to think of it. It also meant it was the first day of 7:30 AM class, and since Kyler has class at 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, he has sportingly agreed to walk to campus with me, giving me all the more incentive to go to class.
And I got my hair cut, all of them! Shana and I finally got together in her brand new salon. It's cute, she and a friend just got it, it's not quite finished yet, and I think it'll be really good for them. Scary, exciting, and good. And my hair is cute, without the nasty damaged ends, yay! I am so happy to have my hair cut, even if I do miss all the length a little...

Last Friday Kyler and I officially celebrated our anniversary. It was great. Kyler only had to work 8-10 AM, so he came home, and we left for Ikea. We wandered around a bit, ended up buying a garlic press and a spatula, and ate amazing Swedish meatballs. Then, we continued up to Salt Lake, where we went to the temple, and got to be the witness couple. Way cool experience. I love going to the temple with Kyler, it just feels so amazing and... natural. Natural that we are together in a place like that. It's nice. Then we wandered around the mall, fell in love with the Lovesac store, and ate dinner at a Thai place. It was a great day, and yet simple. It was just nice to spend all day together.

Oh! And I went to my first ever BYU football game! Kyler and I wore blue and cheered hard. We won, in spite of ourselves sometimes, and it was fun. Everything is more fun live.

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27 August 2008

Don't feel like runnin'

Ahh, the feeling of 700 bucks leaving your possession all at once.
I love buying books! Kyler and I are apparently taking some interesting classes, or so the cashier at the bookstore said. I guess between abnormal psychology and pathophysiology, psychology of gender and embryology, she'd probably right.
Technically, that much money isn't bad, considering it was for the both of us. It still feels like a blow, though, even with all my grants and loans coming through nicely.

In less than a week, Kyler and I will both be going to school again, and our time together severely limited. We've been spoiled as of late, and we will probably go through withdrawals. Or at least I will. Maybe Kyler will just go through WoW withdrawal instead.
I personally can't wait to start feeling productive again. I'm going to be TAing by myself this semester, which will be lonely and good, all at the same time. It means I really, really need to make sure I know my stuff, because there is no one to depend on to fill the silence in with an answer. I resolve not to pretend I know the answer if I don't, though. No lies to my students...

I've decided I should actually exercise on occasion. Part of this is preventive: I know if I stay relatively active and healthy, the odds of me getting diabetes will go down drastically. Part of it is to feel better about myself and my body... and part of it is to beat my body into submission. Maybe my knees and hips won't hurt as often if I make then hurt more often. The logic is undeniable, eh?
The problem is, I lack motivation. Kyler and I went to the indoor track today, and he showed me where the work out gym is, but apparently there is no women's locker room in that particular building. There is a men's, but no women's. Whatever, I wasn't upset by that at all.
However, to attempt to motivate myself, I will have an incentive program. For every day I work out at least 30 minutes, I will give myself a dollar towards something I want, like a shirt or CD or something. Kyler agrees with this plan.
Sadly, since he and I have drastically different schedules, he can't exercise with me. Sigh. I could use the support and motivation to go. Oh well.

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23 August 2008

University Parkway is a farm...

Mom came to visit this past week, and it was a ton of fun. I enjoy having my mother around, and then there's the added bonus that she buys us food. Always a plus, especially with Kyler around. While driving back from getting food last Saturday, on the same stretch of road as we found the quail chick, there was an adorable black dog... walking in the middle of our lane. So, Mom stopped the car, and when there was no traffic, I got out and pulled the dog to safety. Seriously, we're talking the sweetest dog ever, consenting to being picked up without any fuss. We wandered around a bit trying to find where the pup might belong, and borrowed a leash from a kind woman with another sweet, albeit much larger and too big to carry, dog. While walking down the road a bit, a minivan pulled over and the people inside, including a young boy, were looking at us with great interest. We had found their dog! Yay for happy endings.
Last Friday, before Mom came, we picked up our table to move it, and one of the legs fell out. We put it back in, but it did kind of strengthen our resolve to buy a new table. We told this to Mom when she got here, and she gave us our anniversary present early: a gift card to Ikea! So we went together and picked one out: Jokkmokk.
Kyler and I put it together without wanting to kill each other, and it now sits proudly in our dining area, with Grandma's old table being relegated to the balcony.
School is starting very soon. Kyler and I will probably go buy books on Tuesday to avoid most of the rush associated with new student orientation. I can't believe that this will be my last semester. I'm trying not to think about it too much: I need to finish strong, which requires me to focus on now, not later. Still, it's exciting and a little scary. Not knowing your future is always a little nerve-wracking.
I miss Loradona. I want to talk Olympics with her all the time, but I can't very well because of the time difference. Sigh.
I did get to talk to Cliffy, though, yay! It's still hard to believe he and Jill are so far away.

