31 March 2015

Nursery, here we come!

Well, folks, Craig has reached the big milestone of 18 months old (and being able to attend nursery at church).
So, let's talk about how he has grown since the last update on him, 6 months ago!

Like most 1.5 year olds, he isn't terribly inclined to sit still, especially now that he is walking, although he will if you are reading him a book that he has brought you. And while he is very active and trying to keep up with his sister, he is also a cuddler who gives great hugs. He usually hates diaper changes (though sometimes a toy or Calista will help him along) and loves to giggle and run away from me while getting dressed.

My sister deemed Craig a "mountain goat baby," which is fairly accurate.
He is (still) quite the climber.
He crawls a little less now that he's walking, but the number of times I have caught him on top of the table
or something... many, many times.
Climbing in the kitchen cupboard
Climbing at the park
Atop the piano
On the bench in the entry
He is always so proud of himself.

Craig can go up and down the stairs with ease, occasionally even thinking about walking up the stairs... but he's not quite there yet.
He does love to throw toys down each part of the stairs, quickly sliding down to follow the toy, the picking it up, throwing it further down the stairs, sliding down after it, repeat... It's a great game.

He adores most food
(even some weird combos...).
He loves that he can get it himself.
though is not always very polite in asking for it - sometimes you would think he was starving, the way he goes from zero to desperate when it takes a few seconds to get him his food (especially if he can see it!).
Craig is getting pretty handy with a fork and spoon,
but he also likes to throw them, his food, and his plate aside if he's done.
Kyler sweeps every single night, and that dustpan is full.

Craig still isn't sleeping all the way through the night, which is frustrating. He usually wakes up once and insists on nursing before he'll go back to bed. If I try and hold him without nursing, oh, the screaming.
Like this. But it's worse.
If Kyler tries to hold him, oh, the screaming! And if we try to ignore him... oh, the screaming!
Like this. But it's much, much worse.

Someday I'll get to sleep maybe, 11pm-6am? Or, dream big, 10pm-7am? Maybe.

While he doesn't say a ton of different words,* Craig is definitely on his way to talking. He also loves to shake his head if you ask him a question ("Do you want more food?), but shaking his head "no" actually means "yes." Not confusing at all, and pretty adorable. If he actually means no, he will make it very clear... by pushing said food away, for example.

He absolutely loves Calista...
most of the time.
And Calista is pretty good at playing with him...
On the mornings he wakes up first, if we don't completely shut the door to their room after we get him up, Craig will go back in and climb up on Calista's bed and sit on/near her.
And when Craig wakes up for his nap, Calista will sometimes climb into his crib to join him.
Or try and waking him up when he's not supposed to be napping...
In general I love watching and listening to the two of them together.

While in Oregon at Christmas, we gave him a little haircut. But more recently, I pulled out the big guns, and he got his hair cut with the electric clippers!
Once I put on a video for him and gave him a bowl full of snacks, Craig did pretty well. Only minimal fussing.
The best "after" picture I could find? Much shorter!

While Craig loves me (holding on to my hair while nursing is still one of his favorite things, I'm sure), he gets really excited when Kyler comes home from work.
He will rush to the door, hold his airs up and demand, "up!"
Once Kyler picks him up, Craig will helpfully point out that Kyler is still wearing his backpack.
Of course, the little boy doesn't want to be put down so that can be remedied...
And, of course, Daddy also makes a great jungle gym.
Calista agrees.

 Happy 18 months, Craig.
Walking like a man!

*List of Craig's words at time of posting
Red wolf
I love you (kind of... he says the same mumbly phrase after we tell him "I love you" and it sounds kind of right...)

01 March 2015

Pictures in a tricky dress

Calista had her school pictures this last week.
My baby girl is so grown up!
When I asked her what she wanted to wear, she told me "a tricky dress." So, I pulled a few options out of the closet, and she picked the purple one. Not terribly surprising, as she picked out the fabric itself, carrying the bolt around the fabric store for a while - it was bigger than she was.
I'm proud of myself for making this dress, but even more proud of the little girl in it.
I love her so much.
Even when she makes weird faces.

Now, which one do we buy? I think we're leaning towards the third one (hands folded), but who knows? And honestly, it doesn't really matter. She is beautiful in all of them.
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