29 March 2009

Pining for a vacation

Life is... busy. I spend 12 hours of my weekdays preparing for, headed to, at, or coming home from work. I miss spending more time with Kyler and not being exhausted everyday, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I live for the weekend, though.
Work is going well, I think, though. I'm learning new things and becoming more confident. On Friday I collected tissue from a mastectomy all by myself for the first time, and processed about 7 different patients worth of blood. We'll see how things go in the future.

It's almost April, which means it'll be graduation before you know it, and I'll actually get to see a lot of family. I'm excited. Last that I knew, my mom, dad, sister, and grandma are coming, and Kyler's mom and at least one sister are planning on it, as well. I feel loved. I can't wait for the days off.

Friday, about a block or two from being home, I noticed the car wasn't exactly driving straight. It kept pulling the the left, and I thought, hmm, maybe we should get the alignment checked. But then I got home, realized Kyler had amazing food waiting for me, and ran up the stairs to join him. Saturday morning, then, when Kyler and I started to head out to the grocery store, we discovered the problem: our front driver's side tire was flat. So together we pulled out the spare and owner's manual and decided to alter our plans for the morning to include a trip to Les Schwab. Very exciting. Our tire is all better now, and it cost us nothing! Yay.
As Kyler and I sat changing our tire, we realized how lucky we were that this happened Friday night/Saturday morning, when I didn't need the car to get to the bus or anything. It's like when our toilet used to overflow, but always on Sundays when we had time to deal with it. Even though things go wrong and our life isn't perfect, things go wrong when we can deal with it a little better. I think that's a form of blessings, just making the hard things easier to bear. I'm grateful for it, anyhow.

Tomorrow's Monday... and I get to go to work, earn lots of money, and wish I was home with my husband. Such is life.

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18 March 2009

I eat lunch too fast.

I'm sitting at work, in the break room. I've discovered I don't take very long to eat lunch. We don't actually clock out to do so, and I haven't been told how long to take, so I'm generally back withing fifteen minutes. I'm trying to prolong my lunch time a little today by updating?

I realized yesterday, on the way home, that I miss Portland and the MAX. I miss "The doors are closing." On the TRAX, each door has a red light that flashes and a high-pitched annoying alarm that beeps as the doors are shutting. Very annoying. I miss "Doors to my left" and "Doors to my right," as well as, of course, "Puertas a mi izquierda" and "Puertas a mi derecha." The TRAX doesn't tell you these things, so you just have to guess which door will open, and TRAX is obviously not as multi-cultural. Silly TRAX. I miss the MAX.

This job will someday burn me out, but mostly because of the commute. I get home about 11 and a half hours after I leave in the morning, and it wasn't much better when I drove (11 hours). I'm thinking that public transportation is working fine for me, though. I would've already gone through a whole tank of gas (plus 300 miles) by the time I get home tonight, but instead I will have gone 18 miles or so. Not too shabby.
I want to move to make this commute shorter, but then Kyler would have to commute, and I don't know if I want to subject him to the exhaustion of commuting. But, you know, he is stronger than me... he can handle it, right?
Technically I can handle it, too, as long as I sleep decently the night before.

Currently listening to an Asian language being spoken in the lunch room. I don't know which one.

15 March 2009

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows.

I suppose I should update this again? Or maybe make Kyler do it, but I doubt I could convince him. He puts up resistance to the whole blogging thing, silly boy.

I started work on Monday, and have officially put in a full week. I'm starting to understand a little better what exactly I am doing, and it's kind of fun. Friday I processed two blood specimens all by myself. Yay!
There are some things I'm not enjoying about this job, though... mostly interactions between the other people I work with. There is some conflict between my boss and the lab workers, for example, and they both kind of accuse each other of being liars. I'm not sure who is right, and I'm taking it all with a grain of salt, but it makes me wary. Though, according to the girl training me, I shouldn't worry because my boss hired me, "and she always likes the people she hires." Oh, the drama.
I also don't like the hour long drive each way. Tomorrow I plan on busing it, and seeing how I feel about it. I could read or write or sleep or whatever, and it would be way nicer to our car and our wallets. Gas and parking aren't free.

It was a beautiful weekend. Kyler had a geology field trip up Rock Canyon, and I went with. It was fun and I felt smart because I knew some of the answers! Maybe I should have majored in geology. Seriously, it was so beautiful, I even got a very slight sunburn. I know, I know, sunblock. But I didn't even think of it because nice weather is relatively new.

I'll get paid in a week, and we'll have money for rent! Yay!

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06 March 2009

Burning my bridges

I was originally going to wait to write this until I could actually get a hold of my brother, but he and his sweetie are off gallivanting through Asia so that's not going to work.

On Wednesday, I went to ARUP, the place that had offered me the job, and told them I didn't want it. I didn't really burn my bridges too much, I was very nice about the whole thing, but I said I didn't want to work there and gave them back my parking pass. Why on earth would I pass up such a job? Because I've gotten a different one!
I have been offered a job at Huntsman Cancer Institute, which will be more interesting and pays better than the other one... and I start Monday! I don't quite know what to expect, but I'm excited.
This offer is cementing our plans to move after the semester is over sometime. Exactly when depends on how soon we can afford to put down deposits and find a place. Kyler's hoping for May, even if that would mean he'd have to commute for a longer amount of time.
I guess everything really is coming into place. We're going to be able to afford to have a place to live! Yay!
It's kind of interesting, I just realized that Kyler and I had been planning on going to the temple forever, but then for several weeks (three or four) in a row, one of us was sick or something, so we couldn't go. This last Friday, we finally were able to go, and then on Monday, only a few days later, I had my second interview and job offer at Huntsman. Coincidince? You can decide that for yourself...

I'm sure there is more going on in our lives (though as I have been driving to and from Salt Lake a bit lately, it doesn't feel like much), but I'm distracted by this. Yay!

Currently listening to Modest Mouse "Float On."
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