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14 August 2008

Green with jealousy isn't an attractive look

Kyler and I are planning something rather bold. It's still a little up in the air, but I do think we can pull it off. Loradona, you are going to be so jealous of these plans... we are thinking of getting tickets to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Some of them are pretty expensive (over $1,000 each for the good tickets at the opening ceremonies) but there are actually some reasonably priced tickets as well. We've been contemplating this ever since we realized that we would both be done with undergrad at this time. And... if Kyler decides to go to U.Vic, we'll already be in the right country and province. And if not... we'll find a way to B.C.; it's not too terribly far from either Portland or Raymond.
Mom leaves tomorrow, and will be here Saturday. She will bring with her a picture to put in our last empty picture frame. Yay!
This past week, I have stayed up every night until the prime time Olympics are over. I haven't yet stayed up for the late night stuff, but every night I consider it. Kyler might not appreciate it, but he stays up and plays Warcraft sometimes, so he couldn't complain too much.
I officially had the first TA meeting of fall semester, and I have been given work to do! I'm excited, but still obsessed with the Olympics, so easily distracted.
And Kyler and I bought All-Sports passes! I will actually go to a BYU football game before I graduate, and we'll get to go to as many soccer, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics... events as we want. It'll be good for us.
I passed one TB test, I have another tomorrow. Then I get to have a background check. Hopefully I pass.

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10 August 2008

I'm not a soldier, either.

I officially have Skype, so my brother dearest and his lovely wife can stop bugging us about it. However... I don't know how to get a hold of him on it, so... still no contact with the AWOL Navy boy.
I had weird dreams the other night, a strange combination of the books I've been reading of late: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Eragon, and Breaking Dawn. Wizards, dragons, and vampires... they actually fit together quite well in dream world, though the dreams were disturbing.
And... good news! My pell grant and everything came through, so Kyler and I can actually afford to live, not just go to school, this fall. I'm excited, and immensely relieved. It's such a burden off my shoulders.
The Olympics had officially began! There are three sporting events I massively look forward to, and they all occur only every four years: World Cup, Winter Olympics, and Summer Olympics. And it's that time again! Yay. This also means that Loradona and I are calling each other every five minutes talking about it, and the TV is basically always on.

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04 August 2008

Can someone please tell me: why two?

I recently applied for an internship through the pre-health advisement center for fall semester... and I got accepted! I'll shadow a P.A. for about four hours a week, which I think will be a great experience for me. It does add to my list of things I want to do this last semester that I, strictly speaking, do not need to do, but isn't that the point of college? However, I guess technically I'm only "conditionally" accepted, because I need to have two TB tests--yes, two.
Why two? I have no earthly clue, you'd think one would be good enough, but I guess we want to replicate the results?--and to pass a background check/drug test. I think I can handle that.
Something I'm not so sure I can handle for much longer is that my loans/grants haven't come through yet. Tuition is already posted on my account, though not due for a few more weeks, but it's looming ominously over my head, making me nervous. At least we don't have to worry about Kyler's tuition with his scholarship. But it'd be really nice to have to grants that I'm sure I qualify for... 'twould make living much easier.

I had a weird dream last night that I don't remember much of, but I do remember that Mom, Dad, Loradona, Cliffy, Liana and I were all flying somewhere. I remember the first stage of our flight was 17 hours (yuck!) and then we had a very short layover and had to run to make our next flight. The plane had two seats, a row, and then two more seats, so Cliff and I sat together right behind Mom and Dad, with Loradona and Liana across the aisle. Cliff and I were at the emergency exit, so we made sure we knew how to open the door if need be. It's kind of strange, because there was no Kyler or Jill--or Onecimo and David and Xavier, for that matter--but it didn't feel like there was anyone missing. Apparently the spouses and children aren't as important? Weird.

Mommy dearest will be here in two weeks. I'm kind of excited.

