27 February 2012

7 is lucky, they say

So, yesterday, Calista was 7 months old. I know, I'm a slacker for being a whole day behind. Deal with it.

This month has been a fun one. Calista is trying to become more mobile, she's interacting more with us and her toys, she's babbling up a storm. I just love it! 

Some of Calista's favorite things include:
  • Blankets

  • Her ring stacker

Must taste really good, huh?

  • Balls

  • Cupcake holders

  • Waterbottles

She knows exactly what to do with it! However, she's not always so keen on what comes out of it...
Same thing with her sippy cup.
Silly baby.

  • Being read to

  • Pacifiers

How many pacifiers can you find? 1..., 2..., 3..., 4...! Four pacifiers!

  • And basically anything she can get in her mouth.

I am also happy to report that she is tolerating or maybe even enjoying eating food now!
I've decided that, on the whole, the girl doesn't like purees. She's much happier with small, soft pieces she can gum and swallow. So, we've been doing that more.

Like I mentioned, Calista is becoming more mobile.
She pulls herself around with her arms, dragging her legs behind her like they're useless, too. So funny to watch.

And, of course, Kyler and I like to so things to her purely for our own entertainment.
 Like put her in a bin.
She seemed pretty happy with it.

Or we dress her in matching clothes...
 Okay, so this one was my mother. She bought both pairs of pajamas for us.
 Cute little monkey.
Happy seven months!

25 February 2012

Mirror, mirror, on my bed...

...who has the cutest baby head?

I went in to Calista's room after her nap today. She was cooing and calling for me. This is what I saw when I got in:
 Who is that baby in the mirror?

 Whoever she is, she's funny looking!

 Hey, it's Mom!

Look, it's Mom in the mirror!

I love being able to laugh at the things she does everyday. And, I love her.

22 February 2012

Drool... chocolate...

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. While I'm not Catholic, the idea of fasting from something, and trying to increase my spirituality while I do so, is intriguing to me. So, this year, I am fasting from chocolate. That's right: my goal, from Ash Wednesday (today) until Holy Thursday (April 5, the day before Good Friday), is to not eat chocolate. Wish me luck.
And, in typical Fat Tuesday fashion, last night, Kyler and I made this.
Happy Lent, everyone.

14 February 2012

A message from our sponsors

Rolling baby says:
Happy Valentine's Day!

06 February 2012

Something to sink her teeth into

Calista's opinion of apple slices:

For Calista's opinion of just about everything else (including apple puree, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and carrots), see the previous post.

Silly baby.
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