20 March 2010

Guess What!

That's right, guess what! No, really, I'm waiting for the guesses......

If you guessed Kyler got a job, you're right!
If you guessed I'm pregnant, you're wrong.
If you guessed we might be moving, you're right!
But there's something else I want you to guess, and since I'm self-centered, it's about me.
Want a hint or two? All right, here you go:

Hint Numero Uno:I am sitting on the kitchen floor, playing with mink oil and some old, trusting, loving Diadoras.

Any guesses as to what I'm trying to hint at? Want a second hit? Very well.

Hint number two:I went out and bought black shorts and black socks and shinguards...

So, any more guesses? Or should I just tell you?

I joined a women's soccer league! I'm going to play goalie, and I'm super excited. Games start in April. Let's hope I don't get kicked in the face or anything.


12 March 2010

In which Jeanette waxes sentimental about her job and Kyler wants to

I've officially been working at my job for over a year. Technically, I worked at the Morris Center and as a TA longer, calendar-wise, but I've put in more hours here and this is a real job, not a fake one like the other two. Some days I really like it... some days this job drives me crazy. Such is life in general, though. I've had kind of a revolving cast of people around me, so to speak, so that the other lab tech and the lab aides are all newer than me... I'm the senior, more experienced worker! Strange, but kind of nice to have the power and be in control! Muahaha. I've learned a lot, and I think I'll learn even more in the next little while (new requests from investigators!). Plus, the job has ensured that Kyler and I can afford to pay rent, bills, for food, stuff like that. Who would complain about that?

Plus, work gives me all sorts of interesting stories.
Yesterday, I was leaving an OR with a specimen, on my way back to pathology (so they can tell me I can have it!) when I was stopped by a little old lady. She was right by the door, and asked if I could walk her to her daughter's car, which was outside waiting at the curb. Sure, I tell her (I'm reminded of my own grandmother), and I offer her my arm. She walks at a pretty decent clip with a cane and support, and as we're walking she says, "This is what happens, honey, this is what happens when you're a ninety-four-year-old grandmother. The Lord provides for you; the Lord cares for you and sends someone like you along to help me!"
Honestly, I spend all of 30 seconds or a minute with her; it wasn't long, and what I did wasn't a big deal. But her words to me resonated with me all day. The elevator in that building is slow, and I was urging it to hurry up earlier... but because I was there at that time, I was able to help her. And to feel lifted up as a result.

Today, I went into My Favorite Surgeon's OR, and when I come in, he says, "You're not Jan." Sounds familiar, as he says this every time I come in. This time, I stop and look at him, "I'm the same one that's come into your OR the last five times, Dr. My Favorite Surgeon." He looks at me, and for once, he doesn't say anything. He just looks at me. And then one of the nurses says, "Don't mind him, he's getting old." Ouch! Later, My Favorite Surgeon asked, "So, where is Jan?" "Probably in her office." "Is she too good for the OR?" "Uh, sure." So when I got back to the lab, I made sure to warn Jan that next time she sees My Favorite Surgeon, he might just think she thinks she's too good for the OR. Jan just laughed.

Kyler is officially finished with his novel. However, it's only book one of a series, and I want to know what happens next. He told me today that odds are he'll keep writing, even if it's just me that wants to read it. Aww, sweet.
Speaking of his novel, since it is "done," Kyler is soliciting anyone who wants to read/edit/give opinions/enjoy his book to let him know, and he'll send it their way. So, Anyone want to read it?

Kyler's also had numerous job interviews and things, and here's to hoping one of them results in something good. Or at least something that pays. We're not terribly picky.
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