12 March 2014

Spring is... springing!

Spring has starting to be sprung in Calgary. It may still look really cold outside, but that's what happens when you have so much snow on the ground - it takes a while to melt! Really, though, it's been a nice couple of days, so we took advantage of Kyler's day off and went to a park. 
Remember that visit we made to this same park last year? In the background of a couple of the pictures, you can see a bridge over the river. This is that bridge now:
Because of the flooding that happened last June... there is no bridge! It was kind of surreal to look out across the river and see... nothing. We didn't let it ruin our trip, though.
 We had fun taking a little walk,
although pushing a stroller through the "snow" was a not the easiest thing ever. A might bit slushy, if you know what I mean. Which is why we made sure Calista wore her rubber boots... and since she was in her boots, she got to play in the puddles as much as she wanted.
And then, yes, to the playground! Where we had Craig's first time on a swing!
He loved it! And then Calista joined him a bit.
I love watching the two of them together. Craig adores Calista, and Calista thinks he's pretty funny... and will absolutely love when he's old enough to play with her (and boss around), I can tell.
Calista was willing to try new things a bit, so we let her on the tire swing.
She thought it was fun... but didn't spend much time on it. The slide was more comfortable for her.
Because, remember from last year, she can do it all by herself!

I'm so excited for the weather to warm up, so we can have lots of fun playing outside!
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