28 March 2012

Dinner Theatre

During dinner yesterday...
She laughed like this for probably five minutes. Just looking at me was enough to send her off again, much less if I smiled or laughed back.
It's moments like that one that make everything worth it.

26 March 2012

Eight is great

Calista is eight months old today, and she has changed quite a bit in the last month. Some things, of course, have stayed the same. She is still a generally happy baby. She smiles and laughs and enjoys playing with her toys.

With her autobus.

Just playing on the floor.

In the swing!

Typical Calista.

In the carseat on the way down to Raymond. She likes having someone in the back with her, and trying to reach for the camera. 

Helping me unpack from our weekend in Raymond.

Playing with the Wii remote. We took the batteries out of this one and let her go to town.

With an old cell phone, again sans batteries.

As previously mentioned, Calista now has teeth. Two of them, in fact, along the bottom. And they are rather sharp. I think her Easter basket is going to have a toothbrush in it instead of candy. I'm sure a dentist would approve.

Calista is also suddenly mobile. It happened a bit overnight. Kyler was shocked a couple of weekends ago at how fast she was moving. Now that she can move, she absolutely loves to explore the world. Before, she would sit and stare all around her, taking it all in. Now, she stares and then takes off, trying to experience all she can. It's hilarious.
Underneath the end table, trying to figure out what's there. 

Scooting around the front room.

She likes to beeline for things like cords, as most babies do. We try to keep them under wraps, but at Grandma's house, Calista got to play for a little while with the fan cord... until Kyler tried to drag her away.
She did not want to let go, but Daddy was successful in the end.

We had a few warm-ish days, so Calista and I went to the park.
She absolutely loved the swing, and was a little unsure of the slide. Her favorite part, though, was laughing at me pushing the stroller through the snow at the park. She busted up. What a funny girl.

She has finally decided she really does like food. I've decided she likes to figure things out and understand things before she dives in, generally. She's methodical and likes to observe and ponder. This is partially why feeding her solid foods wasn't easy at first. She wanted to do what Kyler and I did, but she was not used to the weird tastes and textures. After a little observation and experimentation, she was willing to enjoy it. It's how she is with new foods. The first bite or two always gets a funny face, but she goes back for more, and she ends up, say, devouring a whole banana.
We have also started to really move away from purées, which (so far) is actually easier and less messy. See Exhibit A:
Roasted Sweet Potato Purée

Exhibit B:

Roasted Sweet Potato Cubes.
Good thing Exhibit A was right before bath/bed time.

She has also started pulling herself up to standing in the last month. The first times were on me, in the laundry basket, and in the bath.
Calista was so proud of herself! 

So, moral of the Month-8 Story? Nothing is safe from her anymore, and she loves it!

Happy 8 months!

12 March 2012

Attack baby!

Calista loves it when Kyler is home.
 She can use him as a jungle gym...
 Play with his chest...
 Try and get his glasses...
Hey, Dad, I was playing with those!

08 March 2012

Snow baby

Today is a warm day, feeling almost spring-like, but there's still snow on the ground. That means it's the perfect day to dress Calista up in her snowsuit and make her play in it!
 She mostly enjoyed it, although I do think she thought it rather strange.
After a while, she decided she was done, so we can back inside and took all of the gear off.
Happy sunny Thursday!

05 March 2012

Chomp away

Be careful where you put your fingers, ladies and gents. This girl
officially has her first tooth. It's barely peeking out of her gums, but it's there.
And sharp.

01 March 2012

Laundry is fun

Look who was my little laundry helper:
 Laying on top of and next to piles of clothes is helping, right?

And once we're done, there's still the basket to play with!
Life is so much fun.
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