26 September 2015

Time to be Two!

My little man is now two. Calista still tells people she he is her baby, but it's not really true anymore. He's a full-fledged toddler!

On Craig's actual birthday, Kyler left the house at 6:30 AM and didn't get home until after midnight... so we just did our normal Thursday routine: zoo, nap, playing at the park, dinner, bed.

At the zoo, I let Craig pick where we went. He loved it, since normally Calista is calling the shots. The first place we headed was to see the gorillas (his favorite animal), and then to the dinosaurs.
We spent easily half an hour digging in the rocks.
Craig was obsessed with the Iguanadon today, and kept coming back to it, though not usually sitting still for a picture.
He and Calista also went down the slide many times, including some times trying to hold hands. That was only moderately successful.

After nap, we headed to the park.
Even better, there were leaves at the park.
And so we have the best part of a September birthday: playing in the leaves to celebrate!
Even though we didn't actually "celebrate" his birthday, Craig still had a blast, and doesn't know the difference between his birthday or the next day.

Which is when we opened presents and sung "Happy Birthday" while trying not to let the little guy burn himself.
Craig was excited for the presents, though he handed them to Calista with the request to "open it."
Calista was happy to oblige.
He absolutely loved them all, especially the cars, but loved Daddy reading his new book, playing with his soccer ball, and "riding" his bike (tricycle).
Later in the day, after his nap, we took the tricycle for a real ride.
I know this post is about Craig, but I definitely need to give a shout-out to my little duck, Calista. She was so helpful, carrying the trike outside by herself and then helping Craig steer. Seriously, she was so good!
And Craig loved riding his tricycle (even if he doesn't look so thrilled in the picture...)
He held onto either an appleslice or a car the entire time, and he doesn't really pedal or steer, but he had fun.

Finally, what is a birthday without a cake? Since Craig is too young to care, Kyler requested I make chocolate chip cheesecake (the same one I made for Calista's first birthday). I was more than happy to oblige.
While the video doesn't show it, Craig blew out his candle all by himself, too. Way to go, 2-year-old!
Craig (and Calista and I) loved the cake as much as Kyler did.
Because who doesn't love cheesecake?

Happy birthday, my baby bear! I love you and am so happy you joined our family two years ago.

16 September 2015

School Days!

Calista has started preschool again, this time two afternoons a week, and she is thrilled. She just walks into the classroom and is so confident and capable. I love it.
(Side note: I've decided the best way to get a decent picture out of her is to make sure she has the correct expectations. If I let her know that we are going to take a couple of pictures after she gets her hair done, and ask her to cooperate, the pictures will turn out pretty well. If I don't, then she freaks out and refuses.
Like Craig did while I was taking Calista's picture. He kept running from me saying, "no picture!" which was fine with me, since I wanted Calista's picture. But then, when I put the camera away, he burst into tears and begged to have his picture taken.
So we did.)

Calista says she is most excited to play with her teachers and friends, and that she wants to learn to read books this year - I think we might have a shot at this! We've been practicing sounding things out. She also said she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up.
Since Calista is doing afternoon preschool, I come home, immediately put Craig down to nap, and then for the first time in two years, I have quiet time all alone during the day. Two glorious hours. It's amazing, and relaxing, and no one is screaming or crying or biting each other. Bliss.

I'm also a little sad, though, that Calista is away from me two afternoons a week. She is my little buddy, and the afternoons while Craig naps is our time for us to spend together, just me and her. And although the down time is wonderful, I miss her a little bit. I miss the bonding time that those afternoons represent.
It also reminds me that in just one short year, she will be going to kindergarten. It will probably be 4-5 days a week, and may even be all day! How horrible does that sound? No more afternoons of movie and laundry, or puppet shows and coloring, or pirates and slides, or cuddling and watching videos. It's the first, small step to my baby girl growing up, leaving me, having a life of her own, and me missing out on things. And missing her.
Her smile, her laughter, her silly stories and make believe, her whining, her dancing, her everything. Someone else will get to share those things with her, and I will miss it.
And I don't want to miss a thing.

07 September 2015

Random to and fro

I've already posted about our recent Oregon trip... several times. But there is still one more: the random one, that doesn't fit into any other categories. So, that's what this is.
Silly girls on the top bunk bed!
I guess I could make one about the time Mom, Kyler, and I took 5 kids 6 and under to the zoo.
Train on the way to the train!
But I don't want to make it a separate post, so here it is.
For Jill's birthday, she and Cliff went on a little date while the rest of us headed to the zoo.
In matching outfits, of course.
The girls got to see every animal the asked for, so they were pretty happy.
The boys got to tag along, look cute, and see polar bears and penguins, too.
So that made them happy as well.
It was the discount day at the zoo, so it was crazy busy. The matching outfits actually came in handy.
Just look for three yellow skirts and the two strollers... and we've got everybody!
It was fun, exhausting, and only involved a couple of trips to the bathroom, so success!

Netflix in the US has Fantasia on it, so Calista watched parts of it nearly every day while we did her hair.
Which, of course, culminated in dancing.

The thing about my parents' house I am most jealous of is the backyard.
Kiddos loved it, too.
And, of course, playing with Aunt Loradona!
I am so sad I didn't get Craig's first attempt on camera... he learned quickly to wait to move around. The first time, he tried to walk as soon as he was put down and fell flat on his face... twice! Hahaha.
There are so many fun things to do in the yard, like watch the Blue Angels practicing
Or garden with Grandpa
Or just use all the space to RUUUNNN around! Crazy cousins.

We got to hang out with Steph and her husband Rob and their daughter Molly at Burgerville (yum!) while we were there on their last day before they headed to Japan!
And I think this is the only picture I took. Oh well. The girls had a blast, the adults had fun and ate yummy food, and Steph got to eat onion rings and milkshakes before being diagnosed with gestational diabetes... Yay?

We went to the library a couple of times.
Once just to read...
And once to play!
As long as the spurts didn't get too high, Craig has happy. He does not approve of water in his face.
Calista, on the other hand, was my brave little duck, letting the water just roll off her.
Yay for fountains!

...which we went to a couple of different ones...
...on a couple of different days. (Silly girl!)

In summertime, it's just what you do!
...even if, again, Craig isn't sure he wants to get wet.
At least he liked the swing with Aunt Loradona!

The May kiddos got to spend lots of time with my Grandma, but even Calista and Craig got to enjoy her company, too.
My favorite was the night she came over for dinner and sat at the "kids' table." The girls loved it!

And I loved seeing the cousins play together. So hilarious, all the time.
Sometimes 4- and 2-year-olds are craaazy.

Towards the end of our trip, we spent a day downtown, and obviously hit up Powell's.
This was my favorite picture I got there.

And, of course, we have the actual to a fro, you know, the road trip part.
My kids are honestly really good at travelling, considering they are 4 and 2ish.
We do make sure to let them take breaks, of course.
Their best entertainment is always each other. Seriously, I love them together. (Mostly...)
Fun new toys also help.
As do funny places to explore at the hotel!

Yay for vacations!
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