20 August 2016

Two, two, two months in one (post)!

My little man is now two (and a half...) months old. How awesome is that? Let me tell you, very awesome.
At his final appointment with my midwife, when he was approximately 7 weeks old, he weighed in at 10 lb 13 oz and 23 inches long. Then at his vaccine appointment on the 18th (2.5 months old), he was over 13 pounds. Definitely growing nicely!

Caleb is nursing like a champ. Oh, the boy loves to eat. I suppose that is how you gain approximately 5 pounds in 8 weeks. Thankfully, most of the time, he can now actually manage to go more than an hour between feeds. Most of the time...

He also loves to be held, obviously.
His preferred sleeping location is in someone's arms,
or in a baby carrier.
Thankfully, we have also found ways to get him to sleep okay at night (sometimes even a chunk of 7 hours, followed by 1.5 hour chunks...) and take naps during the day. First and foremost, the boy requires a swaddle!
If I don't swaddle Caleb, and then try to put him down, he immediately wakes up. But if I swaddle him, I can usually get a 45 min-2 hour nap. Yes!

So far, Caleb has survived Calista and Craig.
Sometimes that is not a guarantee, though. I told Kyler if he survives (them) his first year, it'll be a miracle.
I'm exaggerating, but it feels that way sometimes.
The biggest issue is the older two want to be close to Caleb all the time...
even when that means poking his face while he's nursing or sleeping,
or laying next to (on top of) him while he's on the floor,
or hugging him, or...
But he has survived the first two months, so success!

Caleb wasn't sure what to think about baths at first.
In fact, he hated his first one.
But, they've grown on him, and he at least tolerates them.

He is getting to be so strong, and most of the time has good patience for tummy time.
No rolling over at all, but Caleb does hold is head up high, and looks adorable doing so.
After a while, he gets tired and starts to cry, but it's hard to be strong!

Actually, Caleb rarely cries, for a newborn. And when he does cry, picking him up or feeding him almost always solves the problem. However, sometimes he cries longer because he isn't the only child needing something in our family at the moment. Or because I stick his toes in cold pool water.
Oh well. He'll survive that, too.

Being the third child, he mostly gets dragged along to every where that the rest of us go. In his first two months, he's been to preschool graduation,
soccer games,
Calgary Stampede,
Banff National Park (three times!!),
spray parks, restaurants, the zoo,
a baseball game, a parade... you name it, he's done it. Often asleep.

My favorite thing of the last couple of months is Caleb's smile.
I tried to several days to get it on camera, and many of my attempts were only half successful...
but I've finally gotten some good ones! I sure do love a toothless baby grin!
All in all, we like Caleb pretty well. We think we'll keep him.
Crown and all.
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