18 February 2017

2017 Goals - The List

Back at the start of the new year, we made a list of resolutions and goals for 2017. We asked for the kiddos input, and the following is a small sampling of what we came up with:

  • See woolly mammoth at the dinosaur museum (Craig's suggestion) ✔
  • Fun road trip vacation - Oregon trip?
  • Alberta National Parks (Banff, Waterton, Elk Island, Jasper) - we wanted to do every National Park in Alberta, and then realized that there is one [Wood Buffalo NP] that straddles the Alberta/NW Territories border and is 14+ hours away. Also, the entrance is in NWT, so it doesn't count as an Alberta NP, right...? ✔
  • Caleb doesn’t choke (Calista's suggestion)

  • Read 24 new books (2/month) 
  • Be under 200 pounds

  • Play Clair de Lune

  • Non-church community engagement - volunteer at Distress Centre, Collingwood
  • Kill Kil’jaeden (Warcraft)


  • Ride a bike
  • Learn to pray ✔
  • ALL poop and pee in toilet
  • Write letters


Be on the lookout for posts as these are completed!

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