14 March 2017

Hold that baby!

One of our 2017 goals: Calista holding a baby really well while standing
Completed! (According to her)
I think her form could improve, but clearly, they are both thrilled, so I'll let it slide. Anyone need a babysitter?

10 March 2017

Family Weekend

One of our 2017 goals: Alberta National Parks (Jasper, Banff, Waterton, Elk Island)
Partially completed! (Banff National Park)

Over the long Family Day weekend in February, Calista had five days off of school. We decided to make the most of it.

We started with a trip to the zoo on Thursday (sans Kyler. He has to work sometime!)
We got to see some of our favorite things, like the tigers.
We also took pictures at some of our favorite places.
I promise Caleb was there, too, but I have zero pictures of him. Oh well.

On Friday, we picked up Kyler just after lunch and drove out to Banff. We started a hike that was listed in "open" condition online, but some of the bloggers warned might require ice cleats to complete... which we don't have.
Part of it went pretty well, but we got to a few patches of ice that scared Calista and Craig, so about half-way through we turned back.
Instead, we headed into town and threw rocks in the river.
And tried to not fall through the ice, of course.
Then we headed to our hotel for the night. Oh, man, it was the nicest place we've stayed since we've had kids. Two bedrooms, a kitchen and living area... It was nice!
We ate dinner and then settled in for a movie and popcorn.
After a decent night of sleep, where I enjoyed the king-sized bed because Caleb spent half the night next to me, we went to the Banff Hot Springs.
We'd never gone before, and I was a little nervous about Caleb, since he was hating baths. He cried for about 15 seconds, and then discovered he could splash. Life was good.
After a relaxing soak, we drove to the "scary poopy tunnel" at Calista and Craig's request: Cave and Basin.
I love this building there. Such a great place to sit, relax nurse a baby, read a book...
Everyone wins! They had a pretend curling rink set up, so we played there a bit, too.
It wasn't actually ice, and the rocks were on casters. Kind of fun, and not slippery!
Finally, we headed to a late lunch at our favorite Cajun place. The boys slept while we waited for a table.
Then it was back home, our grand Banff adventure (and part of our 2017 goals!) done.
On Monday, the actual holiday, we took it a bit easy. Calista had a playdate in the morning with one of her friends. While she was there and Caleb was napping, Craig and I got to play, just the two of us. He is such a funny guy, I love when I get to spend some time with just him.

After lunch, and after Calista came home, we took a walk to the park, played, and spent some time together.
And climbed the underpass, obviously.

All in all, a very Family Weekend!

04 March 2017

Nine months on the outside

Here we go, for the third time: Caleb has officially been outside of me for longer than he was inside!
He is nine months old, and he's loving it!

Weighing in at 20 lb 7 oz and measuring 28.5", Caleb is growing perfectly. We've had to rearrange our carseats again, actually, because he's nearly outgrown the infant seat and needs a bigger one.

Caleb has gained 4 more teeth (within about a week!), for a total of 6 at the moment. And he puts those teeth to good use, chomping on anything he can get his hands or mouth on, including fingers - ouch.
I love this stage of feeding my babies, because they love basically everything I put in front of them and never complain unless to indicate they want more, unlike some older children I know...
You've got something on your face, there.
Dinnertime is kind of funny, actually. Craig and Calista fight over who will set the table: they both want to, because then they will get to decide where everyone sits, and the one setting the table will choose to sit next to Caleb. It's quite the privilege, apparently, with both Calista and Craig having had tantrums when they don't get to set the table.
Honestly, those two are fantastic older siblings. They love and adore Caleb, wanting to spend time with him, play with him, read to him, and comfort him.
Thanks, Craig...
Thanks, Craig. Again.
It's actually sometimes too much, and I have to tell Calista and Craig to leave Caleb alone!
Still, it's incredibly sweet to see them rush to him when he wakes up from his nap, eager to play with him and help him to feel better. Caleb loves it, too.

As I mentioned, Caleb has started moving. In the last 3 months, he started with some scooting and getting up on to his knees.
So close, yet so far away!
Slowly, he progressed to a full crawl.
He is quite enjoying his mobility, exploring new places like the bathroom, under the kitchen table, and the stairs. He also follows us (and the kitty's laser pointer) around. Of course, this movement also means Caleb is getting into things he shouldn't, and I'm constantly telling Calista and Craig (and Kyler) to pick up things like crayons and to shut the basement door so Caleb doesn't fall down the stairs.
Caleb has also started pulling up on things, and recently decided that walking a blast, though he can only do the latter heavily assisted. I'm sure that'll change in no time.

Up until recently, Caleb hated baths. He would scream the entire time he was naked, and so he was bathed as infrequently as possible.
Just in the last couple of weeks, though, he has discovered that he can splash and suddenly, bath time is fantastic! And wet, but what else do we expect?

Caleb has also begun to babble and squeak and growl and...
 I can't wait until those babbles start to really mean something. I'm sure it'll be in no time!

As always, I'm hesitant to say this, but the last week or so, Caleb has been sleeping fairly well.
Waking up once, and a couple of nights not waking up at all!
After colds, teething, and more colds, it was so nice for me to sleep for 7 or so hours straight!
But, now that I've praised his sleep it'll probably go downhill again...

But even if it goes downhill, I will have Caleb's smiles to make it worth it. Because, oh man, can this boy smile.
You just look at him and say, "Hi," and his face breaks out into the biggest grin ever.
It makes everything worth it.
Caleb, my littlest man, thank you for being my buddy. I love you. Happy nine months!
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