29 September 2014

Happy Birthday, Craig-O!

Well, my favorite little boy turned one last week. It's amazing how time flies. I feel like he is still my little baby, and then I realize that he's crawling up my stairs and eating cat food. Not quite so little and helpless anymore...

So, because it was his birthday, we had to celebrate!
Put on your party hat!

Obviously, this party had to include presents.
Are these for me?
Wow! The paper rips!
Presents are so much fun!

Kyler took the day off from going to school, and we decided to head up to the Dinosaur Museum.
The birthday boy loved crawling around with the prehistoric amphibians.

Then, it was time to come home and eat cake! First, though, we stripped him down. No way he was going to eat all that chocolate frosting with clothes on.
Kyler and I sang Happy Birthday, and I swear Craig was having a good time. I think he was just tired of having the cake in front of him, but not being able to reach it.
 We solved that problem, though. As you can see, at first he was a little hesitant.

But he figured it out in no time.
 Definitely a fan of cake, this one.
...and it's time for a bath!

Happy Birthday, Craig-O. We love you and your smiles!
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