19 February 2011

How do I love thee?

This is my favorite garbage can ever.
Shall I extol its virtues to you?
  1. It is located indoors, away from the snow, rain, wind, and cold.
  2. It is a full-sized garbage can, not a tiny half one, so you don't need to crouch down to aim properly.
  3. It has its opening at the top, not at the sides. Again, this makes it so much easier to aim.
  4. It is emptied every night, so when I get to it, at 6:30 AM, there is nearly nothing in it, making it clean and not stinky.
  5. It is available when I need it most.
The reason I'm extolling the virtues of a garbage can? It is one of my new favorite friends. I heart morning sickness.

Actually, I have been feeling better lately, but I still felt this garbage can deserved its moment in the spotlight.

15 February 2011

I love watermelon!

My mother always told me that if I swallowed watermelon seeds, I would grow a watermelon in my stomach. Well, Mom, you were right: I officially am growing a Little Melon, estimated time of arrival July 28th.
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