27 August 2008

Don't feel like runnin'

Ahh, the feeling of 700 bucks leaving your possession all at once.
I love buying books! Kyler and I are apparently taking some interesting classes, or so the cashier at the bookstore said. I guess between abnormal psychology and pathophysiology, psychology of gender and embryology, she'd probably right.
Technically, that much money isn't bad, considering it was for the both of us. It still feels like a blow, though, even with all my grants and loans coming through nicely.

In less than a week, Kyler and I will both be going to school again, and our time together severely limited. We've been spoiled as of late, and we will probably go through withdrawals. Or at least I will. Maybe Kyler will just go through WoW withdrawal instead.
I personally can't wait to start feeling productive again. I'm going to be TAing by myself this semester, which will be lonely and good, all at the same time. It means I really, really need to make sure I know my stuff, because there is no one to depend on to fill the silence in with an answer. I resolve not to pretend I know the answer if I don't, though. No lies to my students...

I've decided I should actually exercise on occasion. Part of this is preventive: I know if I stay relatively active and healthy, the odds of me getting diabetes will go down drastically. Part of it is to feel better about myself and my body... and part of it is to beat my body into submission. Maybe my knees and hips won't hurt as often if I make then hurt more often. The logic is undeniable, eh?
The problem is, I lack motivation. Kyler and I went to the indoor track today, and he showed me where the work out gym is, but apparently there is no women's locker room in that particular building. There is a men's, but no women's. Whatever, I wasn't upset by that at all.
However, to attempt to motivate myself, I will have an incentive program. For every day I work out at least 30 minutes, I will give myself a dollar towards something I want, like a shirt or CD or something. Kyler agrees with this plan.
Sadly, since he and I have drastically different schedules, he can't exercise with me. Sigh. I could use the support and motivation to go. Oh well.

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23 August 2008

University Parkway is a farm...

Mom came to visit this past week, and it was a ton of fun. I enjoy having my mother around, and then there's the added bonus that she buys us food. Always a plus, especially with Kyler around. While driving back from getting food last Saturday, on the same stretch of road as we found the quail chick, there was an adorable black dog... walking in the middle of our lane. So, Mom stopped the car, and when there was no traffic, I got out and pulled the dog to safety. Seriously, we're talking the sweetest dog ever, consenting to being picked up without any fuss. We wandered around a bit trying to find where the pup might belong, and borrowed a leash from a kind woman with another sweet, albeit much larger and too big to carry, dog. While walking down the road a bit, a minivan pulled over and the people inside, including a young boy, were looking at us with great interest. We had found their dog! Yay for happy endings.
Last Friday, before Mom came, we picked up our table to move it, and one of the legs fell out. We put it back in, but it did kind of strengthen our resolve to buy a new table. We told this to Mom when she got here, and she gave us our anniversary present early: a gift card to Ikea! So we went together and picked one out: Jokkmokk.
Kyler and I put it together without wanting to kill each other, and it now sits proudly in our dining area, with Grandma's old table being relegated to the balcony.
School is starting very soon. Kyler and I will probably go buy books on Tuesday to avoid most of the rush associated with new student orientation. I can't believe that this will be my last semester. I'm trying not to think about it too much: I need to finish strong, which requires me to focus on now, not later. Still, it's exciting and a little scary. Not knowing your future is always a little nerve-wracking.
I miss Loradona. I want to talk Olympics with her all the time, but I can't very well because of the time difference. Sigh.
I did get to talk to Cliffy, though, yay! It's still hard to believe he and Jill are so far away.

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14 August 2008

Green with jealousy isn't an attractive look

Kyler and I are planning something rather bold. It's still a little up in the air, but I do think we can pull it off. Loradona, you are going to be so jealous of these plans... we are thinking of getting tickets to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Some of them are pretty expensive (over $1,000 each for the good tickets at the opening ceremonies) but there are actually some reasonably priced tickets as well. We've been contemplating this ever since we realized that we would both be done with undergrad at this time. And... if Kyler decides to go to U.Vic, we'll already be in the right country and province. And if not... we'll find a way to B.C.; it's not too terribly far from either Portland or Raymond.
Mom leaves tomorrow, and will be here Saturday. She will bring with her a picture to put in our last empty picture frame. Yay!
This past week, I have stayed up every night until the prime time Olympics are over. I haven't yet stayed up for the late night stuff, but every night I consider it. Kyler might not appreciate it, but he stays up and plays Warcraft sometimes, so he couldn't complain too much.
I officially had the first TA meeting of fall semester, and I have been given work to do! I'm excited, but still obsessed with the Olympics, so easily distracted.
And Kyler and I bought All-Sports passes! I will actually go to a BYU football game before I graduate, and we'll get to go to as many soccer, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics... events as we want. It'll be good for us.
I passed one TB test, I have another tomorrow. Then I get to have a background check. Hopefully I pass.

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10 August 2008

I'm not a soldier, either.

I officially have Skype, so my brother dearest and his lovely wife can stop bugging us about it. However... I don't know how to get a hold of him on it, so... still no contact with the AWOL Navy boy.
I had weird dreams the other night, a strange combination of the books I've been reading of late: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Eragon, and Breaking Dawn. Wizards, dragons, and vampires... they actually fit together quite well in dream world, though the dreams were disturbing.
And... good news! My pell grant and everything came through, so Kyler and I can actually afford to live, not just go to school, this fall. I'm excited, and immensely relieved. It's such a burden off my shoulders.
The Olympics had officially began! There are three sporting events I massively look forward to, and they all occur only every four years: World Cup, Winter Olympics, and Summer Olympics. And it's that time again! Yay. This also means that Loradona and I are calling each other every five minutes talking about it, and the TV is basically always on.

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04 August 2008

Can someone please tell me: why two?

I recently applied for an internship through the pre-health advisement center for fall semester... and I got accepted! I'll shadow a P.A. for about four hours a week, which I think will be a great experience for me. It does add to my list of things I want to do this last semester that I, strictly speaking, do not need to do, but isn't that the point of college? However, I guess technically I'm only "conditionally" accepted, because I need to have two TB tests--yes, two.
Why two? I have no earthly clue, you'd think one would be good enough, but I guess we want to replicate the results?--and to pass a background check/drug test. I think I can handle that.
Something I'm not so sure I can handle for much longer is that my loans/grants haven't come through yet. Tuition is already posted on my account, though not due for a few more weeks, but it's looming ominously over my head, making me nervous. At least we don't have to worry about Kyler's tuition with his scholarship. But it'd be really nice to have to grants that I'm sure I qualify for... 'twould make living much easier.

I had a weird dream last night that I don't remember much of, but I do remember that Mom, Dad, Loradona, Cliffy, Liana and I were all flying somewhere. I remember the first stage of our flight was 17 hours (yuck!) and then we had a very short layover and had to run to make our next flight. The plane had two seats, a row, and then two more seats, so Cliff and I sat together right behind Mom and Dad, with Loradona and Liana across the aisle. Cliff and I were at the emergency exit, so we made sure we knew how to open the door if need be. It's kind of strange, because there was no Kyler or Jill--or Onecimo and David and Xavier, for that matter--but it didn't feel like there was anyone missing. Apparently the spouses and children aren't as important? Weird.

Mommy dearest will be here in two weeks. I'm kind of excited.

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