19 March 2013

A new addition

A few weeks ago, our family welcomed a new addition:
This is Maiev (pronounced My-ev). Kyler named her.
She's a curious kitten, wanting to check everything out.
And Calista just loves her!
Sometimes, in fact, Calista loves her too much and we have to separate them.
Maiev is really rather chill about it, though.
When Calista is at her wiggliest and loudest, that's actually when the kitty comes running.
Plus, she likes the food opportunities that Calista represents.
Like licking off Calista's yogurt spoon (and fingers) after she was done.
These two are going to be best of buds, I think.
So much fun and giggles!

10 March 2013

Happy Sunday

We busted out the next size dress for Calista today. This particular one my mother bought her, so I wanted to make sure to get pictures for her!
 She insisted on wearing a butterfly in her hair.
 Playing coy.
She was spinning in circles!

The verdict: Cute dress! Cute girl!

We love our little girl.

07 March 2013

XIX and getting so grown up

This little miss is now more than 19 months old. It's starting to make sense to refer to her age in years, rather than months! So crazy. 

We actually got her vaccines on her 19-month-day, so I have some stats!
Height: 32 7/8 inches (75 percentile)
Weight: 24 pounds, 7 3/4 ounces (just under 50 percentile)
She is healthy and growing well! The nurse at her vaccines asked about her words (she should be saying at least 10 "words" by now) and was impressed that Calista can point to some - maybe half or more? - of the letters of the alphabet and say either the name of the letter or the sound they make (eeeee for e, but kakaka for k). She is learning so quickly sometimes!

I tried to get a video of her roaring like a lion. It didn't work, but she's still cute.

Calista loves to run around, dance, play, and be silly.

We were playing Duck, Duck, Goose with her stuffed animals until she decided her lunch was ready. Gotta feed the hungry baby, no?

Speaking of babies, her love of them continue.

Hugging the baby before bed...

Giving them bottles in the morning, with the cheesy grin...

She even loves them if they are less than cuddly.
But she tires of that eventually.

The cuddly ones are just... softer!

Yes, she's still enthralled by Spice World.

I hide it so she doesn't watch it every day, and multiple times. If Calista had her way, she would.

She tried on my boots...

...and couldn't even stand up. Silly girl.

But mostly such a happy (and she knows it!) girl.

She loves her daddy, and he loves her right back.

And sometimes, she loves me, too!
Although she doesn't always love what I do to her, like put her hair in a ponytail...
Still, she'll give me a cheesy grin!

Do you see her legs?
She did that while she was sitting on my lap. I was aware of the whole thing, and still let it happen. Good mom or negligent mom? You decide.

She likes to curl up with a blanket.
Especially when she's sick. Poor babe.

Happy 19 months, Calista!
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