25 May 2013

A picnic in a park

Instead of Memorial Day, Canadians celebrate Victoria Day. It's basically the exact same day if you don't know the significance behind either holiday. It marks the beginning of the summer season, and probably white pants? I don't know. I don't own white pants because they would never stay white for long. I am seven.
For our long weekend, we relaxed a lot, walked to the park close to our house, and on Monday went on a picnic at one of the parks here in Calgary on the river. It was a beautiful day!
We had a ton of fun walking around the park. Calista especially enjoyed the off leash dog area by the rivers. She loved watching the dogs go swimming after a ball! We also let her go into the water a little bit...
She wasn't so sure.
And quickly decided it was "cold."

She took off her hat a couple of times, and would generally put it back on when we asked her to...
...albeit backwards. Such a stylin' kid.

After our picnic dinner, we let her play at the playground equipment. She loved the slide.
She can do it all by herself! Where has my baby gone? Such a big girl!

I hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day this weekend, and that no one gets stains on their white pants.

09 May 2013

We're going to the ZOO! How about you?

Last week, I finally bought myself a zoo pass. I did the math: if I go three times in the year, I'll break even. If I go more, well... yay for going to the zoo for free!
So last week and this week, we have gone to the zoo.
And Calista loves it.
She spends a lot of time pointing, like this.
At the bison...

At the heron...
At the penguin...

At the hippo...

At the condor...
If she can point to it, she will.

We are having so much fun going to the zoo and seeing all the animals. Her favorites last week were the bison, giraffes, and penguins. This week, it was the giraffes, elephants, and lions.
She's getting pretty good at saying "giraffe," although her way sounds more like just "affe."
Calista also roars like a lion every time she sees one, real or a picture, or if you say the word.
And elephants... she has started sticking out her tongue. I think it's to be a trunk? She does it every time, so it obviously means something...

The gorillas and peacocks she's not a huge fan of.
While we were watching the gorillas, one came over next to the window where we were, and she backed up and climbed on a bench to get away.

When we encountered a peacock, she wouldn't walk around it or be near it. Instead, she got into the stroller and I was able to protect her.

I'm excited to go to the zoo, hopefully once a week, and let Calista run around, play, explore, and have a good time. And it means I get a bit of a work out, too...!

08 May 2013

A mixed pair

I had my anatomy scan ultrasound today, which means we have news...
That's right! End of September/beginning of October, we will officially have "one of each."
Little Boy Rasmussen likes his hands almost as much as his older sister did, it seems.
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