31 January 2013

Eighteen Wheels on a Wiggly Toddler

I can't believe that my baby girl is a year and a half! She is such a joy to have around (most of the time) and learning and growing so fast.

Favorite colors: orange and blue

Favorite animals: dogs and butterflies
Favorite movie: Spice World - because she likes to dance.
Too bad Blue Brothers the movies has some not-so-great language... I think it's be among her favorites if we let her watch it.

Calista loves to put things on her head. Remember the grocery bag? Well, things have continued like that. Sometimes it makes sense, like a hat.
It actually belongs on a head!
Other times, it's less logical...
The box from her Christmas present...
The spaghetti colander...
Her laundry basket... all's fair.

Hands in the "pockets" of her overalls.

We've had some nice weather this month, so we've gone to the park or played outside whenever we could.
Walking in the snow is hard, but fun!

She is hilariously silly. She loves to be "chased," but she will stop every little while to make sure you are actually following. She will also stop and just stand there, waiting to be caught, and giggling so much when it happens!

Sitting in the fridge. Why? Because she's silly!

"Feeding" her baby doll. She loves it, and is relatively gentle with it. Relatively. She's a year and a half, people!

Trying to reach the balloons at a friend's first birthday.

She is also starting to very much want to do what Kyler and I do.

Play on the computer? Always.

Try and get to the camera? Certainly.

Dress up in Dad's tie (and wear it around basically all day for two days)? Check.

Try on Mom's shoes? Most assuredly.

And when my shoes aren't available?
Calista will just get creative.

She's had some... intestinal issues this month (after she threw up), so she had a few extra fun morning baths. I didn't enjoy them so much, but Calista loves the bath no matter what time of day.

Calista can now make some animal sounds, or at least try. She can bark like a dog, roar like a lion, hiss like a snake (kind of), hoot like an owl, oink like a pig (kind of),

I think she's trying to be an owl? I don't know exactly...
I haven't gotten the roaring like a lion yet, but believe me when I say it's scarier than you would ever expect from an 18-month-old.

Can you believe this girl is a year and a half?
Happy 18 months, baby!

18 January 2013

17, however belated

On Boxing Day (that would be the day after Christmas), Calista turned 17 months. She is enjoying be a toddler, and we are enjoying watching her learn and grow!

During her 17th month, we finished the nursery lesson manual from church... so we started over again! 
But not before snapping a picture of all the pictures she colored.

Little wigglewart is often on the move, which means getting a picture of her can be tough.
With our little Christmas tree!

She does sit still to watch youtube videos. I think Calista would watch this guy's channel all day if we let her!
But we don't. She has to have some non-screen time!

We went to a couple of Christmas parties this month, so Calista wore an appropriate party dress:
She's waving hi in this one. And, as always, the babe was quite the charmer, running around, getting into tupperware drawers (with permission), trying to steal sips of wine, and eating salmon cakes at the one for Kyler's work, and trying to keep up with all the big kids at the one for church.

She has also really discovered putting things on her head.
Like bags.
Can she see?
No, no she cannot.

The little whirling dervish, as my sister calls her, is also increasing in dexterity and stubbornness. The result is she often feeds herself her morning oatmeal and a snack of yogurt. Calista loves this.
And me? I put a placemat on the table, a bib around her neck, and a towel in her lap and then let her have at it.

She also is quite the mimic. If she sees you doing something, she wants to try to do it, too.
Even if she is no where near tall enough to reach the pull-up bar!

Calista is, as always, very deliberate. Her toys all have a place, and she will put them there if you put them in the wrong spot.
Except when she just walks away and leaves toys strewn every where. That happens, too.

There will be a whole post on Christmas (once it's done!), but a recount of her month wouldn't be complete without a little Christmas stuff.
Like trying to help her Daddy decorate the tree at Grandma's house.

Speaking of Grandma's house... the best part of it for Calista?
This little bugger! When I would tell her we were going to visit Grandma and Grandpa and stay there for a while, I'd get a blank stare. When I'd tell her we were going to see a puppy... Calista got much more excited.
Gizmo is still a puppy, so he hasn't learned to be afraid of small children.
He and Calista have a love/love/hate/hate relationship. They both absolutely adore each other, but often at different times. Gizmo will spend part of the time chasing Calista while she runs away, and the Calista will spend time chasing Gizmo while he tries to escape.
Quite fair, if you ask me.

While we were visiting Kyler's parents, we also went to a basketball tournament.
Calista's favorite part was the music.

.Happy 17 months, Baby Girl!

15 January 2013

Peace offering of sorts

I know that I'm behind on this blogging thing. In the works are posts on Calista at 17 months and our Christmas. Until I finally finish uploading all the pictures and videos, and finally actually write about them... here is a peace offering:

It has been fairly warm (for January in Calgary) lately. Today, for example, the high was 50 F. There is still plenty of snow in the yard, though, because it snowed about a foot last Thursday and kept snowing on and off all weekend. The warmth plus the snow meant we had to go play outside!
And this is what we did:
Actually, Calista mostly just stood in the snow, occasionally bending down and eating it, while I made the snowman. Still, we had fun!
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