27 May 2014

A B C, simple as Do-Re-Mi

Calista has always loved music. The first time she ever laughed, it was at me, singing and dancing for her. Now, as Calista is getting older and more skilled (obviously), she has started singing for us... or for Craig. So, are you ready for some adorable videos?

Calista singing the ABCs while she accompanies herself on the piano.

Someday I'm sure she'll actually learn to play the same tune that she is singing...

Calista singing and rocking Craig... can you say, "Awwwww!"

In the week and a half since I took this video, she has gotten even better at singing and is easier to understand every day, even by the missionaries, when Calista started singing "I am a Child of God" at church... in the middle of the sacrament...

And, of course, Craig wanted in on the action.
So, they played together, while Calista sang Do-Re-Mi (from The Sound of Music).
Are more musical duets in their future? I almost guarantee it, at least here at home.

I hope the Grandmas and Grandpas enjoy the video overload. They're probably the only ones who will slog through the 3.5 minutes.
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