12 June 2014

Don't eat the baby!

So, remember how we got a pass to the dinosaur museum for Christmas (Thanks, Cliffy!)? The last weekend in May, we went up for a third time. This one was a little different, though, because it was the first time we've gone when there wasn't snow on the ground! Yay! This means it's the first time we got to do anything outside, which in turn means that I need to blog about it. Obviously.

We started off by doing a short (1 kilometer) interpretive hike of the badlands outside the museum. Calista walked the whole way (I strong! she says), and Craig got carried like the baby he is.
Poor Craig, borrowing his sister's too big (pink) hat... it kept falling into his face.
It was a beautiful day to do the hike, warm but not hot (because the badlands can get HOT), slightly overcast with a very mild breeze... so pleasant!
The hike itself was beautiful and fun.
See? Beautiful.
We taught Calista that the striped rock is called...
Sedimentary rock!
(So, for those keeping track at home, we have a future pianist, paleontologist, geologist over here).
Definitely fun.

By the end of the hike, Calista was ready for a break. So we went to the outdoor picnic area and had lunch, tried not to feed the gophers/prairie dogs (unsuccessful),
or let them eat Craig (mostly successful),
and let Calista play on an awesome play structure.

Complete with a dinosaur "skeleton" you could discover.

Lastly, we went through the actual museum and then headed home. My updated review of Royal Tyrell Museum? Come visit us and let's go see dinosaurs together (inside and outside!).
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