21 April 2014

Jesus died...

...and then he felt better!

Happy Easter, everyone! Yes, a day late and a dollar short, but at least I have cute pictures and funny stories to make up for it, right?

This year, I was hoping Calista would be old enough to learn the basic idea of what Easter is all about. We've talked about it before, obviously, but I was hoping some of it would actually stick this time around. So, for Family Home Evening the Monday before Easter, we had a lesson on Jesus and the Resurrection. We basically used the Church's Nursery Manual lesson for it. Calista seemed to kind of get it, and we talked about it a little during the week, too. Saturday evening, I told her that it was Easter tomorrow, and then asked, "Why do we celebrate Easter?"
Calista: "Jesus!"
Me: "What did he do?"
Calista: "Jesus died."
Me: "And then what happened?"
Calista: "Jesus feel better."
So, now you know the real reason we celebrate Easter.

Of course, it's also awfully fun to have Easter baskets (full of chocolate!), hunt for eggs, and wear brand new pretty clothes to church.

Calista loved the chocolate in her basket, and had to be convinced to let it go to search for eggs. 
Once she realized there was chocolate in the eggs, too, she was more than happy to participate.

This was Craig-O's first Easter basket. We didn't really think he was quite ready for candy, so he didn't get any. He did get cute bunny ears, a little stuffed bunny, and a book.
And he loved them.

Before all of that, though, we took the obligatory Easter Sunday pictures.
The chitlins both. (Much better than the attempt at Christmas.)

Happy Craig

And of course, the ever beautiful (inside and out), Calista.
Happy Easter!

08 April 2014

The big 0.5!

Yes, that's right folks, our little man is six months old! Weighing in at 18 lbs 7.5 oz and 27 inches long, he is fighting fit. Well, now he is, at least. He struggled with a cold a while back, which messed up his sleeping patterns for a while. I am pleased to announce that (I think) he's back to a normal schedule. AND... I think I may have finally gotten him to take naps in his bed! I still need to work on getting them to be longer, but at least he's not crying the second I put him down (during the day. Nights he's been fine). 

Little man has also officially rolled over. The first time he did it, I didn't actually see him do it because I was getting Calista breakfast in the kitchen. A few days later, Craig was having some tummy time and getting a little grumpy. I told him, "I just want to see you roll over!" and, no joke, 2 seconds later he did for me. Do you want to see it?
Craig-O can roll over! He still hasn't rolled over the other way (back to tummy) but that's okay. 

And, as always, Craig is a happy kid.
Every where we go, people comment on two things. 1) His cheeks.
Because look at them!
And of course, 2) How happy he is.
He is all smiles, all the time. Well, most of the time, at least.
Whenever the little guy starts making loud squealing noises, the cat needs to investigate.
Just checking to make sure all is well, nothing to see here.

Craig is not "moving" but he does wiggle himself into and off of things.
He started out in the middle of the pink flower... but now he's stuck! He's doesn't seem that close to crawling or anything yet, but we'll see. He could surprise us.

Random picture of Craig playing piano with Kyler.
Doesn't Craig look thrilled?

Winter is beginning to end, so Craig has been able to get outside a little more (as I mentioned before).
Craig has enjoyed the different world he's being exposed to.
Like swings (for the first time!)
And, of course, going to the zoo all the time.
He enjoys story time, and also has started to enjoy the animals and everything, too.
He likes the zoo!
He also likes going on walks, and Calista likes to help push his stroller.
She may occasionally try to steer him off the sidewalk, however...
More swinging (with massive puddles of melting snow all around).
Calista is getting really good with Craig. She absolutely adores making him smile and laugh, and will give him hugs all day long.
And Craig loves the attention she gives him. Calista will hug him, he'll grin, and then Calista will say, "I love you too, Baby Craig." And then... my heart will melt. Every time.
Not everything is always perfect between the two of them. The other day, I noticed Calista bending down as if to sit on Craig. When I told her not to sit on him, she said, "Okay. I hug him instead." Yes, good plan!
Also, Calista, being an older sister, is rather bossy at times.
Craig doesn't listen much usually. Good thing, too. I like to hear him laugh whenever he wants, regardless of what Calista says.

Oh, what a cute little bug!

Happy six months!
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