18 September 2016

Calista and Craig Go To School

It's September. Back to school time! Or, in our case, to school for the first time!

Calista started kindergarten this month.
She is going to a bilingual Spanish school, and is mostly excited to learn Spanish.
Except when it's hard, and then she just wants to quit, because she hates if she's not perfect immediately.
Because she's such a big girl, Calista is doing a lot of things for herself, like packing her snack, picking out her clothes, and taking the bus.
It seems like such a big bus, and she seems so little next to it,
but she's loving it and making friends.

Craig has started preschool, too, even though he's still 2. The cut-off around here is December 31, so he'll be one of the younger kids in his class.
So far, it doesn't seem to bother him. It helps that he's used to us leaving him (and coming back) at nursery in church, and also that he's going to the same place Calista went to preschool so he's used to the building. 
He is loving playing with the toys at school, and interacting with the other little kids. Craig is not as much a fan of the singing, though we already knew he is picky about what songs are sung and when - FHE can be interesting if we don't sing I Am A Child Of God and only that. Oh well, he'll have to learn to deal with it, and it will be good for him.

Because of all of this, I have one morning a week with only my infant. I celebrated my first such morning with ice cream and hot fudge. 
Don't tell Kyler! 

I have four mornings where Craig can be my focus. We've barely begun, and already gone to the zoo,
played in parks,
gone shopping, and read about a dozen books. Still to come, some homeschool preschool and perhaps potty training...
I miss Calista, my buddy for the last five years, but I still get her in the afternoon, so I'm doing fine. What I'll do next year when she's gone all day... We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

All in all, we are loving the start of school! Let's hope that continues!
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