03 November 2014

Something wicked this way comes

Wicked awesome, that is!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

For the first time, Calista got to pick her own costume for Halloween. Craig just got stuck with whatever we wanted him to be - a rock star, to show off the mohawk that is slowly becoming less obvious as the rest of his hair grows in.
He studied hard for the role.
Calista has been talking about what she wanted to be for a few months. If you asked her back in August, she'd rattle off a list of about a dozen different things, including dinosaurs, witch, cat, princess, dragon, etc. But slowly, that list changed to be just one: dragon. "I'm going to be a dragon for Halloween," she announced, and has stuck with it. So, I found her a costume, and the joy on her face when I showed it to her was fantastic. Calista took her costume from me, held it close, and begged to put it on immediately. (She didn't get to, since she was buckled into her carseat, but when we got to our destination, the first thing she did was try it on).

Also for the first time, Calista truly picked out what we would carve on our not-pumpkin jack-o-lantern. When we asked her what she wanted on it, after a few moments of deliberation, she declared she wanted a spider.

So, a spider we (Kyler) did.

As long as there was watermelon to eat, Craig was a happy camper.

When we were done carving and about ready to put in the candle, Calista wanted to "sing 'Happy Birthday' - to everybody!" and then blow out the candle.
We were about to convince her to hold off until after we got a few pictures.
A spooky watermelon spider!

And one last first: for the first time, I got the kidlets matching pajamas!
Calista loved her "spooky boo 'jamas," and Craig... didn't want to sit still.
He's 13 months old, what do you expect?

Being in preschool now (what a big girl!), the day before Halloween she had a party and got to wear -her costume.
And roar at everybody, obviously.

For Halloween itself, , Calista got into the dragon again (roar!), and Craig got to have his hair dyed for the first time - he hated it. I didn't get it anywhere close to his eyes, but he still acted like the world was ending. Once I was done, he was fine.
And hardcore.

After a quick trip to the park, we went to show off their costumes at their "grandma's" apartment.
There is a little old lady (90+) at church who is in love with Calista and Craig. She showed off the kiddos to all her neighbors, too, and Calista roared at every one. Apparently I should have brought Calista's candy bucket in. I didn't because we weren't actually trick-or-treating there, just visiting... but we left with my pockets bulging with candy, and everyone's tummies bulging with cookies, candy, fudgesicles, chips...

After than we headed to the mall to make a craft and get more candy.
Calista had a lot of fun with the glue, and did everything all by herself.
This girl is growing up so fast!
Craig discovered that the rock-n-roll lifestyle has to take a break sometime, too.
Because, seriously folks, it's exhausting to be a rock star.

It's exhausting be a dragon, too, and Calista was more than ready for a break when we got home from the mall.
She couldn't get her shoe off.

After a little recuperating and dinner, as well as Daddy coming home, we headed to our final stop of the day: the office here at our complex for their haunted house and massive amounts of candy.

All in all, a pretty good day. Anyone want to share a peanut butter cup?
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