31 January 2016

Baby volcano

In case you missed it, we are expecting an addition to our family soon. As such, we've been preparing.
Calista is thrilled. She routinely asks me to pull out my baby book (my Embryology textbook) and wants to know which picture the baby is now. She gets so excited when the baby gets to move up to the next picture in size. It's adorable. Even more adorable is that she will sometimes ask me if she can hug the baby, which of course I answer in the affirmative, and then Calista gives my tummy a big hug.
Craig had no idea really what is happening, but he absolutely adores babies. He will go up to the babies (usually in carseats) at Calista's preschool while we wait for her, and Craig will smile at the babies, talk to them, try to give them their pacifiers if they fall out, etc.
Both he and Calista have also been playing a Momma/Daddy/Baby game a lot lately, where they have one or two babies that they are taking care of. They both do a great job.
Sometimes during the game, Calista hides a stuffed animal under her shirt and then says "My tummy hurts! I think my baby is trying to get out!" and sure enough, not too much later, she has a "baby" in her arms!

Kyler and I are preparing, too, but in slightly less adorable ways. We do stuff like go to the midwife, test carseat placement in our car, and go to ultrasounds.
Here is Baby Rasmussen #3! This was at the 20-week anatomy scan, which also means, yes, we found out the gender. Would you like to wager a guess...?

How about we just let Calista, Craig, and a volcano tell you, hmm?
Yay for babies and volcanoes!

03 January 2016

...and a Happy New Year!

For New Year's, we decided to enjoy a relatively warm afternoon (up to 4C/39F!) by bundling up and taking the kids sledding... for the first time. Ever.
Calgary actually has specified "Toboggan Hills" where you are allowed to go. We went to the one closest to us, and it was fairly steep, so we started off with the kiddos going down with Daddy.
 Kyler's feet made this huge spray of snow which Calista did not like. Oh well.
Kyler changed his method for Craig, and instead got a mitten full of snow for his fingers. Apparently Kyler just can't win!
Still, in spite of the face full of snow, Calista consented to go down again...
By herself, even! We started up just a little way up the hill, and progressively went further and further up the hill.
Eventually, she started all the way at the top, all by herself! One time as we were walking up the hill, she told me she wanted to go to the very top, and then said, "Will it be scary?" I told her maybe, but she'd have fun, too.
And she definitely did.
Craig didn't really want to go down the hill again, but did get to ride around on the sled a bit.
Calista did an awesome job pulling him, even if Kyler is helping (partially because Craig wouldn't actually hold on for himself).
And even when not on the sled, Craig was pretty happy just to walk in the snow.
"Cheese!" he said.
They had a lot of fun in the snow, and then we went home and put on a movie for them while Kyler and I made dinner and New Year's Eve treats. Apparently sledding was exhausting, because Calista fell asleep!
After grumpily waking up and eating dinner, we got ready for bed and made New Years Resolutions. We decided Calista was old enough to get into the act, and let her pick some resolutions for herself. Some of my favorites of her contributions:

  • Calista - to not be scared of the dark
  • Calista - get water by herself
  • Craig - jump
  • Family - get stamps on our hands, like at the zoo
  • Family - watch videos together
  • Family - go to a new house filled with ladybugs that are nice
Then we had our countdown to 2016.
I bought some "bubbly" (Sprite), and even let the kiddos use fancy goblets.
 They did such a good job not breaking them!
Happy New Year!

01 January 2016

Merry Christmas...

Christmas is over (for this year), but the blog is not!

We started the season by decorating our Christmas "tree." This poor thing has been around the block a bit, but the kids loved helping to put the ornaments on.
Action shot!
One of the funniest things about the kids decorating the tree?
Where the ornaments (all) end up.
 They loved it, and loved to play with the ornaments and the tree afterwards, too...
...maybe a little too much, but oh well. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house!

Which means we have to have it taste like Christmas, too, obviously!
 Calista and Craig were excellent helpers.
I think they were looking forward to their reward at the end.

