29 September 2008

Long days, but one month closer...

Kyler says he has nothing to write about, so he doesn't really want to make a post. He's been oddly stubborn, so... I'll work on it, but don't hold your breath.

September is coming to a close, so classes are really getting going. I took my patho test last week and I did fairly well, I was pleased. If I can do as well on every test this semester, I'll be happy. I also had an embryology test, and I wrote a TON for one of the questionsthat's what they get for asking a question about hormones when I've taken endocrinology.

I was looking online at jobs the other day, and I have no idea when I should actually start applying for them, considering I don't want to start until January. Well, I suppose I'll figure it out, and the hopefully actually get a job when I graduate. Cross your fingers.

I won. I'm way excited and anxious. And maybe even a little jealous. ;)

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21 September 2008

Everything goes to pot...

...that's how things go if I leave them, apparently. I am no longer really working at the mouse house; instead, I am solely doing in situs. So, now that I'm not in charge of making things happen at the mouse house, they're not. The last two weeks have meant no Vas crosses, meaning no surrogate mothers, and then yesterday, the people who are supposed to do injections... couldn't. They didn't actually tell me, or Dr. Barrow, until the day before, so we had to scramble to get them done, and the injections ended up being done, late, by me. It's frustrating that people can't be depended on, and Dr. Barrow is thinking about changing who's working up in the mouse house. Hopefully things will start working out.

My first midterm exams officially start this week, pathophysiology being first and embryology second. It's going to be so exciting, I can't wait. Okay, that's a lie, but I'm trying to have a positive attitude about it all. I need to ace all these tests if I want a 4.0 this semester. I can do it.

Kyler hasn't written a single post here since the first one. He says it's because he has nothing to write, but I told him I have nothing to write and do anyway. I think he's just a bum.
Would anybody like to see a post from Kyler?

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15 September 2008

To sleep, perchance to dream: aye, there's the rub!

I've been having some very weird dreams lately, and I didn't sleep all too well last night because of it, I think.

First, we have the dream I had Saturday night, that there was a crazy wild cougar in my parent's house and it was trying to eat my mother. In order to save her, I had to take the green apron Cliff took on his mission apart (take the tie part out of it) and rip the tie part off of another apron. It was odd, but the cougar was scary and so I was willing to do anything. Good thing Mom didn't die.

Second, we have a dream from last night. I was pregnant with twins, but I was apparently at risk to miscarry either one or both of them, so I was trying really hard not to do anything to cause a miscarriage, but I think I still lost one of them. Sad.

Third, again from last night, Loradona and I were on the MAX, and Caelie (Kendra's kid, I don't know how to spell it?) was somehow there, too. As we were going down the tracks, another train careened off the tracks, so we did, too. Loradona and I weren't hurt and were close to the exits, so we crawled out and then started trying to help other people out. There was a guy with a video camera who wanted to get it all on tape, but I made him give me the camera so we could get him out. He wanted me to tape his rescue, but I thought it was more important to rescue him. Loradona and I were able to get people out, and there were no casualties on our train, so I suppose that's a good thing.

I think there were more dreams, but I can't remember anymore.

It's no wonder I kept waking up and snuggling next to Kyler, eh?

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11 September 2008

Your part is to be what you'll be

I am crazy. Quite possibly clinically insane. Some may say, "we already knew this, it's no surprise." To you, I stick out my tongue. Others may say, "and why are you crazy?" To you, I tell you about my semester. I am on my last semester of undergraduate classes. In four short months, I will be done. In order to graduate, I only need a grand total of 6 credits. I could have the easiest semester I've ever had. But, I decided to take a few more classes I didn't need to, and the total came up to 13 credits. Then, I applied for my PA internship, and got accepted, and added another credit. Today, I saw Dr. Barrow in the hallway, and got him to sign another add/drop card... to add research. 2 credits worth. So, for this last semester, I am taking 16 credits, out of the required 6. That's 267%
I don't think I'll regret it though.

