26 December 2015

The THREE Musketeers

Calista and Craig had something they would like to say:
That's right, as of June 2016, two kiddos will become three. They will outnumber the adults. Our lives will change forever.

It's been a harder road than we expected, but we are excited for what the future will hold!

PS, we asked Calista what we should name the Babe: "Um, if it's a girl, it should be named... Shell. And if it's a boy... Grrr." We asked Craig, and he said, "Zuma."

09 December 2015

Just Dance!

We signed Calista up for a dance class this fall, after first asking her if she wanted to take it. She was slightly hesitant, but the prospect of dancing definitely intrigued her, so we forged ahead.
My main goals for this class for her was that she would have fun and be a little active for a little bit on Saturday mornings. I am pleased to say mission accomplished!
She loved it, and even improved her dancing a little bit!
After the first week when there were some little girls in tutus, she informed me she needed one.
I said, uh... how about the dress up skirts you already own over some leggings with a shirt? She found this acceptable.
They got to use silly props on occasion, like wands, scarves, crowns, and butterfly wings. The props were always a hit.
Sometimes she even smiled for my pictures as I took them.
Her teacher was really good with all the little girls.
She listened to them and used fun, silly ways to teach things so they'd understand.

She even let them wear their costumes to dance on the Saturday that it was Halloween.
So, of course we had The Princess in Black in dance class that day.

The only bad part of the class was the week that while they were dancing like animals, Calista managed to fall down... on her ear. Who does that? But she survived, and was happy to go back the next week.
She loved it!

And, yes, because this post would not be complete without an actual video of dance class...
This is their last day, the last dance, that they performed for all their parents and everyone. What a bunch of silly girls!
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