26 April 2017

Dance like your family is watching

Yet again, Calista took a dance class the last couple of months.
And yet again, she loved it.
She learned to point her toes and she says she can jump like a dancer.
On her last day of class, the whole family went to watch her, Craig and Caleb included.
So since we were there, Calista was especially silly.
And also especially lovely.
She showed off well for us
And had a smile on her face the whole time.
(The teacher told them to rock their maracas like babies. Calista did very well.)
Class complete!
And, of course, what's a blog about dance class without a video of her dancing?
How graceful.

02 April 2017

Screen-Free Spring Break

Screen-free Spring Break is over, and it was a success. There was very little whining, and a lot of fun. We went to the zoo, the science center, the library twice (three times?), downtown, to parks, played outside a lot, painted, and read over 100 books.
We kept track.
Lastly, we watched Moana for the first time, because what better way to send a week of no screens than by watching a movie?

First off, zoo trip, which wouldn't be complete without a stop at the penguins!
 One of Calista and Craig's favorite things in the penguins is this cart of info on Arctic animals.
 This one is a polar bear skull.
 Calista posing with Canada's national animal, the Dam Beaver.
 Caleb was fascinated by the cichlids.
 I love these two so much.
She said it was too sunny to walk back to the car, so I let her borrow my sunglasses. But she had to give them back when we got to the car.
I totally took this picture for Loradona.
Next up was the first of several library trips.
 Caleb enjoyed exploring quite a bit, and realized he could stand up in the firetruck, too!
Needless to say, he was thrilled.
Calista has been begging all winter to play with sidewalk chalk.
 Yay, spring!
He loved being outside, and kept wanting to crawl, but didn't like the feel of the grass or the sidewalk on his hands.
 Still, he was happy to be out, even if he was trapped.
 Craig, pondering whether to run or to draw...?
We found a ladybug!
I bought cheap-o canvas at the dollar store, and let the kiddos go to town on an art project. They both loved it, and painted in very different ways.
They painted how they are: delibrate and colorful on the one hand, chaotic and fun on the other.
Read all the books!
On Monday, we took a trip downtown with Kyler, too!
Waiting for the train to go downtown! They were so good at the station, listening to us and staying safe. I told them that being good means we get to do stuff like this in the future, too.
 First up, we headed to the Central Library, where they have a real, full sized firetruck to play in.
 And gear to dress up in. He was thrilled, I promise. He just didn't want to stop to take a picture.
 Wearing a hat!
 Driving the truck!
 With the fire hydrant.
 Yay, baby firetrucks, too!
We managed to catch storytime. Fun times.
Then we continued our downtown journey.
A cowboy riding a dinosaur pretty much epitomizes Calgary, doesn't it?
 Looks like someone fell asleep.
At Olympic Plaza, there is a set of statues that are a tribute to five women who fought the Supreme Court of Canada declaring that women are persons, too.
After Olympic Plaza (and Craig falling on his face, whoops), we headed to the Calgary (Red) Tower.
It was my first time at the Calgary Tower. Even though you know there is solid floor there, that first step is a bit unsettling.
 No fear here, though! (Hence why he isn't allowed to go down the stairs on his own...)
 My three kiddos!
 What a gorgeous day (and baby!) After lunch, we headed home to relax. Whew!
Sometimes relaxing means headstands on the couch.
Another day, we headed to the science center.

Who is that handsome baby?
Caleb loved the baby section this day, partially because they had people to play (and drum) with!
 Air in action
 "Holding" umbrellas during our lunch break.
 Craig was obsessed with this area where you could take apart electronics. He kept talking about his "fixing goggles" and spent probably 30 minutes here, which is a really long time for him!
Calista liked it, too, but liked other things better.
Watching big brother. Can I go out, too?

All in all, a fantastic Spring Break! Thanks, family, for happily agreeing to my arbitrary rules. We had a lot of fun.  (Also, stay tuned for a post on Calista's dance class, which had it's final class/performance during spring break, too.)
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