Calista had a Christmas concert at preschool this year.
The couple of short videos I took sound kind of atrocious, so I'm not posting them, but the concert was (mostly) a lot of fun.
 Craig loved it, and so did we.
I didn't take too many pictures, mostly because other parents are annoying and I decided to stop worrying and just enjoy the moment. I'm glad I did. Trust me, the concert was cute.
 It ended with a visit from Santa and some yummy treats, which we all enjoyed.
Calista insisted she wear her Christmas dress to the concert, and I obliged. Isn't she adorable?

And of course, if we're talking about Christmas outfits, let's do one of the two kiddos together!
Or two pictures.
Silly children!

The last four years we've lived in Calgary, we've been told about a Nativity put on by the church here, but we've always left town too early to see it. This year, Calista saw the handout and begged to go. And since we weren't leaving until after the first day, we went that opening night.

Calista and Craig were so good (and bundled up). I think Calista's favorite part was the alpacas (or were they llamas?) the Wise Man came on. It's much too cold for camels, people! It was a very nice, simple telling of the nativity story, and we enjoyed the tone it set for our holidays.

We went down to Raymond to be with Kyler's family this year, and I had two goals for our trip: first, that Calista and Craig would get to spend time with their cousins; second, that Kyler and I would go on a date celebrating 100 months (hee!) of marriage. I am happy to say we accomplished both of those goals, even at the same time!
Kyler's sister, Kristina, graciously watched Calista and Craig while Kyler and I went on a mini shopping spree for him (he tried on 9 articles of clothing and bought 8 of them - and they look good! Who does that?) and also to go see Star Wars. Fun times were had by all, kiddos included. When we go back from our outing, Calista was actually a little disappointed to see us. She wasn't sure she wanted to leave her cousins... but she got to see them several more times that trip, so we didn't feel too bad for taking her back with us.

One of the times we got to see family was Christmas Eve, obviously. In Kyler's family, that is the big get-together. We had a program with many of the kiddos singing or playing piano and they all did a fantastic job.
The drumset was not part of the program... or on at all.
Calista agreed to sing with Kyler and I, which took a lot of courage for her and I was very proud. We sang Angels We Have Heard On High, with Calista helping with the chorus. She loved singing the "Gloria....."
And, of course, there was also a lot of food and presents (from Grandma Maria and Grandpa Ken, for the grandkids).
The elusive Grandma Maria Squid Sea Captain
I was thrilled that I'm starting to feel better so I got to enjoy almost any of the food I wanted (yay for no more morning sickness!). Calista was thrilled to get an art set with crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolors, paper... all in a little carrying case.
And Craig loved both his present of a fun car track and also playing with Brock's present of a dinosaur thing, though sometimes Brock was not so certain of the sharing/stealing...

Since the big family get-together was the night before, Christmas itself was pretty chill. We had yummy breakfast, opened lots of presents,
(no really, lots of presents)
and put together the "some assembly required" present.
Or 45 minutes of assembly (with help from the 4 and 2-year-olds) required.
Apparently it was worth it, though.
Still, it was a fun day in pajamas,
playing with presents
(and Grandma's nativity) and culminated with chicken parmesan for dinner. Yum.

Finally, instead of exchanging gifts on the Rasmussen side, we put the money we would have spent towards a big family outing: this year, we went (five pin) bowling.
Craig absolutely loved that he could pick up the ball, and put it on the bowling helper and everything all by himself.

He didn't much care about what happened after that, but he was thrilled with the process. Though, he did end up scoring 103 and 108 on his two games. He beat me (though he DID have bumpers).
Calista wanted to do everything on her own, which we definitely let her... but it meant her ball went down the lane rather slowly.
Okay, incredibly slowly. And one time, not pictured, her ball went down, hit a pin (which fell over), and then the ball lost all momentum and just sat there, while the lane reset the pins. Her ball was just chilling right in front of the pins, not moving. It was hilarious.

All in all, it was a pretty good Christmas season. Hopefully everyone else's was just as good!
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