27 May 2010


I wish I had more eloquence of speech (or in this case, writing). I wish I could stir up people’s emotions, inspire them to want to change the world. But I can’t.

I will say this, though: what happened to my sister this year is not fair. She did nothing wrong. She taught her students well, with knowledge and love. The way that her principal and the school board have treated her is not fair, but there is nothing that can be done about that now.

I hope my sister won't be afraid to stand up for her students next time, because sometimes they need it. I hope she won't stop teaching, because she is so good at it and such an asset to her students, her school, the world...

Maybe her students will learn from this experience. I just hope they learn that they should stand up for their convictions, not that they should give into pressure from administrators to censor themselves. I hope her students learn what journalism really is all about: trying to get the truth heard by the public.

I wonder if the school board will give her a letter of recommendation… and what exactly it is going to say.

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