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25 July 2008

The Spirit of '47

That would be 1847. Yesterday was Pioneer Day, which the vast majority of the world ignores, but for BYU... we get a day off! So Kyler and I got to spend the whole day together, which was really fun. We went for a nice walk in the morning, and then Kyler made me eggs for breakfast. What a nice husband I have. We went to the mall, and I convinced Kyler to go into the GAP, steered him to the clearance section, and approved of his purchase of a pair of khakis for 10 bucks. I'm a master shopper. :) And then we watched Batman Begins, because we are going to go see The Dark Knight today, after we go to Thai Ruby! Yay for month-iversaries!
This week I still don't have a real job, but I did get to spend three days in the lab reading and doing in situs (the link is so I don't have to explain what that means! Yay!) on mouse embryos.
I read three books in those three days, so I'm feeling pretty successful.
It's hot. I want an air conditioner. This is another good thing about working in the lab all day...
I can't believe that my brother is on his way to Japan. He'll be there for three years! That is so crazy... and I'm going to miss him, even if he does get on my nerves sometimes. ;)

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18 July 2008

The Plan of the Rats of NIMH

It is very possible I will go crazy before school starts again, but I've been trying to come up with ways to amuse myself and thus prolong the craziness a little longer.
Some of my distractions have included playing Warcraft (Kyler got me into it...) and working in the mouse house and lab. Am I actually getting credit/pay for anything I'm doing right now? No. Why? Because to get credit, I'd have to pay tuition, and I'm not getting paid... The mice entertain me, however. Every time they look at me, I wonder if they know who I am and are plotting their escape, like in Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. I asked them if that was the case, but they didn't respond. I guess that makes sense, because even in the book, the mice and rats didn't talk to people...

The other day, to keep the boredom at bay, I decided to walk to the bank, approximately 1.7 miles from my apartment. I could have driven, but that wouldn't keep me amused as long, would cost gas, and wouldn't be as much exercise. Next to the bank is ShopKo (which, if you haven't heard of before, is basically like a Target), so I decided to look at some stuff. I ended up buying a suit jacket with matching pants and skirt, and a shirt to wear with them, all for under 40 bucks. I figure I can go interview in it after I graduate! Yay!
Today I went to the Provo City Library and got a card. I got to choose the card design, so I got one with a froggie on it! It's cute. And they have a new 6th grade reading list out (remember when I read the old one?) so I got quite a few books off it. I'm excited to read them... which I'll start tonight, since Kyler has a LAN party. Bah.

I'm pathetic, I know. Possibly more so than the rats... maybe I need to escape. My mother will be here in a month, and then it'll be school before I know it.

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13 July 2008

With a "chirp, chirp" here and a "chirp, chirp" there...

I have the meanest husband ever... and he's a chick killer.
Yesterday evening, Kyler and I went for a walk. We waited until the sun was going down so it'd be cooler (down to under 90, yeah!). While we were walking down University Parkway, we suddenly heard anxious chirping. In the bike lane on the side of the road was a tiny little quail chick! It was adorable and all by itself and it just would not shut up. Every time it tried to walk too fast, it'd start to tip a bit and almost tip over. It was adorable! (Kind of like the bottom chick in this picture, www.gamebird.com/JodiWithCoturnixChicks.jpg)
I was worried about it being alone, so I made efforts to scoop it up onto the sidewalk, herding it from the road side so I could scare it away from that particular danger. Once it was on the sidewalk, we had to decide what to do. I said we could take it home because it was all alone and take care of it, but Kyler said no. So... I scooped it up again and put it in the bushes by the street.
Poor chick, it was still chirping like mad, and it'll probably die, but since Kyler wouldn't let me take it home, he basically killed it. I could've gotten some fluff stuff from the mouse house and fed the cute chick and... but Kyler said we couldn't have pets. Bah.

11 July 2008

She's very very sneaky, sir.

I have been conned. Duped. Hoodwinked. Fanagled. I'll even go so far as to say I was flimflammed. As a quiet observer in the world of blogs, I had silently vowed to never stoop so low into the murky depths of self aggrandizement. But alas, it is done. Let the intertubes rejoice as the last vestiges of my dignity are snuffed into the gaping nostrils of modern social networking.

All the deliciously thick melodrama aside, I knew this was an inevitability, and, despite the Mr Deeds Butler type way in which Jeanette has gone about this, I have accepted this fact, and shall prepare myself accordingly.

Don't worry. Someday Jeanette might just get what's coming to her...

The bandwagon

I have decided, without consulting Kyler, that he and I together should jump on this blogging as a married couple bandwagon.
There are a number of reasons for this, including but not limited to:
1. The fact that Cliff and Jill are headed to Japan very soon
2. Kyler's family is in Canada where we can't call them all the time due to stupid long distance and
3. It'll make my mother happy.
Now if only we had a digital camera, we could post pictures of what we do all the time..... hint, hint? (The May 2008 Consumer Reports apparently has new ratings of cameras, if you want to look things up as a surprise for our anniversary or my graduation or birthday or something.)
Hopefully I won't slack off in this endeavor, and hopefully I can convince Kyler to join me, too...

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