24 April 2011

Cereal and adrenaline

The other night, I had a dream. I was at my parents' house, and they had gone to bed. Before I was going to go to bed, I first wanted a bowl of Cocoa Roos. Yum! So, I assembled the necessary items when Loradona comes into the kitchen. I'd thought she was already asleep, but apparently she wasn't, and she also had a bowl of Cocoa Roos. Then it was bed time, so we went about the normal things we have to do before bed in my parents' house: start the dishwasher, turn off lights, lock the doors. I go out to the garage because the light is on out there, and I see that the big garage door is open, too! Whoever drove in last was a slacker and forgot to shut it, I guess. So I push the button to shut it when I see something moving in the corner: a man! Tall, skinny, he had white/gray long-ish hair on the sides of his head, the top was bald, and he had a beard. And a really creepy smile on his face. Loudly, I say "Get out of here." He starts to move towards the big door, but it's closing. So I stop it closing and repeat, even louder, "Get out of here right now!" However, he turns towards me, creepy grin getting bigger, and begins to walk towards me...
Which is when I woke up. My heart was racing and my breathing was so fast. I think the adrenaline in my body woke up Melon, because she started moving a little, too. I got up to go to the bathroom, hoping a little time would calm myself. However, when I got back to bed and closed my eyes, the only thing I could see was his face, smiling at me and coming closer. I seriously cannot get back to sleep. Then I remember that Loradona had been in the dream earlier, eating Cocoa Roos. I decided to change my dream. In the amended version, Loradona (who had been in the front room locking the door) hears me talking to the man. At first she thinks it just a stray cat or something, but when I say it again (and probably sound a little panicked), she comes out to the garage to investigate. Creepy Man scampers when he sees the two of us, and I'm able to go back sleep.
So, Loradona, thanks for being there to scare Creepy Man away and to eat Cocoa Roos, even if it's all just in my head.

Incidentally, the day after I had this dream, we went grocery shopping, and I bought Cocoa Roos.

14 April 2011

Perchance to sleep(walk)

Imagine you are sleeping peacefully when suddenly your husband flings the covers off (of him and you) and sits up in bed. You pull the covers back up, but he gets out of bed and goes into the front room. Thinking about how odd that was, you fall back asleep... and wake up when your husband returns and says, "I thought someone had booby-trapped the bed."
This is the story of my night last night. That's right, folks, Kyler was sleeping-walking again! Apparently our bed was booby-trapped, hence why he flung off the covers. And since he couldn't fix the booby-trap, he left the bed (abandoning me to the evil bed of death) and went out into the front room. There he woke up a little freaked out by the booby-trapping incident and subsequently stayed out there until he calmed down, of course giving me enough time to fall back asleep so he could wake me up again upon his return.
He also started snoring while he was falling back asleep. The bum.

Kyler wasn't the only one trying to interfere with my sleep last night: as I was trying to fall asleep, lying on my right side, little Melon kept kicking me on that right side. The movement continued pretty consistently for a few minutes, making it difficult to fall asleep, so I decided to roll over and lie on my left side. Maybe I was "squishing" her, and that's why Melon was moving so much. Yeah, apparently not, since almost as soon as I turned over, she started kicking me on that side, instead.
Silly girl. At least it doesn't hurt (yet?).
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