I started my internship yesterday. I went to Cherry Tree Family Practice with Gary Cripe, P.A. It was an interesting experience, and I think I'm going to enjoy the next few weeks with him. Family practice appeals to me because the schedule is more flexible (Gary has every Tuesday off, for example) and the patient/provider relationship is better developed. Plus, as Gary said, he's never quite sure what he'll see.
I really want Kyler to go to New York for grad school, because then I'd have my options for P.A. school. But I'd miss my family, it'd be harder to go home...

Today was also the first real day of tissues lab, the first time the students use their microscopes and start to experience the class... and next week will be their baptism by fire. I think I'm going to really enjoy teaching this semester, but I can't really believe this will be it. This job has meant so much to me, been such a blessing, and has taught me so much. I still can't believe I managed to get it in the first place. I was so inexperienced and not ready for it, but now I'm TAing by myself, rewriting the manual, and redoing the CD. Unreal.

I'm sleepy. Class at 7:30 will do that to a girl.

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04 September 2008

Too many embryos...

This semester is going to be tiring, I can feel it. Part of the tiredness will stem from having class at 7:30 twice a week. I haven't been getting enough sleep on those days, but three days without falling asleep in class down, only the rest of the semester to go. Even though I'm not taking too many classes, I feel like they'll be a lot of work. I have to write a 9-10 page, single-spaced paper for one class, a "no more than 20 pages, 1.5 spaced" for another, presentations in basically all of them, as well as a ton of reading. But, I'm going to handle it. I'm going to do well. That's all there is to it.

I spent two hours today looking through microscopes. I'm way excited, even if my head hurts because of it. I got approval from Dr. Reynolds to try and add development pictures to the new tissue CD, so I'm trying to find cool pictures. I made it through the chick slides today, which meant I got to start on frog, which I am totally not as familiar with, and there are a ton. After I finally finish frog, I'll go through pig, and maybe even get some mouse slides from Dr. Barrow. I really want this to work out, it'd be so cool. Maybe I should also do the digestive and epithelium slides I'm supposed to be working on, too... oh well.
I might post some cool pictures that I took with the microscope in a few days. I have such high hopes for this project... too bad this is my last semester TAing and I won't get to see the fruits of my labor... maybe I'll steal one once they're done.
Maybe my head hurts because I've read 4 journal articles on the computer, as well... In that case, this is totally the best thing for me to be doing.

Kyler dropped a class, so he is no longer taking 17 credits and working 18 hours. Now it's only 14 credits and 18 hours. Still, he's reading and writing a lot. Hopefully together we will be successful this semester. I know he will be, because he's amazing. I just need to work as hard as he does.

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02 September 2008

Too in love to let it go

It is the first day of school, which means the first day of the last semester I'm doing at BYU. Wow. It's completely insane... and I'm still trying not to think of it. It also meant it was the first day of 7:30 AM class, and since Kyler has class at 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, he has sportingly agreed to walk to campus with me, giving me all the more incentive to go to class.
And I got my hair cut, all of them! Shana and I finally got together in her brand new salon. It's cute, she and a friend just got it, it's not quite finished yet, and I think it'll be really good for them. Scary, exciting, and good. And my hair is cute, without the nasty damaged ends, yay! I am so happy to have my hair cut, even if I do miss all the length a little...

Last Friday Kyler and I officially celebrated our anniversary. It was great. Kyler only had to work 8-10 AM, so he came home, and we left for Ikea. We wandered around a bit, ended up buying a garlic press and a spatula, and ate amazing Swedish meatballs. Then, we continued up to Salt Lake, where we went to the temple, and got to be the witness couple. Way cool experience. I love going to the temple with Kyler, it just feels so amazing and... natural. Natural that we are together in a place like that. It's nice. Then we wandered around the mall, fell in love with the Lovesac store, and ate dinner at a Thai place. It was a great day, and yet simple. It was just nice to spend all day together.

Oh! And I went to my first ever BYU football game! Kyler and I wore blue and cheered hard. We won, in spite of ourselves sometimes, and it was fun. Everything is more fun live.

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