08 May 2016

I love your face, too, little man.

The other night, I was feeling tired. I'm 35 weeks pregnant, I have a 4.5 and 2.5 year old, and life is busy. So, I decided to go to bed a little bit early. Around 9:30, I headed upstairs. Calista was passed out in her bed, but my little man... Craig was happily playing with blocks in the playroom. When he saw me brushing my teeth, he asked if I was going to bed. I told him yes, I was.
"I want to cuddle with you! In your bed!" he exclaimed as he went to grab a blanket. So, crawling into bed after me was Craig. He curled up next to me and grinned.
He pointed to my glasses and said, "I like your glasses." When I took them off, he said, "I like your eyes, too. I like your mouth. Do you like my eyes? Do you like my mouth?" I enthusiastically told him that YES, I love his eyes and mouth. For about 20 minutes, Craig giggled and grinned at me, pointing to different features and telling me that he liked me: "I like your nose. I like your teeth. I like your chin. I like your hair. I like your face..." And I said to myself, I need to remember this moment. I need to remember my sweet little boy, cuddled with me, telling me in his own way, how much he loved me. And I need to tell him I love him! So I let him stay for a while, exhausted as I was. I took semi-unflattering selfies, to help me remember. And we hid under my blanket and giggled. Because he loves me.

Happy Mother's Day. I am so grateful for my two little munchkins who have made me a mother, and for the one still to come. May I remember, especially when things get tough, how much I love them, and how much they love me. I am so thankful for my own mother, and the wonderful example she has set for me, on good days and bad. And thank you Craig, for reminding me what is most important: you.
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